“Broken Chain Reloaded” Episode 11


“Adoley, what? Really?  Fafa shouted out.
She hurriedly got up from his laps and began pleading.
“You accused me of cheating with your husband and here you are with my boyfriend” Fafa said. “ You know what, this reminds me of, what you did to me at your husband’s office, I hope you remember very well” She said.
“And for you Bob, am really disappointed in you, I thought you were one of a kind, sorry for the interruption anyway” She said and left them at the office.
Now Adoley was afraid Fafa might tell Nana what she had seen,  she was so embarrassed and confused that she couldn’t think straight. Everything was coming back at her. Bob tried to console her.
“Don’t you dare touch me, so you had a girlfriend all this while” Adoley said. She then got up ready to leave. Now that was the best time she could think of making amends with Nana before Fafa got to him.
“Adoley please don’t go, We can work things out” Bob said.
“Do you listen to yourself when talking, do you know what this means, I can’t believe I fell into this pit, I love my husband and I need to make my marriage work. Good day Bob” She said. “And this whole job thing, you can count me out. I quit!”.
Having said that, she rushed out of the office and headed straight home.
That was where she saw Fafa at her house with her husband sitting at the living room. Her mind was not at peace, She thought Fafa had informed her husband of what she saw.
“Nana can we talk for a second.” Adoley said.
Nana excused himself and went into the bedroom with Adoley.  She just went on her knees and began talking.
“Nana I’m sorry.  Please forgive me” Adoley said and began crying heavily.
“My love what is wrong with you, what have you done” Nana asked. All along Nana thought she was coming to apologize about the South Africa phone call saga but there was a lot more to it than he expected.
“all my life, my mother brought me up to be a good woman and a good wife.
I thought I was always right and no matter how wrong I am , I have found every reason to be right. And I know I don’t even know who I am anymore and I can’t continue living like this.” She said in tears.
“What are you talking about Adoley, you are really getting me confused” Nana asked.
“Nana, I betrayed you my love, I have sinned against you and God and I need your forgiveness. I lost control of myself when I went to South Africa with my boss, I slept with him” She cried out. 
“Adoley sush, I even forgave you before you arrived in Ghana. I know about it, I was right there when you were having sex with him, I heard everything, I don’t know how it happened but you called me on the phone and left me on the line. I heard everything” He said.
Adoley was surprised about how Nana reacted to this. He knew all along yet pretended nothing had happened?.  That was the very moment she was much convinced that Nana really loved her so much and that even made her cry the more.
How could she have paid Nana’s good deed with evil? Nana was a perfect gentleman and it would  take ages to find a guy like him. Adoley now knew the treasure she had all along.
“So you knew? Adoley asked.
Nana replied by nodding his head. Then she cried out the more. “Oh God, what have I done? She crawled towards Nana and held onto his leg and began to tell him everything else that had happened.
“It didn’t happen just once, but several times all because I enjoyed even as much as I hated it. And even today, I almost slept with him at his office, that’s where I am coming from.” Adoley confessed everything, she had really regretted her actions and wished she could turn back the hands of time.
Nana couldn’t take it any longer, what Adoley said hurt him more than he could imagine. He just left her, took some few cloths of his and packed them into his bag. It appeared that he was leaving Adoley.
Adoley crawled on her knees in tears and begged him not leave him.
“Please Nana, Don’t go , don’t leave me, please” Adoley pleaded.
“I am not leaving you, I just need sometime alone” He said and left her in the room. Adoley cried her heart out like she never did before.
Fafa tried to find out what was happening when Nana got out of the room.
“Take care of my wife for me. I will be back soon” Nana said.
“Do you think leaving is the best option, think about the kids” Fafa said.
“I’m not leaving, I’m just taking sometime to be alone” Nana said and left the house.
Nana had plans, he had a personal family issues he needed to take care of. Just few days ago, He heard his long lost brother Christopher was back in town. He was able to get the address to his place. This could be the perfect time for him to catch up with him.
They got separated when their  parents got divorced. His father took Christopher to the states and never heard from them again. He, Nana on the other hand, remained in Ghana with his mother.
In no time he got to his destination, where Christopher lived. He went into the house and there he met his brother Christopher.
They knew each other already since they had seen each other’s pictures all the time. It was a great family reunion,  they were both happy to see each other.
Christopher and Nana talked for long, catching up with the old times. Just when the conversation was getting interesting, Christopher had a call and had to excuse himself. Nana however, decided to look round the house but before he could even take a step, he saw a bunch of pictures on Christopher’s table that was turned upside down.
Out of curiosity, he took the pictures up and to his surprise, there his wife was. Adoley with Christopher getting intimately involved. They were the exact pictures Fafa took that morning.
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