“Broken Chain” Episode 6


“I hope we made the right decision.” Adoley said.  She then went out of the hotel with Fafa.

Ever since the incident at the hotel, Nana has been distant from his wife. All he does is to wake up in the morning and leave for work. The only person he talks to is Adjoa. He kept buying stuff for her anytime he comes from work.

Adoley never saw anything intimate going on between them however, Nana’s attitude towards her became her worry.

Though they fight almost all the time, it’s been three weeks since the hotel incident yet they have both not said anything to each other. Out of frustration and guilt, she began taking her anger on Adjoa.  There was a time that Adjoa was doing the dishes that she mistakenly broke a plate.

They had a lot of other plates which even worth more than what Adjoa broke but Adoley over reacted even to the extent of pushing Adjoa hard to the floor that she pricked her hand on the plate which made her bleed.  Inwardly Adoley felt bad about her actions but was too proud to even apologize to Adjoa.

Occasionally, she will leave Adjoa at the house, and visit her Fafa, who always kept polluting her all the time. On one of her visits, she decided to seek the advice of Fafa whom she thought was a good friend.  They sat together watching TV till Fafa realized that Adoley was lost in deep thought.

“Hey baby girl is everything alright? Fafa asked.

“I don’t know what is going on. I can’t save my marriage. Its tearing apart” Adoley answered.

“Hey, come to my level, I don’t understand what you’re even saying” Fafa asked.

“Its Nana, He doesn’t even talk to me anymore. All he does is to pay attention to that girl” Adoley said.

“Adoley wake up, wake up from your slumber. What did I tell you about that girl? You were supposed to keep your eyes on her. Is that too difficult for you? Fafa said.

“Seriously Fafa, I don’t think there is anything going on between them. All I see is Nana helping her out and that’s all.” Adoley said.

“I think the problem is with me, maybe I have been too hard on him. I need to apologize and save my marriage” Adoley continued.

“Look, from where I stand, I don’t think your husband is ready to even listen to you. See the only way you can get back his attention, is make him feel there is a competition.” Fafa said.

“How? Why should I make him feel that way? We are already married” Adoley asked.

“It’s simple, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. If he is cheating on you, what stops you from cheating on him too. I have some couple of guys. I can hook you up as soon as possible” Fafa advised.

“What? You must be insane. How could you even suggest something like that? I can’t believe this. I should be going now. You really surprise me” Adoley.

“You will always remain a kid, you won’t grow up” Fafa said.

“Yeah, at least I’m the one with the husband not you” She said and left Fafa’s place looking very angry. 

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Adoley may be capable of many things but for cheating, she will never opt for that. She respected herself very much and was very particular in full committed and faithful marriage.

Now, she just wanted to make things right and save her marriage. It was obvious that Fafa’s advice was never good for her.

Nana was at his office working on some documents. However, he was very distracted. His marriage was tearing apart. When they first got married, everything was so perfect until all these issues of not being able to get pregnant, he cheating on his wife and now Adjoa came up.

He didn’t like it. Perhaps it is about time to do something to save his marriage. After all Adoley is still his wife and no matter what the situation maybe he still loved her beyond all odds.

He then decided to give his wife a wonderful dinner treat just at the restaurant he met her for the first time so they can begin from the scratch again.

He was done making reservation at the hotel and now, he decided to call his wife so she meets him half way to the office, so they go together. Just as at when he dialed her number, Fafa came into his office.

“What are you doing here and who gave you the authority to come into my office” Nana angrily asked.

“Chill up boy, I come in peace.” Fafa said.

“Well, it’s late. I don’t attend to client at this hour. So go and come back some other time.” Nana ordered her.

“Hey since when did I become your client. You have to loosen up and listen to what I have to say BOSS” Fafa said.

She wasn’t ready to leave anyway, Nana then decided to give some time to hear what she has to say.

“Five minutes. Get talking” Nana said.

“That’s more than enough, anyway, first of all I came to apologize for my misconduct the other time” Fafa said

“And what’s the second one? Nana asked. He was not ready to listen to her apology.

“Hmm, after all I have been through with your wife, it’s unfortunate that I have been fighting on the wrong side all this while.” She said.

“What is that supposed to mean” Nana asked.

“Well we did caught you cheat but hey you are a guy so it’s understandable but when a married woman decide to also go behind her husband then that should be something to worry about” She said.

To be Continued.