Broken Vows Episode 5


Now, you may be wondering what Kwansema was doing all this while. Well, she had learnt how wicked her mother-in-law’s tongue could be, and so she kept silent, as usual. She was sitting on the bed and weeping silently, but her heart was obviously meditating on the word of God, as usual, for some comfort.


That will never happen, Mother! NEVER!


Oh, yes, it will happen, Yaw gyimii, Yaw atopa, Yaw kwasea!

Well, that one finally got to Kwansema! She could take insults levelled at her, and stomach it, but she was a woman who loved her husband, and she definitely wasn’t going to stand silently and watch him being insulted in such vulgar language, not even by her own mother-in-law!


Stop it! Stop it this instant, Asew! How could you insult your only son with such language?

And that was when Madam Nyinaa came off the chair like a derailed train and gave Kwansema three pregnant slaps across the face! Kwansema fell from the bed, blinded, her ears ringing with her mother-in-law’s blows, blood streaking from her cheek which had been torn by a big ring on Madam Nyinaa’s finger!

Yaw Kuntu came off the bed and took his wife in his arms. Remember, Madam Nyinaa was recovering from a mild stroke, right? So, obviously, Yaw could not even push her, and Kwansema could not touch her for fear of doing the woman further harm. Yaw Kuntu consoled his heart-broken wife and ordered his mother out of their room. Madam Nyinaa left the room finally, without much remorse, as you can well imagine.

Well, the following day, at dawn, Yaw Kuntu drove to Takoradi… and true to her word, his mother went with him. Kwansema, face bruised and covered with welts, closed the gates of the house and went inside. She trusted her husband, of course, but she also understood the temerity of her mother-in-law, and acknowledged the influence that horrible woman could have on Yaw Kuntu.

Kwansema spent that week fasting and praying. However, as it turned out, Madam Nyinaa didn’t even have to find another woman for his son. A woman, in the form of ADWOA TIMTIM, found Yaw Kuntu that very first time he checked into his hotel in Takoradi. You see, Yaw Kuntu had promised Kwansema that he wouldn’t stay in the family house, because he didn’t trust his mother. He chose to stay at a hotel… where very big trouble was waiting for him!


The stranger stops speaking and looks at the expectant faces of Takyi, Afia and Naa Shormei. He just sits there smiling lightly.

NAA SHORMEI (softly)


THE STRANGER (raising his eyebrows)

Well what?


You got us interested. Please continue.


My throat is dry. I need cold water to drink.

AFIA (softly)

Cold water is not good for you.

THE STRANGER (smiling)

So they say. Been drinking it all my life, though. I’ll go outside and see if I can get one to buy.

NAA SHORMEI (impatiently)

I bought one on my way here. It had iced particles in it, so I decided to wait a while to make it warmer.

She rummages in a little polyethene bag lying on a seat beside her and brings out the bottle of water. The stranger takes it with glee, shakes it, and when he hears the tinkling of ice in it his face splits up into the most profound expressions of joy that makes the other three smile.

He opens it, puts it to his lips, and slugs happily. He caps the bottle, smiles, and chews the little pieces of ice in his mouth.

TAKYI (chuckling)

That is going to kill you!


Probably, but well, crossing the street can equally kill you!

AFIA (carefully)

And you say the story you’re telling us actually happened, sir?

THE STRANGER (smiling)

As God is my witness, ma’am, it is the absolute undiluted truth. Alright, enough of iced blocks. Let me continue my tale…


Yaw Kuntu took the elevators to his suite on the fifteenth floor of the plush hotel. He is the only one that stepped out unto the wide corridor, and as he turned toward his room he saw a beautiful woman in a hot pink dress walking towards him. She was voluptuous, mmmwaaaah! Do you remember I said from the beginning that Yaw Kuntu and Adwoa Timtim had been in an intense relationship when they were young, but forced to part ways because her parents didn’t like Yaw? Well, Yaw was obviously looking at this woman walking toward him in the corridor, because from what I heard, and from the pictures I later saw of her, Adwoa Timtim was a most beautiful woman who always received that second look from men.

Well, they were approaching each other along the hotel corridor. Yaw passed her, and turned to look at her, obviously, when she stopped suddenly, her whole body going rigid!

ADWOA TIMTIM (hoarsely)

Oh, my God! Oh, goodness! Yaw! Yaw Kuntu! My love!! She spun around, and right there the coin dropped with a loud tinkling inside Yaw Kuntu’s head as he recognized her.

YAW KUNTU (dazed)

A.T! Oh, sweet Jesus! Is that you, A.T?

Well, from what I heard later, they kissed each other fervently on that corridor. It was captured by the security cameras too, mind you. Yaw Kuntu carried her to his room, no questions asked. He unlocked his door, and they went inside, not even bothering to close and lock the door.

And right there on the floor of the suite and on the expensive sofas, Yaw Kuntu and Adwoa Timtim rekindled their mad sexual harmony they used to enjoy as teenagers! They made starved love without asking each other any question. That’s what the old adage says, isn’t it? Old firewood, indeed, catches fire the quickest!

So, without even recourse to his poor Christian wife fasting and praying for him and their marriage, Yaw Kuntu tore off his lai momo’s dress, shirked his, and joined her on the sofas, trying out all the mad sexual positions they used to enjoy, moaning and screaming in ecstasy! He was a cheater without conscience, without remorse!

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