Boy With Luv Episode 10



“are you sure you’re okay to go? Work is stressful Eliza” I warned as she was wearing her shoes

“I’m doing this for Wilbur” she replied and stood upright

“what makes you think he’ll come today?” I asked and walked out of the house, she followed me out

“he’ll come” she said adamantly
“Eliza, please stay. I don’t want you to stress yourself today. You know what? If I see him, I’ll tell him about you and I’ll beg him to fix a day to see you” I said and hoped she’ll accept that and stay inside. For crying out loud her temperature can boil an egg

“promise me”

“I promise. That’s if I see him” i said with conviction

She nodded
“ I’m actually feeling cold. I gotta take my medicine. Bye” she said and ran back inside. I chuckled and went home. Which was a big mistake. I would have just gone straight to work but I needed my jacket

‘‘you this idiot! Come here you fool” auntie Denny yelled at me

“what did I do?” I asked feeling a little scared

She threw a stool at me and it hit my leg. I winced and ran from her

‘‘you thought I wouldn’t find out how much you get? You’ve been lying to me”

I stood close to the kitchen door
“auntie what are you talking about?” I asked, feeling the intense pain in my right leg

“your work place. You collect 500 peso. Every week. You’ve been cheating me with over 300 peso. Do you know what I could have done with that amount!”

“what? You’re scolding me over my own money!” I yelled and she slapped me. I perceived the strong smell of rum.
Great! She’s drunk. For crying out loud it’s too early to drink!

“you’re done with that stupid job! You’re not leaving this house today” she stated and left. I sighed sadly. My cheek was stinging hot.
I blinked off the stubborn tears that were trying to seep out even though I didn’t want to cry.

I leaped to my room. Took my jacket and was about heading out of my room when I saw that my leg had swollen really bad. The surface was pure red and it was so hard like dry clay.

I sat down on my bed and took my balm. I applied it gently on it because it hurt real bad.
No wonder my leg felt heavy

I have to go to work today whether I like it or not. First, because of Eliza and second because I want to disobey my auntie. I’m not a teenager that she can control here and there. In fact, teenagers can’t be controlled the way she’s controlling me. For Christ sake I’m 22

I stood up, pocketed the balm and held my jacket and dragged my leg out I looked for any sign of her but she was not around. I headed out of the slums with more than ten people asking me about my leg

When I got out, I knew how hard it would be for me to get to the bus station. My leg got worse

“I should have stayed back home” I muttered to myself. I looked back and decided to just head on because the strength used in going back home is equivalent to the one I’d use in getting to the bus station.

I began to drag my heavy leg. The pain was increasing and the swell was not decreasing.
At certain points, I groaned and gritted my teeth.

As I got into the street, I wished I had money so I could enter a taxi but I had none in my hand. All my savings were safe with Eliza where witch aunt won’t lay a finger on.

A car gently slowed down beside me and I stopped walking. Within me, I didn’t want it to be stopping for me. I didn’t want disturbance.

I continued to leap away though slowly of course when the car moved forward and it’s window slid down


Oh great
Just great

I stopped walking and stared into the set of brown pupils that stared at me.

The door opened and I shrieked and moved back. So doors can open by themselves?

“get in” he said
“come in” he said and nudged his head.

I pouted. I don’t wanna Then Eliza came into my mind. I heaved and open the door wider then got in

“good morning” I greeted as I sat in. I didn’t look at him but I heard him chuckle. The door closed and I was tempted to ask how’s that possible. But I overcame that temptation

“how are you doing?” he asked as he was getting back into the road. But how the heck is this guy so free going about? I thought celebs don’t move freely

I was thinking about what type of celebrity he was and I forgot to answer him. I think that didn’t make him happy

“you know if you keep ignoring me like that I’m going to take a step that would be best for both of us” he said with a tight face

“I think you should just do it. Take the step” I said.

“okay” he replied and stopped the car. He brought out his phone and began to make a phone call

“hello. Beth, book me a flight to London today. And call Luke to get the penthouse suite there ready. Good. Call me when you’ve booked it” then he hung up and dropped the phone and started the car

“so that’s the step that’s good for us. You traveling to London. Ugh! Rich people always want to show off. What concerns me and you leaving the country? Is it because I can’t? And you feel it’s nice to flaunt that in my face. I just hate you people!”

