Broken Glass Season 2 Episode 7 FINAL


Truth be told , after Brian moved back into our room , I felt a lot better . He would stay up late in the night with his computer busily typing , and whenever I asked him why he stayed up late , he’ll say he was busy with office work.
One afternoon together , we had ice cream. I ate a large chunk of it. The following evening, I became very uncomfortable with myself. It must have been the ice cream I took. I wasn’t feeling good at all. I decided to take a cold bath . It was almost Christmas, a few months more to our anniversary, and I knew my baby’s arrival was due but I just knew the ice cream I ate had a hand in my feeling the way I did.
And to the bathroom I headed towards. Then I took a cold , refreshing shower. It was good!. A few minutes after I stepped out of the bathroom ; I felt a strong edge to rush back to the bathroom. I screamed suddenly , because I felt great pain. Brian might have heard my loud screams from downstairs , he came rushing into our room. Its like he did not change nor slept. It looked like he had been waiting for this moment eagerly. He got me a dress to wear . All I saw was , he carried me running downstairs. Dorothy met us on the hallway . She didn’t say a word. ” Please get all my stuffs Dora ” I screamed. Brian kept wiping the sweat off my brow , telling me ” we will be fine” throughout our drive to the hospital.
We got to the hospital few minutes to nine in the evening. He hurriedly carried me into the delivery suit . We saw a nurse rush to show us the room. Lying on the back of his skinny but warmth body, a thought crossed my mind ; In my lifetime, who else would love me as much as he did ? He held the delivery door open and watched me go in ; his warm eyes caused me to manage a smile at him despite my contracting pain.
He sat at the waiting room with Dorothy anxiously. He asked the nurses from time to time how his baby and I were doing .
” They are safe Brian ” , doctor Jaden told him. The doctor shook his hands , he smiled . ” Tracy delivered a baby boy, congratulations”, you can go ahead and see them, he added.
Stepping into the delivery room , Brian looked at our baby and I, his eyes teary with joy as he kept smiling. I reached out and touched his hand. Brian held on to me and his son and spoke quietly , ” we will name him Alvin Hudson right “?, I shook my head in agreement. Brain looked at me , smiling , then he slowly collapsed on the floor . I screamed , I cried, and called out to the nurses. Doctor Jaden rushed in. There he laid on the floor , with that smile and those tired eyes closed.
I cried out for him in pain while little Alvin slept beside me; I couldn’t move. I thought i would never shed a tear for him , but the truth was ; I had never felt a deeper cutting through my body at that moment. I watched on as he was taken away.
Doctor Jaden came back to my room and he looked worried. It made my heart skip a bit. After all the pain , I still loved Brian ; my buddy.
The doctor told me he discovered Brian had liver cancer after he run some tests on him . It had gotten to its crucial stages and it was only a miracle he managed to last this long. I was confused; my husband never smoked , he didn’t like hard liquor. And here I was , being told he had cancer of the liver and was dying.
” He discovered he had cancer about some months ago , he could have had it under control if he took good care of himself. With enough care , healthy eating and exercise would have helped ; and most importantly , love and affection ” , Doctor Jaden finally added. I cried as the doctor was talking.
If only I knew , if only Brian was more open to me. I cried and the doctor consoled me . He told me it wasn’t good for my condition. My husband was dying and there was nothing I could do about it. It was too late; I couldn’t believe it. Doctor Jaden told me he was in a critical stage and we needed to keep praying for him.
A few days later , I was allowed to go home. Dorothy informed Aunty Betty I had delivered. I told my mum too and they promised to visit soon , but I didn’t tell them what was happening with Brian ; I didn’t have the strength to .
I was happy they were all coming , but my happiness vanished knowing my love was battling with his life…
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Few days later , I was discharged by the doctor. Dorothy was there to take me home. I went to see Brian in his room. His condition wasn’t’ too good. I cried while baby Alvin was in my arms. We left for home , and I was still in a state of shock ; I couldn’t eat. Little Alvin had slept before we arrived home . I tried getting him to sleep, after I moved to Brian’s computer and scrolling through it. He didn’t place any password on it. I sat to check few things and to my surprise , I found out Brian had discovered he had cancer about five months ago. His groaning was real and i had thought he was making it all up. ” How could i ” ?, I cried still searching through his computer.
