I knew him, he was my husband, I loved him and he loved me too, he treated me like a princess and cared for me, he loved me like I was the most important person in the world, he cared for me like I was his dying patient, he pampered me like I was an only infant child and he made love to me like it was the last thing he had to do before he died, I had no doubt I was with my soul mate, I wasn’t going to trade him for another, he was my perfect half and I loved him so, whenever I looked at him I felt like even if I didn’t go to heaven, my life on earth would have been perfectly lived. I turned and saw him staring at me as if he was looking at an angel for the first time, I rushed to him and kissed him till I felt him breathless then I giggled “you’re the best thing to ever happen to me, you are my perfect love honey” I said excitedly. “Baby, you’re amazing, I really care about you and you know it, but there’s nothing like perfect love” he said with a smile on his face. “There you go being all noble again” I said and laughed it off, he told me he was going to work and I kissed him goodbye.

Today I wake up to startling news, yes, it’s my husband’s picture I see on the television screen but it can’t be him they are talking about, my husband can’t possibly have done that, he can’t possibly have slept with thirteen of his employees, that’s impossible, we can’t have kids, how could he possibly have impregnated three of them, I laughed nervously, these people were crazy, they owe my husband an apology, I heard my phone ring so I went to pick it up, it was a message from my husband, it read “I’m sorry baby, I don’t know why I did it” The last thing I saw before darkness was our giant framed wedding photo in the hall. I thought he loved me, and in a night, he had erased all my good memories and replaced it with a broken shattered trust.


  1. who wrote that? I sent it to my lady & what she sent me was “i told u some men are wicked” & i was like “what the heck are u talking about” & she said, read what u sent me… eeeeiii saaaaaa, hmmmmm. all the same its great & scary tooo

    • I wrote it, but that’s how life has become for some, one day you think it’s all perfect and the next day. ……..

  2. This man at least had a courage to apologise
    Some don’t and doesn’t even realise their mistake. And sometimes they don’t even know they can do such a thing.
    Am not encouragin it but there is more room for improvement. Here the spirit of forgiveness come in. Marriage is about two forgiving people.?

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