Broken Seal Season 2~Episode 27


Officer Murdock sneaked his way behind Rodelio, with a gun pointed to Rodelio’s temple, he said….. 
Murdock: your guns down, else i gun him down!!! Rodelio motioned his boys to surrender. They submitted thier guns to us, with their hands thrown in the air. Rodelio bent his head in raised it sharply in the opposite direction, he held Murdock’s armed hand in the air and gave him a knee kick in the stomach. Murdock was dazzled. The officer with us, on the ground floor shot Rodelio in the stomach. Rodelio felt the pain as blood gushed out of his rib side. He reached for a big portrait on the wall and yanked it off. He kicked the wall and it turned open, it was a wall door!!!! He got in and bolted it. 
Officer murdock regained consciousness from his moment of trance. He tried opening the door but it proved difficult, it eventually opened after series of stricking it hard with different hard materials. The wall door led to a tunnel full of arms and ammunitions, the Rodelio’s blood was everywhere, he traced the blood to an outlet of the tunnel, d–n it! Rodelio had escaped, but he can’t go far because of his condition. 
He succeeded in getting out, though his body hurt alot, he was loosing so much blood. He dragged himself to a nearby hospital in calloDiaz a small village. 
she scampered her way to a very small village, where she first met a trader, who should be in her mid-fifties.
 Ella: g….good day ma’am. 
Woman: you look exhausted, whats wrong? 
Ella: i was kidnapped! May i spend the night with you, if you don’t mind? 
Woman: of course! My house is over there, lets go, you need some rest. 
Ella: thanks ma’am, please don’t let anyone know about this, my abductor may come searching.
 Woman: thats okay. 
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Tomas came home late, at about 8:05pm, to his surprise, everyone were in the living room, they still wore this sad expression. 
Angelo: you hung out late today……. 
Tomas: yes….er….i met this lady, my wife actually. She was helping me regain my lost memory……hey! Why is everyone moody? 
Carolyne: haven’t you heard? 
Tomas: heard? (scoffs) heard what??? 
Angelo: a young lady’s body was found washed up on the river bank…… 
Tomas: tell me its not Nikky’s. 
Angelo: of course she’s the one, though we weren’t able to see her face, the face was damaged by wild aquatic animals. 
Tomas: oh! Shît. 
Angelo: her body is already in the motuary, she would be buried tomorrow #tears. 
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 Rodelio’s men, Adrian included were taken to the station. Adrian admitted they held Ella hostage, but he swore not to have known where she disappeared to. The window to her bathroom was shattered, a twine also hung freely from the window. 
Murdock: poor girl! If only she was patient……its getting late, tomorrow we shall search the next village, perhaps she’s hiding there. 
Mark: thanks officer, hope those guys would get the treatment they deserve? 
Murdock: i assure you that……we’ve also sent reports across all units, Rodelio would soon be captured. 
Me: hmmmmm. 
Murdock: okay guys, catcha tomorrow. 
😉 😉 To be continued 😉 😉