“Broken Chain” Episode 10 Grand Finale


“Don’t worry my love. I know exactly what I’m doing; I know what I’m doing.” She said.

Two months down the line, everything was as normal as it should be. Adoley and Nana grew into loving each other the more. Adjoa on the other hand, just started schooling and was really doing well.

Adoley was now left alone at home. Somehow she missed the presence of her friend Fafa. Gone are the days where they will sit, talk and make fun out of everything. Notwithstanding this, she still remembers what Fafa had done to her and her family. How she almost came between her husband and herself. The marriage almost collapsed if she didn’t take matters into her own hands.

She then decided to make a quick phone call to her.

“Hello, look who is calling” Fafa said when she answered the call.

“How are you doing” Adoley asked.

“Well, like you know, I will always be fine” She said.

“Fafa, hmm there is something I want us to discuss.” Adoley said.

“What we talked about the other time, I think I want to reconsider it” Adoley continued.

“You don’t mean it. I can see Nana has really gotten over you right? Anyway, you should come over so we talk more about it, this is not something we should be discussing on phone.” Fafa said.

“Yeah you are right, Can I come over now” Adoley asked.

“Yeah baby girl, I’m home” Fafa answered.

Adoley immediately dressed up and in no time was already at Fafa’s apartment.

“Wow, that was fast, tell me, what’s really going on” Fafa asked.

“Look, I just want to do it, am no longer happy with Nana anymore” She said.

“Are you sure of what you are saying, maybe you should think this through” Fafa asked.

“Are you helping me out or what? Adoley asked looking very desperate.

“Well, before I do, there is something you should know, I wanted to tell you but because of your attitude, I wasn’t so sure about it.”  Fafa said.

“What is it Fafa” Adoley asked.

“Do you know your husband actually proposed to me” Fafa said.

That was more than enough for Adoley to bear, she wans’t ready to listen to any more surprising news from Fafa.

“It’s ok, don’t go any futher, Just help me out” Adoley said.

Fafa reached into her purse and took out a complementary card of a wealthy business man from the States who relocated to Ghana.

“Take this card, and call him before sunset. I would have arranged everything by then. And guess what” Fafa asked.

“What is it” Adoley asked.

“He is really good in bed. I bet Nana will be no match for him” Fafa said.

“Why are you talking as if you have already slept with him” Adoley curiously asked.

She ignored Adoley’s question and gave her the complementary card.  They sat together for a while and talked about the old times until Adoley decided to leave.

Just about an hour she left, Fafa immediately left for Nana’s office. Nana actually called her to come by his office the preceding night. All along she was impatiently waiting for Adoley to leave so that she could go and see what Nana had to say to her.

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She went to meet Nana at the office and as usual he was busy working on his computer.

“You are late” Nana said as soon as Fafa sat down.

“Am really sorry my dear, your wife came by this morning” She said.

“My wife, for what reason” Nana asked
“I really don’t know why people find it difficult to believe me. I told you, your wife was cheating on you and you doubted me. She came to my place in that regard you know” She said.

“I’m really sorry Fafa, that is why I called you here in the first place. But you have said enough. I have already heard what I want to hear already” Nana said.

“Excuse me, I don’t understand you” Fafa said.

“I don’t understand you, how can you be so wicked to your own friend, how could you, acting like a snitch and all that” Nana said.

“What do you mean, I’m the one trying to help you here” She said.

“Help me? Nana said.

“Honey, you can come out now” Nana called out to his wife, who was already at the washroom listening to every bit of their conversation.  She came out with a recorder in her hands and almost immediately started playing the conversation she had with Fafa when she went to her place earlier.

Fafa began to shake and sweat as she noticed that she had been caught. It was all a planned thing. A plan to expose who really Fafa is; a snitch for that matter.

“I hope you have a better explanation for this” Adoley asked.

“Please I can explain, I ….i… don’t even know what came over me, it’s all the work of the devil, I wanted to be happy like you Adoley, to have a husband I can also call my own. Nana is a good person and I felt I can make him mine. Please it’s not my doing. Please” She begged.

Nana just stood there watching her, before they knew, Fafa ran out of the office leaving her phone and her handbag. That was the last time they ever set their eyes on her. Rumor has it that, She relocated to Togo and was trying to start a new life there.

“Baby, I’m really sorry I had to make you go through all this, I didn’t think she would be such a wicked person.” Adoley said.

“It’s ok my love, do you remember what the pastor said during our wedding? He said, marriage is like a linked chain. The more we love and respect each other, the more we make the chain strong enough to bind us, but when we allow ourselves and our marriage to be controlled by other people. Our chain weakens and eventually breaks. I really love you my wife and I thank God for choosing you for me.” Nana said.

“I love you too Nana. Talking about our wedding day, I have something to tell you” She said.

“What is it, I’m all ears” Nana asked.

“Ok, how do I even start, I think you should get ready to be yelling more often because very soon, you are going to be a father” She said.

“What, oh my God, tell me this is a joke.” Nana asked, he couldn’t believe his ears.

“Nana, I’m two months pregnant” She confirmed.

It was a joyful moment when Nana got the news that his wife was pregnant. Finally God has blessed them with a child of their own. Adjoa continued to remain in their care. They treated her just like their own.  Seven months down the line,  Adoley delivered successfully a bouncing baby boy who really looked much like his father, Nana.


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