“Broken Chain Reloaded” Episode 10


-That was the very moment Adoley came in and saw them.
“You are here.” Fafa said as soon as she saw Adoley standing at the door.
Filled with guilt, Adoley had already drawn conclusions that her husband was also cheating on her with Fafa and to her, it seemed that they had been having fun all this while she was away.
“I see you made yourself comfortable in this house, you have finally gotten what you wanted right.” Adoley accused her.
“Look, your husband has been going through some tough times, you should take him to bed but for what you are talking about I have no idea” Fafa said.
Adoley went towards them and watched Nana carefully, he was just smelling  of Alcohol and really looked disgusting.
“Nana, so this was what you could settle for right? She said. “You can take him for all I care.” She continued. 
Having said this, she left them and went ahead to sleep in the guest room. She didn’t want to get any closer to Nana. Her idea of coming back home to make amends had all changed suddenly.
If Nana couldn’t control just two weeks when she was away then she was no better than her. She felt she wasn’t the only one who was wrong here. She cheated and so did Nana and that alone had vindicated her. That was her mindset. Everything happened for a reason.  An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.
Fafa did what she had to do, she then helped Nana to his bedroom and went back to her hotel right afterwards. The Chain was finally broken. The love that existed between Adoley and Nana was not enough to hold them together.
All the decisions Adoley took to make amends for cheating on her husband faded away within a short moment.  She didn’t quit the job as she planned. The morning after the incident , she woke up very late and went to the kitchen.
To her surprise, she saw that her husband had cooked her favorite meal as breakfast and had specially decorated the dining table with flowers with other romantic stuff.
“What is the meaning of this” Adoley asked.
“Just a little welcome for my dear wife” Nana said.
Nana decided to put everything behind like nothing had happened. He knew Adoley really loved him and as such if she won’t be bold enough to tell her what she had done then the best thing he could do is to keep loving her the more and let love lead.
No matter what, she was his wife and probably this was the time she needed him most. Nana thought. All she wanted was his wife back then any other thing follows.
“You think this would change anything Nana, how could you? You cheated on me not with any other person but that Fafa whom you and I know very well” Adoley said.
“I understand where you are coming from but I can assure you  nothing happened between us. I can’t do that. I was just worried for not hearing from you and then I took solace in alcohol and that was all, nothing happened” Nana said.
“Are you lying to me Nana, I can’t believe this. You can enjoy your meal for yourself.” She said and walked out on him.
Adoley just went straight to her child’s  room, spent some time with him and then, she was out of the house. Nana didn’t know her whereabouts.
Everything was getting worse now, Nana didn’t want to talk about what he heard on the phone, he wanted Adoley to be bold enough to tell him and even if she doesn’t,  he had already forgiven her because she loved her and was ready to love her till death tore them apart  just like the vow they took on their wedding day.
Adoley had left the house and headed straight to her work place just to meet Bob. She was not suppose to report to work till the following week since she just came back from a business trip.
Bob was at the office and was going through some files when Adoley just came in.
“Hey Adoley, I wasn’t expecting you? Bob said.
“Aren’t you glad to see me? She asked.
“Well, I am, I just thought you would be spending some time with your husband now” Bob said.
Adoley went closer to him and sat on his on laps.
“You know I love my husband very much right” Adoley asked.
Bob just ignored the question and watched her do her own thing. 
“Sometimes when a woman gets addicted to something, love is not just enough to overcome it” She said and began kissing him passionately. One thing led to the other and soon, right at the office, Adoley was half naked.
Out of nowhere Fafa, just barged in and caught  Adoley red handed. They didn’t even notice her; she took her phone out and began taking pictures.
Once she was done, She then called them to her attention.
“Adoley, what? Really? Fafa shouted out.
To be continued.
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