Boy With Luv Episode 60 Final



One week to their birthday I fell ill. Eliza thought it was as a result of the stress or trauma we had gone through two months ago but it wasn’t. I knew exactly why I felt down. It had to do with my heart. It was empty and it wanted it’s owner back.

I got off from the bed where I was just resting and I walked to my drawer. I pulled the third one and lifted some papers up. I saw it. The purple envelope with white flowers on it. Marigolds.

I smiled and pulled it out then closed the drawer. I sat on the floor and crossed my legs then ran my thumb on the envelope

“it’s next week” I said to myself and smiled

I hugged the envelope and laid down on the floor. The floor was cold, so not good for me but I didn’t care. The thought that Will wanted me back made me feel warm.

Eliza came into the room two minutes later and gasped when she saw me on the floor. She was carrying a tray, probably with hot spicy chicken soup.

“hey! What are you doing on the floor? Get up!” she yelled and quickly dropped the tray on the bed. I quickly hid the envelope behind me, I wanted to surprise her.

She came and pulled me up.

“you brought my chicken I see” I said and stylishly went to the bed. I dropped the envelope and sat on it then carried the tray.

“what are you hiding?” she asked and looked at my butt

I ignored her and opened the plate. The aroma came up to me and I inhaled it and smiled

“this smells so good. Yum!” I said and picked up the spoon then began to eat

“hmm, you have an appetite this evening. And you’re in good mood. Does it have to do with what you’re hiding under your butt?” Eliza asked and I licked my lips and looked at her

“will you follow me to the mall? I wanna buy a beautiful dress” I announced and she chuckled and crossed her arms

“why? Aren’t you sick? Why do you wanna go shopping all of a—”

“—I’m going!” I cut her short

“going where exactly?” she asked and I quickly pulled out the invitation and raised it up for her to see

She gasped and began to squeal and jump. I began to wonder if I was the one getting back into a relationship or her

“oh my Gosh! This is great news! I’m so happy! OMG!” she said and quickly sat beside me

“what color of dress would you like? I suggest red. A mermaid dress with a slit or no, a red dress that’s flay from the waist down and that reaches your feet. I’ll make your hair myself or no, I’ll hire a stylist. Don’t worry, I got you covered” she blurted

“I thought you gave up” I said
“I gave up on pushing you to a boy not on supporting you on the boy you choose. I support you making up with Wilbur” she replied

“I’m supporting you too” a masculine voice rang from the door. We both looked up to see Fred leaning against the door frame

“Fred” I called and he smiled at me

“I’m finally out of the hospital” he said and I dropped the tray on the bed and ran to hug him

“hey… Careful. I still feel weak” he said and I laughed

“thank you” I said
“for what?” he asked
“for staying alive” I answered and he cupped my face in his palm

“I promised you I would” he whispered and I smiled

We both stared at each other smiling for almost a minute or two until Eliza cleared her throat and we looked at her.

“hi Fred” she said and waved
“hey Eliza” he said and left my face. Eliza ran and hugged him tight

“I’ve missed you. We both have” she said and he smiled and rubbed her cheek with his thumb.

“I did too” he said

“do you have strength? Enough strength? I want you to tell me all about what happened back in UK” Eliza said.

“I will. After we go get Mari’s dress for the party” he said and looked at me

“uhm. I’ll… I’ll excuse you two” Eliza said and gently crept out of the room

“so, you’re going for his party” he said

“how do you know it’s his party?” I asked and he looked at the envelope on the bed before looking back at me.

“my cousin is married to his elder brother” he stated

“when did you wake up?” I asked

“a month ago. But I was still under medical care till last week when I was discharged. I just didn’t wanna bother you that’s why I didn’t call” he said

“you would have told me. That’s not bothering” I stated and sighed. I remembered what he told me that night when he was at the verge of death. Did he really mean that?

“I meant it” he said and I gasped a little and moved back. Did he read my mind or what?