I have a big mouth that needs taming

“so that’s what you think of me?” he said calmly

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to say that” I apologized and rubbed the top of my swollen flesh. His eyes moved down there and he stared at it for like 2.5 seconds

“what happened to your leg?”

“a stool fell on it” I replied
“you’re sure you can go to work with that?”

“if I wasn’t sure, I wouldn’t have left the house” I replied and looked out the window


This girl is the most savage girl I’ve ever encountered, Even Eduardo doesn’t make me feel this bad. I don’t mean to boast but, this girl’s taking me for granted. Look at how she’s talking to me

I wish I had listened to Eduardo. This girl is a regret. Maybe I should stop coming around her.
But to be honest I don’t even know how I’m coming around her. I just keep seeing her and I can’t ignore her. Why?

After I called Beth, I wanted to tell her that after that trip I wouldn’t come around her anymore but she spoke before I could even tell her.

“here. You can go now” I said as I pulled over by the same place I picked her up yesterday

She tried to open the door but it was still locked

“the door is still locked” she muttered

“yes. That’s because I haven’t opened it. And when I do and you walk away then that’s the last I’ll see you. And even if I see you, I don’t know you. You think I just want to move around some dirty poor girl because I want to flaunt myself? You think I’m just jobless and that’s why I always want to give you a lift? You’re just taking me for granted and I hate that. Since you don’t like me, fine, I’ll do what’s best for both of us. You can just get out of my car and forget that I ever wanted to be your friend”

She blinked her eyes repeatedly and looked like she didn’t get all what I had said

I opened the door
“get out Marigold” I stated and she sighed and gently stepped out. I looked at her leg then looked away. I closed my door and watched her leap slowly on the sidewalk. I felt a little bad for speaking that way but then I felt it was the right thing. If someone is trying to throw your personality under their feet, you put them in their right places.

I started my car and turned it around and drove off not looking back at her. I didn’t even look at the rearview mirror.

As I drove, I remembered the message I got last night from HR Modelling Agency. They wanted to sign me in as a model. I would be going there straight

It’s funny. Last night when I got that message I thought God wanted to reward me for doing good to Marigold. I thought she was the good luck that was rubbing off on me.

Well, it’s so long to her now.


I felt bad. So bad when he literally sent me out of his car. I felt so embarrassed I wanted to disappear from the face of the earth.

I didn’t want to think I was really taking him for granted. But my inner self was telling me it’s true. I was truly taking him for granted. Eliza told me this.

He said I should get out.

That hurts so bad! If I’m not mistaken I’m going to cry.

Eliza is going to be so mad at me


I finished washing my clothes and I went to wash my hair. While I was washing my hair, I remembered how Eliza poured hot soup on my head about six months ago. I had told her about how Wilbur got really mad at me and sent me out of his car.
She was so angry. First for sending Wilbur away from my life, secondly for not listening to her advice and thirdly for making her miss the opportunity to see him.
She just angrily walked to the kitchen and brought a bowl of hot soup and down on my head. I had screamed because it had burnt my scalp and it entered my eyes

That day was awful. We spent hours trying to wash off all the soup from my hair but no matter what we do, my hair still smelt soup and was slimy and itchy. I even sustained bruises due to the burn and rigorous washing.

But it later got better. I didn’t go to work because I had taken Friday off instead of Saturday because of my leg.

And today I’m washing my hair because of Eliza again. She didn’t pour soup in my hair but she said I should wash it and make it sparkling before we leave for school tomorrow.

We finally got our admission and we’re going to the university. I’m so excited. Super duper excited! I can’t wait to be on my own.

Auntie Denny wanted me to leave the house to school everyday then come back but I told her that staying off-campus was prohibited for first year students. She was okay with me going to the university because she said she wanted me to make more money like my mom made, so I could take care of her. I had rolled my eyes to that.

After I finished washing my hair with the shampoo Eliza had hijacked from God-knows-where, I tied my head with a cloth to seep out the water then I went to stand in the sun to dry it till when damp.

My mind drifted to Wilbur.
It’s true, I had taken him for granted.

I never knew he was that popular and loved. Eliza had made me watch some of his movies after we deliberately used our money to buy drugs for her. I had spent the night watching movies with Eliza while she wallowed in vanity at home.

