Broken – Episode Five (5) – “Circles”


She stopped again and this time around, without knocking, she opened the door and to her surprise, she met Emily sleeping comfortably in bed with her father.

For a moment Sheila thought she was dreaming but reality began to hit her hard. She stood there dumbfounded as she kept staring at them as they comfortably lay next to each other. What could possibly be the explanation to this? She had no idea of what to do now, all she did was stand there and watch. By then, Emily and Sheila’s father were fast asleep; with no idea that they were being watched.

Now it seemed that she had made a decision, Sheila, walked out of the room quietly without them noticing and went back to her room. Right there and then she began packing her stuff with tears in her eyes. There was no way she could live under the roof with her father any more. She wouldn’t even know how to look him in the eyes. Her only option was to leave the house. Not that she had any place in particular to go, she just couldn’t bear it.

Before sunrise, Emily had already found her way out of Sheila’s house. Sheila’s father had no idea where his daughter was after all efforts trying to find her were fruitless. He had a cause to worry after he noticed that Sheila’s belongings had been packed away. He went about asking few members of his Church concerning the whereabouts of his daughter but no one seemed to know.

It’s over a week since her disappearance and till now, no one seems to have figured out where she was. No one had heard from or seen her. Her father was indeed an unhappy one. Emily’s father tried whatever he could do as a friend to also help but it didn’t change anything. Sheila’s father at this point was so broken and helpless. He was clueless concerning what to do now or where to even go. It was clear that his daughter had packed her stuff out of the house.

Rumors began circulating among the church members that Sheila was pregnant and because she couldn’t stand her father she had run away from the house. These rumors were no news to her father, however whatever people said fell on deaf ears. It was true that Emily and Sheila’s father had a secret affair that no one knew of. They were able to hide it from everyone until Sheila caught them without their knowledge.

It was late in the night, Sheila’s father was awake trying to figure out the possibilities to find his daughter whether pregnant or not. It was close to midnight when he heard a knock on the door. He wasn’t expecting anyone. He quickly went to the door and there Emily stood .

Without saying anything, she walked passed him and made herself comfortable on the couch.

“You didn’t tell me you will be here today” Sheila’s father asked. Emily looked surprised at this point. She wasn’t expecting such a question from him.

“Why that question, I don’t need an invitation before seeing you. Besides now that Sheila is nowhere to be found, We have the house to ourselves” Emily said.

It seemed she wasn’t so much bothered about her so called friend disappearance, all she thought was the time she would spend with Sheila’s father, in other words, she was making the best out of the situation. Having said this, she stood up from the couch and headed straight to where Sheila’s father stood.

She then looked straight into his eyes. App Available on GooglePlay “Tales Of Elton” Download for free

“This is your friend we are talking about, my daughter for that matter” Sheila’s father said. Saying this, Emily giggled.

“What’s funny” Sheila’s father asked.

“Haven’t we done worse things than this, to tell you what, your daughter ran out because of her pregnancy” Emily lied.

The look on Sheila’s father’s face showed how disappointed he was. “Don’t tell me you believe those stories too, you should know Sheila is not that type” He said trying to stand up for his daughter.

“Sheila is my friend, I knew about this before she left okay, she told me herself. I actually advised her to tell you but I guess she couldn’t stand it, that’s why she left.” Emily said.

Sheila’s father was now consumed in silence, he couldn’t say anything. Emily, having said that, kissed him softly and said

“I have to be on my way now, My father wants to see you in the morning, that’s why I actually came here” She said and left right afterwards.

Sheila’s father was filled with disappointment, but all he cared for was his daughter to come home safely.

The next morning, Sheila’s father dressed up and headed straight to Emily’s father house where they had agreed to meet. Apparently, Emily’s father wanted to introduce his yet to be wife to him. They had planned this long ago but things got hold up with the disappearance of Sheila but this time around, there was nothing that could hold it back, besides it was just an introduction.

On getting to the house, Emily offered him a seat and went inside to call her father. Emily’s father came out of his room with his to-be wife, upon reaching where Sheila’s father stood, He got stunt as his eyes met this lady.

That was Sheila’s mother, she abandoned her for no reason after she filed for a divorce to her father.

To be Continued.