Broken Seal Season 2~Episode 28


Rodelio spent the night in the inn he was treated, he woke up very early in the mornining and left to search for Ella, he had a picture of her in his gallery, thats what he used in showing as many persons he met on the way. He wasn’t sure what he would do next should he find her, but the main thing on his mind right now is finding her…… 
We all spent the night in mark’s home after yesterday’s exhaustful ordeal. The hoot of a car woke us up this morning. It was officer Murdock with two other colleagues of his. We rushed our morning hygiene and got in the car, as we headed for calloDiaz. 
Soon we arrived the village i would rather call a hamlet. The search for Ella kick started, we searched for 30mins using her picture, some people said they saw her around yesterday. Those kinda responses fuelled our search the more. I saw a retreating figure of a lady, she was very much like Ella in height and hair length. “ELLA!” i called out and hell yeah! It was Ella. The excitement that flooded me was not describable. I ran and hugged her tightly like a toddler would his mum. 
Ella: I miss you! 
Me: i miss you more honey. She seemed to remember something and quickly disengaged. 
Ella: who is Nenita to you? My reply was interrupted by a coarse voice. 
Rodelio: so this is where you both are hiding huh? He pointed his shortgun to me…. 
Me: you wouldn’t wanna do something you would later regret…. 
Rodelio: and whats the regret in killing a båstard like you? His thumb was already on the trigger, and each of his teeth clenched against its opposite 
Ella: no Rodelio don’t….. POW!!!!! 
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 It was a bright morning for everyone in the city except for those who knew Nikky the deceased. All her family and relatives were all clad in black wears and shades. Nenita and Lana were begining to get along after the death of their mum and sis respectively. Nikky was too young to die, what a sunset at noon!!!!
 Tomas came along with kate, she opted to go with him upon hearing the news. The funeral lasted two hours and they were done putting Nikky’s lifeless body where it belong -six feet deep!!!! Soon the burial was over and they all departed from the burial ground. Kate followed them home as Tomas introduced her as his wife. Angelo, Carolyne, Tomas and Kate were seated in the living room when Nenita barged in on them with swollen eyes, she was still mourning her deceased mum. 
Kate: carolyne is that your last born? 
Carolyne: thats Nikky’s child, she’s now an orphan, poor girl.
 Kate: an orphan?
 Carolyne: yes! Her dad refused to accept responsibility. 
Kate: who is he? 
Carolyne: Isaiah Guidotti, why? 
Kate: far from it! Nenita’s biological dad is seated here with us. 
Carolyne: what! . . . .
TBC who do you think is the father?