Boy With Luv Episode 9



I parked my car in my garage and headed to the house. I opened the door and walked in, my television was on and a glass of red wine was on the table. Someone’s here

I looked up the stairs, is the person upstairs

“Val!.. Val!” I called out. I’m sure she’s not asleep yet cause she goes to bed by 10pm and it’s still past 9pm.

I walked to the table and lifted the wine glass. I sniffed the handle and it smelt feminine. A girl is here.

But only Wini has the right to come in here and drink my wine and she’s not in the country.

I began to hear footsteps on the stairs and it was Wini. Of course it’s her, she’s the only one who knows my keywords.

“hey twinheart, miss me?” she asked as she majestically walked down the stairs with Val behind her

“when did you come back and when did you start lodging here?”

She got down and walked towards me

“I came back two hours ago and I decided to see you. Val said you went out and I’m surprised you now go out late. Have you started clubbing?” she asked as she sat down and took the glass then lifted it to her lips

“if I had started clubbing, I’d still be there.” I replied and sighed. I’m tired

“welcome master” Val greeted

“thanks Val. Can I get a glass of water?”

“okay sir”

“who did you go and see? I know you hardly move around. Who did you go and see?”

I chuckled

It’s true, I hardly go out. And if I go out then it’s those places I’m not likely to get attention. Places where everyone minds their businesses. And usually, I’m always behind tinted windows so if I driving by places where people are, I can’t get easily spotted.

It’s funny today I was bent on seeing Marigold. I was just going through the Royalties magazine that I got lucky to be the cover over Eduardo for the first time when her thought struck me. It was about a month since I saw her and I suddenly felt like seeing her again. I knew she closed by 9pm so I drove to the street close to KFC and weirdly, I began to wait for her.

The street is always lonely at night time, just few people stroll by and I don’t think they have time to stare at people’s faces to ascertain whether they’re celebs or not.

And I like KFC because everyone is on their own, no paparazzi invasion, no crazy fans avalanche. Everything is just kept under control.

And there are some places I can just walk in without being stared at too much, places of high taste and luxury. Everybody there would be rich and the least fan issues you could get there would be a pretty rich person walking up to you and asking for a photograph. Now that’s exclusive

“what in the world are you thinking about Wilbur?” Wini’s voice echoed in my head

“about why I went to meet Marigold?” I replied, not even thinking

“who the heck is Marigold?” she asked, boring holes into my face with her eyes

“Marigold is the girl that gave me back my phone” I replied, collecting the water from Val and gulping it down immediately

“OH that girl. Wait… You said you went to see her?” she asked with big questioning eyes

“that’s what I said”

“oh I don’t believe you. You can’t do something like that” she stated and faced the television

“she doesn’t like me and she rejects everything I give to her. But I’m happy she didn’t reject today’s own. Eduardo said I was dumb to be free with her and why I took the phone without caution. He even made me change the phone. I made up my mind to have nothing to do with the janitor girl but it’s so funny I like her, and I want her to be free around me. I feel like she’s a good girl and people like her don’t come forth easily. It’s always the snaky selfish ones that are around. And I really like her name. Marigold” I quipped and to be honest I didn’t know why or how I just gave out those too many words. I turned to look at Wini and her mouth was agape with her eyes that held the ‘WTF’ look

I kept staring back at her until she found her voice

“Will, you’re drunk” that was what she said

“you know I don’t get drunk”

“then you’ve started smoking weed”

“you know I have asthma”

“then you’re crazy”

“you know I’m not the crazy one”

She blinked her eyes

“yeah, I know I’m the crazy one but I’m not this crazy, falling for a janitor just because she brought back your phone” she snapped her fingers in my face

“wake up!” she said

“Wini, I’m not falling for her. I said I just like her. She created a good first impression and I like her. No one said anything about falling. Falling what?”

“whatever. And Eduardo is right though he’s an as***ole but he’s right. You can’t just go about trusting any girl.”

“I trusted you when I first saw you” I said and stood up

“that’s why I let you stay with me” I added and removed my keys from the table where I had dropped them

“good night” I hailed and raced up the stairs

“you’re so stupid hanging out with a strange girl!” that was Wini’s yell. I chuckled as I entered the hallway.

I walked to the middle door and unlocked it then entered. I have about six rooms in this house. One is a pool room and that’s downstairs. One room downstairs is for Val and there’s a block for the other workers outside.

Four rooms are upstairs. My room and two guest rooms then the last one is my studio. A paint studio and designing studio actually.

I closed my door and locked it. I drew the linen curtains closed using my room remote control.

I walked to my nightstand and dropped my keys and phone then headed for the shower

As the warm water rained on my head and streamed down my face down to my body like an overheard river, my thoughts drifted back to Marigold

I chuckled “she’s funny”

I palmed my face and saw her frowning face. I think I only saw her smile once. Just once when she told me God would reward me. The other smiles were fake. I know it

I dreaded a thread of my hair with my fingers and scattered it again. The water was warm and I didn’t want to leave the shower. Nevertheless I turned it off and went back to my room. I wore only shorts and I got on my bed. I switched off the lights and left only the neon lights on my lamp stand.

“I hope she doesn’t throw the food away.” I muttered and closed my eyes for sleep to seep in



Last night was the best night I had in years. I went to bed with a heavy tummy and I slept so smooth and creamy.

Waking up this morning, I feel like a star. Who says eating good food doesn’t bring happiness?

I sneaked out of my room and went to greet my auntie in her room. I quickly swept and mopped the living room floor then took a bathe.

It’s quite early and I really wish to skip work today, I need to know how Eliza is faring.

