Caught In The Moment-Season 2 Episode 25


Ok here it goes..David explained..
“My mom had her problems in raising this fashion house, there was a time she gave up and decided to sell it off to an interested buyer..Joanne’s father..but just as she sold it..sales bubbled up, she regretted selling it off, despite her plea to buy it back, he refused.. But later on had a deal that I would marry his daughter to keep the family in business”
Oh so that was why he wants to marry Joanne?
“So so, you don’t love her?”
I know that’s not the question i was supposed to ask but it came out anyway..
“Of course not..I was able to make her sign a contract, if we can raise 10million dollars in 1month..she would sell it back to us”
My eyes widened, there is no way we could raise that in one month nah..
“I know that, but there is a competition that holds in Europe, the winning is 15million dollars”
I stood up and gasped in shock
“I5million what?!”
Was I supposed to ask again? Ok I am supposed to ask..the money is way too huge!
“We would participate in the competition David, we would win”
Of course I had high hopes, there is no way we wouldnt win, I would make sure of that
“That’s the problem bukky, we participated in that competition every year, and we’ve never won bukky”
My hopes died down immediately, he killed it..
“So you’re giving up, just like that?”
“No bukky I am trying to think here”
He fired back and stood up to pace round..
“There is nothing else we can do, we have to participate and win”
“Bukky that competition consists of different fashion house from different countries all over the world, what makes you think Nigeria would even win, what makes you think we would even stand a chance?!”
I was a little disappointed, he didn’t even have a single faith in us
“Because I believe in myself, I believe in every model in this house, and I know that when they are aware that they are participating in this competition to save the House Of Earl, they would fight with everything they have got”
He went quiet again, so I gently walked out, and then I met vodka, we need to work together here and save this house
“How much to love this house vodka?”
I asked her as we walked to the hall room to address the models”
“It’s my life”
I smiled, that’s the spirit
“Well before we go in to business, there is just a name we should crush too”
She smiled that her devilish smile
“Just say the name”
Hmm, vodka seemed so ready..and yes! Let the fashion begin!
To be continued