Broken Seal ~Episode 10


​Finally!!! Today he’s gonna get outta this hell hole called prison. He can’t wait to get rid of the stinky prison wear he’s forced to clad in. Though a regular cell visitor, he had never stayed this long in jail, he had been in jail for the past 9months, his ‘capable’ gang had a bad drug deal which invited the cops thats how he got here. On normal grounds, he isn’t supposed to be free this year, not even in three years time, but his men are everywhere l, in the judiciary, legislature etc, thats what is saving him! The cash is there, the corruption is fresh. His name is Rodelio Crisanto, Manila biggest kingpin. 
At the age of 28, he is already the boss of the most dreaded gang in town. He started during his last days in highschool, through to college. Rodelio is good at sheilding the real him, yes he is a big time criminal, but he lives a low key life. He own a wine making company, but thats just in a bid to hid the criminal in him. His loved ones especially his girlfriend Ella Lagdemeo don’t know about his life of crime. Oh! Ella! He miss her so much, she didn’t visit him throughout the period he was in jail ‘coz he didn’t tell her about it, rather he lied, saying he was on a business trip, he knew that when she finds out, she’d leave him for good, he can’t take that, she’s the love of his life and nothing can change that. 
The Rodovan, as its being called (a van made specially for crucial deals, in it is both a weaponry and a mini clinic, just in case things go funny at any point in time) halted inside a big compound, thats one of Rodelio’s residence, he and his closest gangmembers are throwing a party, to welcome him to the world of freemen once again. 
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Ella laid on the bed alone, her mum went for evening mass, she didn’t feel like going today. She had been thinking about Isaiah, smiling and playing with the rosary that hung from her neck. She love him so much, she have never felt this kind of special feeling, the thought of him makes her happy. Her thoughts drifted to her ex yuck she hate him. Yes she refer to him as ‘ex’ though they haven’t call it quit, that would be the first thing she’d do when ever they meet again. He’s such a big liar, he had been lying to her all this while, good thing she found out the truth herself!!! Inasmuch as she hate remembering that day, the images keep popping up in her head………. 
Ella prepared a very delicious meal, she took her time ‘coz thats Rodelio’s favorite. She boarded a cab and alighted in the street where he lives. As she approached his house she could hear sounds of gun battle which she was sure its coming from Rodelio’s house. Worst of it all, police vans surrounded the house. In her confussed state, she turned to leave. She was on her way, when she heard a thud, turning fearfully, she saw Rodelio’s friend, wearing a blood stained face. 
Ella: Adrian? Whats going on here? 
Adrian: the cops got us this time. 
Ella: i don’t get, ‘this time? Like the police have been tailing you? 
Adrian: why won’t they tail us? Have you forgotten the kinda life we are living? 
Ella: am lost…. 
Adrian: oh! Rodelio didn’t tell you about our latest arms deal? 
Ella: you don’t know what you are saying, Rodelio that i know, is no arm dealer. 
Adrian: (laughs alittle) you should have heard this from him….he’s our gang boss do you know whats more? Our gang rocks!!! 
Ella: what!!! 
Adrian: hey be happy, your security is guaranteed whoo whoo. 
Ella: rubbish (jovially) 
Adrian: hey…i didn’t say anything…. **walks away** she later heard that Rodelio was sentenced to jail…. ::::
To be continued::::