Caught In The Moment-Season 2 Episode 35


Oh Vodka this is a new face, you’ve not informed the brat?”
My head went overboard
“You said?”
I moved closer to her but vodka drew back
“Bukky, come with me”
She drew me aside..I really couldn’t believe Vodka of all people would let that go, just like that
“Bukky, its best if you stay out her way”
What? Is this really vodka saying this
“Bukky, they always come first every year, not because they are too good, but because they got people in high places”
I made a gesture like it didn’t matter
“Bukky, she is dangerous, that Fashion house comes first no matter what, please let’s just stay out of their way please”
I could see fear in her eyes, I had never seen vodka scared of anything..
“Wait, so what is the purpose of enrolling in this competition in the first place, if we only came here to trade our victory to some a-s?”
I asked, I was getting angry at the whole thing, it made no sense..
“No, its never going to happen on my watch”
I protested
She attempted to persuade me otherwise but I interrupted her
“I’ve got a plan”
Before she asked me what my plan was I bounced out to meet the supposed model..
She had that smile that made want to slap her teeth off
“So vodka has filled you on who rules here?”
I cleared my throat and acted calm
“Yeah, I am sorry..I didn’t know you always get the trophy no matter who gets hurt”
My models all had that surprised look on their faces, maybe it wasn’t me that protested minutes back..or was it?
“You should know little one, I get want I want, no matter who dies”
She replied
“So you’ve killed to get that position?”
I asked, acting really scared
“Alot, you should try and pack up your stuffs and head home, if you don’t want to be on the list”
I nodded in agreement and watched her till she was out of sight..
“Alright people, change up..we would be called up in 3minutes, we are marching out in our Native attires..
Sandra put this on with that mixed red and white bag, and a strap red heels”
I went back to business
Vodka approached me
“I thought you had a plan?”
I played the record on my phone, all the conversation we had, I recorded it. If she tries anything stupid, it goes straight to the authorities.
And yes! Of course we got to the last stage of the competition..
Spanish lady marched back to us, this time with two hefty men, before I could make a protest they pushed me and Jovita, Jovita passed out immediately, I twisted my ankle..
To be continued