Today is Thursday, my shift starts by 9am. OH thank God. I can go and see Eliza.

I packaged the food from yesterday into the same white bag. I dropped it on my window and went the other way round to take it. I would go and see her and finally tell her about Wilbur Sanders and I.

Wait… There’s no Wilbur Sanders and I. That statement isn’t appropriate.

I headed to her house and I was glad I didn’t see my aunt before she starts stuffing me with questions.

I gently knocked on their wooden door. Her mother later opened

““Marigold my dear”

“good morning Mrs Ralba” I greeted

“morning dear. Come in” she ushered me in.

I stepped into their small living room. It had a small television on the floor and an antenna was connected to it. It’s actually old fashioned

The floor was plastered but it had turned brown because of unremoveable mud. They had plastic chairs like three in the living room and a small table

“she’s in her room” her mother said and walked towards the yard outside. I entered Eliza’s room and she was still sleeping on her small mattress and she was covered with a blue cloth.

I gently sat beside her and touched her forehead. She woke up immediately



“yeah, good morning” she sat up and rubbed her eyes

“how’s your health?” I asked as I pushed her scattered hair backwards

“I’m fine. You’re not going to work today?”

“today’s Thursday”

“oh. What’s in the bag?” she asked, looking at the bag beside my leg. I opened it and brought out the contents. Including the pizza box. I didn’t eat everything

“okay, I’m I seeing well” she asked and I chuckled

“you won’t believe how I got all these. But just go and wash up while I try to warm these” I said and stood up with the bag. I walked out and entered their kitchen. I lit up their stove which was rusty. Even more rusty than ours.

I got a skillet and poured in the first food which I still don’t have any idea of the name. I added a little water so it wouldn’t burn and I kept the skillet over medium heat on the stove.

I rinsed some plates and dished in the food before warming the others. Eliza came to join me when I was trying to warm the pizza. I didn’t know if I should add water or not but I later sprinkled little water on it and turned it over repeatedly

“so are you going to tell me how you got these?” she asked, picking a fork and taking a bit of the first plate

“hmm, so good. Wow. There’s cheese. I know there’s cheese in this” she said and wanted to take another spoon but I stopped her

“be patient Missy. Now help me with the box” I said and she handed me the pizza box and I dropped them in and turned the stove off

We took them to the little table in the living room. Eliza spread a cloth and we sat on it on the floor

“I’ll say Grace” I announced and we put our hands together as I prayed. Then we began to eat the first plate Eliza started on

“there’s cheese. You’re right” I muttered

“and I think I’m tasting chicken curry“ I added

“and this… It looks like a large straw but it doesn’t have a hollow” Eliza said naively

I looked at what was raised on her fork

“wait. That’s bacon. Yeah that’s bacon. My mom used to buy those” I said with a smile

“this dish is a combination of lots of things. And its tasty” she said

“Wilbur Sanders bought them for me last night” I let out


I breathed in and told her everything from the phone to the question I reasked myself last night

She hit me so hard on my arm that that place turned red

“you’re so bad! Why didn’t you tell me? You took a phone, an expensive phone and you didn’t tell me. Will was the owner, you returned it and you even refused a card from him. MariGold Cruz!” she blurted out

“I’m sorry. I didn’t want you to bother me about his talks so I just decided to give him and that would be all. I didn’t know I’ll see him again and again and again” I defended myself

“and you even lied that it was Romeo Garfield that bought your mats”

“hey, you were the one who brought the Romeo guy up. Not me. But I did lie then”

“so my darling. My sweetheart. My boy with the killer smile. He actually bought these for you. Wow! Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” she wriggled her brows and flapped her lashes at me

“no no. I’m not thinking what you’re thinking. Leave me alone” I retorted and she laughed

“please, I’m coming to work today. Who knows, he might show up again. I really need to see him” she said and ate the last of the food.

I drank water and uncovered the second plate. I don’t think we should eat this now. I covered it back but crazy Eliza took it and began to eat

“it’s rice. With butter and bits of meat. And these are celery. And these are… uhm.. What’s it called again?” she asked and picked up the substance in the fork and lifted it to me. I looked at it

“it’s something I don’t know” I replied and she laughed. I joined her in eating it actually

“but Mari, are you really serious about the Will?” she asked and I swallowed. What type of serious is she talking about? You know it has a double meaning

“I don’t like him though. He’s really kind and humble but I don’t like him. I don’t know why” I stated and shrugged

“Mari…Gold” she drew and I looked up at her

“did you ever think you would eat something like this, this year? Did you even dream of it?”

I didn’t answer but I thought about it. I didn’t even fantasize about it

“but then a celeb. A filthy rich celeb suddenly starts helping you out. You could buy your drugs and a jacket because of him. You know how important those two things are. You entered a fancy car, a car your mother couldn’t even afford and now you’re eating the most palatable food you’ve had in years. Not white rice without sauce. And you’re telling me you don’t like the guy? Please, for the sake of Eliza, like him. I need him to keep coming around. Even if we can benefit one or two things from him we’d be okay. It’s not a common thing to see someone like that trying to make friends with someone like you. Don’t misuse it”

I tucked my loose strands behind my ear and heaved a deep sigh.

Eliza suddenly pulled my ear

“and don’t you ever, ever, turn down money. See it as a gift from God, do you hear me?” she twisted it

“ahh ahh I hear you, I hear you” I said with desperation and she released it. I held it and pouted at her.

She stood, probably to go and get water

“you better start liking Will before I get back. In fact, I’ll show you one of his movies and you’ll know that you’re really lucky to even have a word with him” then she left

I caressed my ear.

Is Wilbur that of an important personality?


To Be Continued