I felt bad seeing him on TV. He looked really good looking and cool. I hated the kissing scenes he acted but that was Eliza’s favorite part. She would squeal and hug herself or fan herself with her palm. So melodramatic

One time, KFC took us to go and clean up an event venue and while we were cleaning, a black car drove in. Me and the other janitors stared and the door was opened by another person. Wilbur stepped out and I was mesmerized by the respect at which he floated in. I couldn’t believe it was the same guy who was so free with me and driving alone. He wasn’t even carry guards then

I thought he would smile at me or maybe act like he knows me when our eyes met but instead he looked away the very second.

The girl beside me had said she was a huge fan of him and it was her first time seeing him. Another janitor said he’s very hard to see and if you’re lucky, you could see him at least once in your lifetime. And that’s for the average man

When they were saying all those, I had felt bad. I wanted to tell them that I used to see him but I figured out they wouldn’t even believe me one bit.

“well, I guess that’s my rough fate. And it’s totally my fault” I spoke out loud

“what’s totally your fault?” came my auntie’s voice I turned back

“it’s totally my fault that I didn’t wash my hair yesterday. If I had washed it yesterday then I would have gone to look for something to get money today” I lied

“you can still go and help Mrs Bamosa watch her baby. I need the money to buy something” she stated and yawned

I don’t want to get her angry before I leave tomorrow so I have to do what she says

“okay I will” I replied and ran my fingers through my wet hair

I walked back inside and went to my room. I showered and went to Mrs Bamosa’s house. Her daughter was sleeping and she wasn’t even going anywhere so there would be no job for me. I went to Eliza’s shop to see how she was doing

“hey” I hailed as I saw her
“you’re just in time to see this. Gosh, do you know Eduardo Ortiz got fired by the agency he’s under?”

I sat beside her and looked at the newspaper she was holding
“and why?” I asked, not like I had any interest in it but just to give her a room to let out whatever is in her mind

“he had a huge misunderstanding with the Director. And he got fired. I’m sure he’s going to feel so angry” she said with a grin

“too bad for him. So how is your preparation going?” I asked
“well, my bags are packed and I’m just waiting for tomorrow” she replied

“where are we going first?”

“we’ll go to the administrative office and summit our papers and all that. Then we’ll get our ID and dorm number”

“I hope we’ll be in the same dorm”
“I hope so too”

It was a cool day, the rain had just ceased and the atmosphere was still moist.
My hair was in a ponytail and I was wearing my jacket.

I was heading to my house in the University quarters. Actually I couldn’t get a dorm because it was all filled up so the administration got me a room in the staff quarters with another student. I wish it was Eliza but she had secured a dorm.

The quarter is really good. Constant electricity and water supply. The living room is big and there’s two rooms with their own bathroom.
Eliza is sometimes jealous of my free space. She said its all fights and quarrels over space and properties in the dorms.

The only problem I have here is Simona, my roommate. That girl is a thorn in my flesh.. She’s always yelling and commanding.
And she feels like she’s on top of the world.
One time, when Eliza came here, she almost punched Simona in the face because the latter had yelled at her for changing the television channel. Something that she wasn’t even sitting down to watch.

When I got closer to the house, a car passed beside me on the tarred street. I didn’t care about it but then it began to reverse till it reached me.

I thought it would be one of my neighbors who actually teach us in the University.
Then the window came down

‘‘hi” Wilbur hailed.

I was so surprised. I wasn’t expecting it to be him at all

“ignoring me again?” he asked and I blinked my eyes, coming back to my senses

“no, no, it’s not that. Uhm, good afternoon” I stammered a little
I was really surprised he was still talking to me. What did he see?

The door opened and I moved back so it wouldn’t hit me

“do you need a lift?” he asked

I really don’t need a lift because I can see my house. It’s just three blocks away

“yes” I found myself replying him
“get in” he said and I immediately sat in and closed the door. He began to move the car

“it’s been awhile” he spoke up
“yeah” I replied shyly

“you look older” he said, looking at me.
I smiled and bit my lip.
It’s more like I look more mature

“I… I’m sorry about my attitude the last time and I’m sorry for making you angry” I apologized

“okay” he replied

Just that?

I looked back and saw my house moving out of sight. I chuckled quietly

“where are you heading?” he asked
“OH, I was going to get lunch” I replied. Going to get lunch in my house

“how about I take you somewhere?” he asked, glancing at me

“take me somewhere?” I asked like I didn’t understand. Maybe I didn’t

“yes. Take you somewhere so you can have lunch” he said

“oh okay” I replied sheepishly and looked out the window. As he drove, I felt like he was looking at me. I looked at him and my eyes clashed with his.

Oh shoot!
To Be Continued