Broken – Episode One (1) – “The Writer and The Painter”


“To you, it just a goodbye, but it broke me into pieces. Pieces that I can’t put together, hard to fix, beyond repairs.  Now I see you in everyone. I think everyone is like you; I can’t bring you back but your memories still last. Like a puzzle, you

took a piece of me away, now I’m incomplete.”

Sheila kept writing these words down in a note pad. Every word she wrote felt so real to her that she began believing in her write up. That wasn’t her first time; she believed that as a writer, if she doesn’t feel the emotions in her writing, her readers won’t feel it as well.


For decades she put everything down, sometimes it was just difficult for her to find the right words to use. Words were just not enough express one’s feelings. She believed that, every human possess a feeling that no one can describe, no can explain but it exist.  Then again, there is this feeling that, everyone claim to have, and because of that feeling, we marry, we make friends and we simply coexist. There is a word for it, yet we can’t explain it. Love, they call it.


Thats how complicated her thinking was. To her, there are questions that can’t be answered by anyone and there answers to questions that can’t be explained. For instance, how do you feel when you get a sexual orgasm? Can you explain it?  Yet that feeling is there.


This shows the world we are in is not yet complete if there are things that we can’t explain but yet it exist.  She wanted to be psychologist, but she felt that, it will get in her way by influencing her writing. She wanted to see the world as It is, and seek for answers where it can’t be found.


Perhaps, that is why ended up being in a relationship with Nana who happens to be a painter. A professional painter who can put his emotions into drawings. Someone who cherished colors and believed that hispaintings and drawings serve as a voice to the voiceless.


Sheila and Nana, the writer and the painter respectively. These are two individuals with a lot of things in common. Yet there are both in a relationship just to suit in the society they belonged to. In the eyes of the world they were a sweet young couple, who everyone admires. They were seen all the time around each other, with smiles and happiness written all over their faces. App Available on GooglePlay “Tales Of Elton” Download for free


Nana will draw a portrait of Sheila, Sheila on the other hand will write poems for Nana. Their fallacious love affair was so real and true in the eyes of people around them.


Before Sheila could end her write up her father averted her attention with Nana’s matter.  “Have you heard from him today? He asked.

Sheila looked at him, wondering who he was referring to. The short stillness after the question gave her father the impression that she had no idea of who he was asking of.


“It’s been awhile since I saw you two together, I hope there is no problem” He continued. That hint was enough for Sheila. It was obvious now that her father was talking asking of Nana. Like every writer, that question was enough to fade away all the inspiration she had. There was no point in continuing. It even went a long way to break her down emotionally.


She would normally ask herself, why won’t she be allowed to be with someone of her choice? Why must she be told who to marry, who to fall in love with?  Life to her can be compared to that of a little girl in a dark tunnel. All what the world wants is for the little girl to follow the light in the tunnel but what if the world is so hateful and cruel that all what the little desire is to be alone. To be shut away from the men who have tied their selves down with rules and regulations.


Sheila’s father is a well-known Pastor.  She loved and adored her father so much that, she didn’t want to see him hurt in anyway.  Throughout her education, her father had seen to it that she gets everything she needed. The love, the support and absolutely everything. But one thing her father failed to see was that, Sheila was not ready to be with Nana who was betrothed to her. Nana’s father and Sheila’s father were very close to each other. Their friendship goes way back. In the church, Nana’s father was the wealthiest man that supports the church in everything.


Everyone has a secret but secret held on for too long can be dangerous. Sheila and Nana had theirs. There were not in love with each other but decided to play along just to please their parent. Nana was being protective. He knew that exposing Sheila will mean will rather do more harm than good looking at the position of her father being the head pastor.


He only hoped that fate will put her on the right part. Aside her imperfections, he really enjoyed her company. She was the only one Nana can be opened up to, they practically told each other everything. That was bond they had and not an intimate one.


Over some few days, Nana had been away mending the wounds caused by Sheila. He trusted her so much that she knew she wouldn’t lie to her or even hide anything from her. Nana was the only one who knew that Shielawas a lesbian, but just recently, he discovered that Shiela’s lover was Nana’s younger sister.


To be continued.