“Broken Chain” Episode 9


That was the very first time after their marriage they had really enjoyed each other. It was a perfect night. 

It’s been two days now since Adoley and Nana’s make up.  As it appears now everything seems to be going well as a married home should be.

Nana was getting ready for work, he was by then taking his breakfast together with his wife, Adoley. Just like any wife will do, Adoley went about asking him of how things are going at work.

“Baby, yesterday you came home very tired, seems you have a lot doing at work” She said.

“Well, it’s about some investment I want to make but seems my profit is not up to their minimum requirement. And you see, it’s really a good investment, it can fetch more money for us dear” He said.

“So what do you intend to do” She asked him.

“Well by our margins, I think we should be able hit our target by the end of this week, I will then top up and go ahead with the investment” Nana answered.
She then came and sat on him, while he drunk his coffee. She began feeding him, herself.

“Then I don’t think we have anything to worry about” She said

“Yeah you are right” He answered
They gave each other soft romantic kisses. You could feel the love in the air. Adoley had something to discuss with Nana before he goes to work but before that, she wanted to get the mood right.

“Honey, while you are thinking of investing so much in the firm, I think you should also consider something” She said.

“Hmm, what is it? Nana asked.

“You see, Adjoa is not growing any younger, don’t you think we should take her to school. She is a good girl and very intelligent one, let’s invest in her education as well” She said.

Nana was amazed when Adoley suggested that. That was the wife she needed all this while. She knew Adoley does not get along very well with Adjoa and for that matter, for her to make such a suggestion then it’s really a good sign that she was being the good wife Nana had always wanted her to be.
“Hey why not, there is no doubt about that, you know I had actually wanted to discuss that.” Nana replied her.

“Really, honey” She asked wanting Nana to do the confirmation.

“Where is she? Let’s break the news to her before I leave for work.” Nana said.

Adoley quickly stood up from Nana’s lap and went straight to Adjoa’s room to call her up. You could see how happy Nana was with Adoley coming around finally. To him, it was like a dream come true.

They both joined Nana at the dining table to hear what he had to say.

“Adjoa, how are you doing this morning” Nana asked.

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“I’m very much fine sir” She answered.

“Your mom and I were thinking about you start schooling….” He said. He didn’t even finish making his statement and Adjoa interrupted.

“Really? Thank you so much thank you so much” She said and was looking very happy. It seems it was the news she was waiting for all along.

“So we will start making arrangement now.” Nana said.

“Thank you so much, I don’t even know what to say. May God bless you.” She said.

“Go back to your room now Adjoa” Adoley said and happily she ran off to her room.

“You really made her happy honey” Adoley said.

“We did, not me. Anyway I must be going. See you later” Nana said. They gave each other a kiss, and then he hurriedly left to work.

Adoley still maintained her relationship with Fafa, even after all what had happened. She was up to something however Fafa felt that Adoley was being distant. Right after Nana left for work, Fafa showed up at Adoley’s house.

“I wasn’t expecting you” Adoley asked.

“Oh so now, I need a permission to come to your house right.” She asked.

“Anyway I won’t be long, I just came to clarify something. It’s really bothering me” Fafa continued.

“How may I be of help” Adoley asked sounding very cold.

“Adoley you are my friend. We have been friends since childhood. I know when there is something wrong” Fafa said.

“What is going on Fafa, Everything seems fine” She said

“Don’t lie to me, you think I have not noticed your distant attitude. Tell me what’s going wrong” She asked.

“Look Fafa, my husband and I are really going through difficult times; I have a lot on my mind.” Adoley answered.

“So that explains it then. I see. I have already told you what to do. If you need me, you know my house.” She said and left in a very weird way.

Adoley felt strange with the way she left. On a usual day she would have settled down more to get details of what was going on. But not today, She just left like that, with no reason.

That evening Adoley and Nana had a great time when Nana came back from work. They had settled down to bed and were getting ready to sleep when all of a sudden Nana popped up a question about Fafa.

“Honey, so what’s going on with you and Fafa now” Nana asked.

“Well nothing new though, I’m just playing along with her games and confront her when the time is right” She answered.

“She even came here, right after you left. There is something really strange about her though” She continued.

“Honey, whatever you are thinking of doing, just be careful. I don’t want you to get hurt or anything” Nana said.

“Don’t worry my love. I know exactly what I’m doing; I know what I’m doing.” She said.


To Be Continued Tomorrow Noon