Bukom Banku arrested after scuffle over vulgar songs against his wife


Bukom Banku is in Police grips for fighting on behalf of his fetish priestess wife, Ohua Broni Undefeated boxer, Braimah Kamoko, famously nicknamed Bukom Banku is in big trouble with the law after he was arrested by the Police this afternoon for apparently assaulting and causing bodily harm to a man during a scuffle in Bukom during the annual ‘Kpashimo’ rites.

Pobsonline.com is reliably informed that he is currently languishing at the Accra Central Police Station even though it’s unclear if he will be granted bail.

‘Kpashimo’ is an annual rite by a group of singers in Ga tradition who every year go round on a procession singing to spite anyone believed to be guilty of a wrongdoing in the year under review.

Bukom Banku who has every year supported and even joined in the singing and its rites, decided not to allow the ‘Kpashimo’ party to perform their rites this year because they had intended to sing against the boxer’s fetish priestess wife, Amoah Woyoo known in the fetish realm as Ohua Broni.

The ‘Kpashimo’ entourage would also not budge which resulted in a fracas with Bukom Banku .

The victim apparently went to report the case to the Police who went to Bukom Banku’s house to effect his arrest even though other sources also say it’s the boxer who first invited the Police to come and help stop the ‘Kpashimo’ singing.

“He has always been part of them, he always joins them on the procession every year and even last year when a certain guy was accused of rape, he was the one who had a small coffin made on which he wrote the accused guy’s name on it and carried along the procession,” a source at Bukom told pobsonline.com exclusively.

“But this year he didn’t want them to sing because it was against his wife who had her fetish homecoming some few months ago,” the source added.

It would be recalled that Allsports.com.gh reported the homecoming of Kamoko’s fetish wife, Ohua Broni and how he lavishly organised a welcome party for her when she finally came home from the ancestral forest where she apparently stayed for three months culminating in her passing out as a full time fetish priestess.

“I’m delighted that finally my wife is coming and I know the powers will come plenty. From now on, any opponent that comes near me for a fight I will use my wife’s powers to kill him in the ring,” Bukom Banku told pobsonline.com