The computer showed over two hundred words he wrote for our son , and I read them out loud.
” Son , just for you , I have persisted, to be able to take a look at you before I fall , is my biggest wish now. I know that in your life , you will have happiness and maybe some set backs . If only i could accompany you throughout that journey , how nice that would be . But daddy no longer has that chance now. Daddy has written inside all the possible difficulties and problems you may encounter during your lifetime . And when you meet these problems, you can refer to daddy’s suggestions.
Son, after writing these words , I feel as if i have accompanied you through life’s journey. To be honest , daddy is very happy.
Do love your mother , she has suffered , she is the one who loves me most . From play school to primary school, to secondary , University to work and even dealing with questions of love ” , everything big and small was written there.
I felt I was lost ; I was so hurt . I scrolled through and there it was, he had written a letter for me . I wept as I read .
” My dear , to marry you is the biggest happiness , forgive me for the pain I have caused you . Forgive me for not telling you about my illness ; because I want to see you in a joyful mood waiting for the arrival of our baby. My dear , if you cried , it means you have forgiven me and I would smile , thank you for loving me .
These presents , I’m afraid I cannot give them to our son personally , could you help me give some of them to him every year ? , the dates on what to give and when to give are all written on the packaging “.
This time the tears wouldn’t stop ; I allowed it to flow, freely. How could this happen ? I sat there crying , I couldn’t move until I heard my baby cry. I rushed to pick my baby only to see my mum holding him so close with Aunty Betty , dad , big brother Derrick , Theresa and Dorothy all sitting there and my tears still rushing down like storm…
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My dad , Mr Gordon ; rushed and hugged me . ” Why didn’t you tell us anything Tracy , oh my girl ” He consoled me . I couldn’t say much , all I said was ” I’m sorry dad , its too late now ” . He hugged me and told me all was going to be okay .
Aunt Betty came to me ; she consoled me. She held some papers in her hands. She stretched her hands and handed it to me ; the same ones Brian made me sign . I signed without even reading them. Brian told her about his illnesses, everything and gave the papers to her .Aunty Betty sat me down and asked me to read through. It showed all Brian’s assets , and he had left it all to us. It wasn’t a divorce he was asking for like I had thought it was .
” He said he wanted the best for you and his son , he wasn’t there to celebrate the news of the pregnancy with you neither did he feel him in your tummy as he kicked, he wouldn’t deny him of this too . He blamed himself for everything ” , Aunty Betty told me .
I couldn’t hold it any longer. I couldn’t stop crying ; dad kept consoling me .All this was so heart breaking.
Going back to the hospital. Brian was out of comma but his condition wasn’t okay. Dad, mum , Aunty Betty, Dorothy , Theresa , Derrick , I and baby Alvin visited Brian at the hospital . I brought little Alvin over and placed him beside him . Then I said, ” Open your eyes and smile , I want your son to remember being in the warmth of your arms ” . I told him all I had received and everything I read . It was no time to lay blame . He struggled to open his eyes and managed a weak smile. Our son , still in his arms was happily waving his tiny hands in the air .
I pressed the button on the camera and the sound of the shutter rang through the air as the tears slowly rolled down my face.
A fatal misunderstanding and the person who I loved and loved me the most in this world is gone forever. Cruel misunderstandings one after the other , disrupted the blissful footsteps of our family.
Our only intention was having mum enjoy some quiet and peaceful moments in her remaining years with us went terribly wrong , as destiny’s secret is finally revealed at a price ; everything became too late….
The End.
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No matter the situation one finds his or herself , never hold on to offenses . We should learn to sort out our differences and not prolong issues.
” To err is human , to forgive is divine. ” let’s always remember this .
This is my second story and I would love to thank Mr Pobs as well as all, who in their own small way made this happen. Am truly grateful . God bless you.
This is a true story. Learning point- Do not ever hold on to offenses!!!


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