“what I said that night, I meant it” he said and pocketed his hand

“I’m… I’m sorry” I said

“I’m sorry I can’t reciprocate that” I said again with my head bowed this time, He moved closer and raised my head up

“you don’t hate me. That’s all that matters” he said and smiled. I smiled too

“are you really okay with me being with Wilbur?” I asked

“yeah. He’s the BOY WITH LUV for you. Besides, I’m not ready to settle down with one girl yet and you don’t look like you’d like to share your man so, I’m going back to the playboy life”

“are you still gay? I heard you were gay” I said

“I wasn’t gay. I was bisexual” he answered

“okay and by the use of past tense it means you’re no longer bisexual right?” I asked again

“yeah. Boys are too dangerous. My partners always try to kill me” he said humorously and we laughed

“so Maxwell and Caleb were given a life sentence but Coloy was given a death sentence?” he asked and I nodded

“so I heard” I said

“I’m sorry I had betrayed you” Fred said and took my hand

“you didn’t betray me Fred. You betrayed them” I said and smiled at him

“what type of dress would you like? I’ll pay” he said

“no. I have enough money. I’ll pay” I said

“no I’ll pay. I want to do that for you” he protested

“no. I’ll pay”

“no… I’ll pay”

“noo I’ll pay”

“no I’ll pa—”

“you’ll both pay! We’ll buy two dresses if you want and the both of you would pay for each. Or each of you pay 50% for the one dress she wants. Ugh!” Eliza yelled. She was standing outside the door in the hallway

“I agree” Fred said and I laughed

“your soup is cold now. I’ll go warm it in the microwave. Why don’t you two come down and let’s talk” she said and we followed her out
I checked the time and it was already an hour through the party. It would end in thirty minutes or an hour more. I called Wini again to ask her if I’m free to come already
?hey Wini
?yeah girl. You’re ready?
?yeah. How is Will?
?he’s been staring at the entrance I feel his eyes are gonna fly out and stick to the door.

?Hahahahaha. Okay I’ll be on my way there now. Can you do me a favor?
?anything for you dear
?can you try to discourage him? Make him think I’m not coming
?oh I was gonna do that anyway. Don’t worry, I’ll talk to him now

?okay thank you

I hung up and took one final look at the mirror. I looked good, no doubt.

I left my room and walked down the stairs. I’ve been ready for the past one hour but I didn’t want to come early. I wanted him to loose hope before I show up.

Eliza was waiting there to drop me off at the party. She was also dressed up as my plus one.

“you’re ready to steal the show?” she asked with a giggle

“I’m not going to steal the show. I’m going to steal Will’s heart” I said with confidence

“how did you get so lucky with love?” she cooed and I laughed

“let’s go. The party is empty without us already” she said again and we walked out of the house.

When we got to the party, we met Winifred first.

“we’re here” I told her and she hugged us
“thank you so much. Will has gone upstairs. Definitely to the room he changed. Room 334. Quick go and make sure you surprise him big time” she said with so much excitement

“wish me luck. Bye” I said and walked out to the back exit where I could take the elevator to third floor.

When I got to his door, I wanted to knock but found it not locked so I gently opened it and stepped inside. I could see him standing on the deck. I sighed softly and walked closer a little, as gently as I could before my heels sold me out.

“it’s really not right to leave your party just to stand here“ I said and he looked back. He saw me and I could see the shock and surprise in his eyes. He didn’t move, he just kept looking at me.

“Mari“ he finally called. I smiled and moved closer

“I’m sorry I’m late” I said and his beautiful smile popped out. His hand drew my closer by the waist

“it’s better late than never” he said and with that, he began to kiss me.

I placed my palms on his face and kissed him back. Yeah I missed him. I missed him so much. Four months without him made me miserable no matter how I tried to live free.

Will held my face with one hand and rubbed my back with the other.

After kissing for more than five minutes, we stopped and stared at each other. We suddenly started laughing

“hey why are you laughing?” I asked amidst laughter

“I don’t know. Why are you laughing?” he asked and I held his hand and placed my head on his chest and continued to laugh. I guess I was just overwhelmed with joy.

