Broken Glass Episode 2


I never got to ask mum, I had too much studying to do.We had written our final exams in Junior High and were waiting for our results.We stayed home for a few months before we both gained admission to the senior High.Our friendship grew so beautifully and I felt sad we had to go to different schools; my biggest fear.
When the results came out ,as usual ,Brian blew it.He was going to be in one of the best boys’ schools in the country. I began to miss our friendship already. He was the reason I studied hard so badly. I was going to be in a girls’ school , that had been my dream all this while.Now , I was just feeling lonely already. It took my mind back to mum and Aunty Betty’s words. In the beginning , i didn’t really understand and it made no meaning when we were younger , but now , it did.I understood it loud and clear.I think I didn’t only like Brian just as a friend ,there was more to it. I begun smelling something fishy myself. And I just brushed that feeling off my mind , at least , i tried to.
Aunty Betty and Brian came to our house a week before we both had to leave for school.They paid us a nice visit. Brian and I spoke for a long time. He cracked so many jokes and I laughed .It was fun.We promised to write to each other regularly while in school. I was going to miss Brian , aunty Betty everyone and especially ,the Saturday jollof at home. School was going to be so boring without my best friend , Brian…
Junior high school was full of life. Roberta Leon’s high school was it’s name.It was fun but not as fun as Dian’s Montessori was. I seriously think the distance made me realised how I really cared about Brian Hudson .I barely had time for other stuff other than my books. Brian’s letters always got me working harder at my studies. I never missed class like I used to when I was at Diane’s.
And one thing became clear to me now. I had this thing in my heart , I loved Brian because he kept me going.But I didn’t think he felt same ,maybe he only saw me as a friend , Tray – see ; as he usually called me.I was his best friend and that was all I meant to him , I thought but still couldn’t think straight…
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One thing so special about Roberta senior High was the dance club.And that was my favorite part.I told Madam Theodora who was our dance teacher I’d love to do better at dance and spend my Saturdays teaching the kids once I was done with school.She owned a dance school – Dora Donels dance school.But she thought us dance at Roberta.Mr Donels , her husband , I have met quiet a number of times loves kids.She gladly agreed to my proposal hence if I wasn’t with my books , I was at dance class.
The months that rolled by went really fast.I thought about home often. And I was glad to be one of the best when the first term in first year ended.I was back at home in no time.That very day I arrived home , I met Dorothy looking all grown up just these few months we left home. She was so happy to see me. I asked if Brian was back too.She just gave me a long stare and made a face at me ; she didn’t answer.
And for the very first time big brother Derrick told me he missed me.I laughed till I couldn’t laugh anymore. We were always quarrelling. He had started working in a private company which was likely to fly him abroad to further his studies and do his masters. That could have been the good news that made him say he missed me.I was happy to see everyone. Mum and dad were so glad to see me.And off I went to visit Aunty Betty at Brian’s.
When I got to their home the dog was barking at me.This dog looked pretty different and he had puppies too.I picked up a puppy and walked towards their garden and there I met Aunty Betty busy working on the flowers. She screamed when she saw me.
“Tracy ,is that really you ? ,you’ve grown into a beautiful woman already ” she told me.I became flattered and smiled.
Someone came out of the house.It was a lady , she looked like someone I knew from Diane’s Montessori. Oh yeah ! I knew that face , it was Ann Perry .And she was in Brian’s home .What had she come to do there? , I asked myself rhetorically. .Brian came out , he smiled when he saw me .Ann smiled too but the look on my face gave me out .I left the puppy to go to its mum , I didn’t feel like smiling. At least not at that very moment..
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Mrs Betty spoke first .” Now there we go , the person you looking for is here ,so who won the bet Ann ?
” I won Aunt ,Brian replied ,all of them laughed.I looked on so confused. Then Ann Perry walked to me still smiling but this time very well. ” Uncle Donels asked I gave this to you , he said he’ll be expecting you on Saturdays even during the vac because he knows you really haven’t got anything doing at home. He and Aunt Dora would need you at the dance school ” I became more confused. ” Uncle Donels is my mum’s eldest brother making aunt Dora my aunt” , she added.
I had passed by madam Dora’s at school before I came home .She gave me a few things for the vac but I realised I left them there.I was getting everything clearer now. No wonder Ann looked so much like Mr Donels , her uncle. What a small world. I was feeling better now.
” So what’s the bet about ? ,i asked anxiously.
” Hahaha !, Ann and I had a bet and I told her if you come to my house the very moment you arrived , we all go to the park together but if you didn’t show up here before we got to your house , we  stay at your place for a while and spend some time together ” , Brian explained.
This looks like fun I finally said. And  you won the bet Mr Hudson , so off the park you three go.Out of my house then , Mrs Betty laughed .We all laughed looking at the way she said the words.
It looked like Dorothy had already made plans , she came out holding a bag which looked like we were going on a picnic. We  held our tummies laughing.
” “Dorothy dear , Aunty Betty called , are you also going to the park ?
” Yes mum , all set to go .No one should worry about taking extra stuffs , I already packed it all ” , Dorothy said smiling.
”  Unbelievable , Mrs Betty confessed , she shoke her head and asked we take the things Ann brought to my house and beg big brother Derrick to take us to the park.
” I love Saturdays ” ,brother Derrick told us , and the fact that Ann’s here , I’d be more than glad to take you to the park. Seriously , I didn’t understand anything my brother said but I was sure to find out if he had something to do with Ann’s big sis , Petra .
So off to the park we went .We had so much fun .And the jollof was just perfect.I didn’t think i was going to take super at all .It wasn’t surprising that brother Derrick alighted Ann at her house and made us spend so much time at her place just to speak to Petra.It was getting very late.
I just knew mum would kill me for not preparing super , but it wasn’t my fault at all , it was all Derrick’s . Brian kept teasing me all the way home and I promised myself to give brother Derrick out if mum should ask where we were coming from….
To be continued…