Will hugged me to himself
“thank you for coming back” he said and placed a soft kiss on my forehead
“thanks for not throwing me off” I said as I looked up to his face. He smiled and kissed my lips

“but you have a lot of explaining to do young man” I said and hit his chest playfully

“yeah I know I do. First, I’m gonna apologize for making you go through all of that. I’m really sorry Mari” he stated and rubbed my cheek with his thumb

“apology accepted” I said

“I’ve missed you” “I missed you too”

“but why did you come ten minutes to the end of the party Mari”

“to make you loose hope” I said and he smirked
“you did a great job with that”

“also, I made Winifred discourage you so don’t think she’s against us now”

“what? Seriously Mari? Oh come on!”

“Hahahahaha. We’re sorry for the tension” I said and rested my arms on his shoulders

“we have a lot of catching up to do. Where do we even start?” he asked and I hummed

“maybe we should start from who those guys are and why they want you to be their boyfriend” I said

“okay. We’ll start from there. But not today, let’s keep the atmosphere fresh” he said and I turned around and made him encircle me with his hands while I rested my body on his

“your party should be over by now. Let’s go greet your guests goodnight” I suggested

“the party was too congested for me earlier. Even with the few guests, I felt choked up. But now I wish the party could start all over again”

I laughed and rubbed my temple. We began to walk out of the room.

“Mari, have I told you?” he asked and I looked at him

“told me what?”

“that you look so beautiful. You’re getting much more prettier than before” he stated and my cheeks burned red

“thank you Wilbur” I said and looked away so he would not see my cheeks

I woke up late into the morning by 8am and still found Mari sleeping soundly beside me. We had stayed up for hours talking and neither of us wanted to sleep. We began to feel sleepy by 2am and we cuddled up and slept off, but that was after Mari made us say a prayer before we sleep.

Looking at her peaceful sleeping face, I realized I was gifted an angel. Marigold was beautiful and seeing her sleep made her even more beautiful in my eyes.

“should I get breakfast ready now or wait for you to wake up” I asked myself

I removed the hair that covered her face and kissed her forehead. I then tried to get off the bed but she gripped my arm with her eyes still closed.

“huh? You’re awake?” I asked

“take me to the bathroom. I need to brush my teeth” she mumbled, eyes still closed.

“okay” I said and she released my arm. I came down from the bed and went to the other side in other to be able to carry her up. I carried her and took her to the bathroom, kissed her cheek then left to order breakfast from the hotel’s kitchen using the telephone.

During breakfast, I asked her for a favour.
“you have to do me a favor please?” I pleaded

“what is it?” she asked

“let’s go on a vacation. Where we can make up for the time we lost” I said

“vacation? I don’t think so. School would resume soon and besides, I just finished having a vacation with Eliza” she said

“oh please Mari. Okay, it’ll be just a few days” I said and held her hand

“okay. It’s fine by me. But where is it?”

“Vitalis Villas in Ilocos Sur Mirrors Magical Island here in the Philippines”

“why is the name that long?”

“I didn’t even complete the name”

“what? Complete it then”

“Vitalis Villas in Ilocos Sur Mirrors Magical Island of Santorini Greece in Philippines” he said

“I’ll just stick with Vitalis Villas ” she said and we laughed

I led her to the room and removed my hands from her eyes. She gasped and covered her mouth

“you like it?” I asked

“OMG! Will! When did you draw this? This is so beautiful” she said as she took the painting up

“gosh, it looks exactly like me” she said again and faced me

“I love it. I’ll hang it in my room” she mouthed and placed a short kiss on my lips

“I’m glad you love it” I said and watched as she looked on

I smiled as I saw how happy she was. My beautiful flower. I’ll be going on my vacation with her soon and I can’t wait for us to have a good time and catch up the time we spent apart.

“hey Mari. Did you take Goldie to see the vet like you said you would?” I asked out of the blue. She was giving that painting too much attention and I was beginning to feel bored already.

And yes, they found Goldie a day after my birthday. I guess I was the good luck charm.

“no. Eliza did” she replied and took the frame to the wall. She smiled at it and looked at it then removed it from that side of the wall to another.

“babe what are you doing?” I asked

“trying to see which side this painting would be befitting to stay” she replied and I scoffed

“just try it out in your own room instead of mine” I said and she turned to face me with a smile. Finally she’s giving me attention.

“that’s perfect. I have to hang this somewhere there so I can wake up to see it every morning. It’ll beautify the room marvelously. Will, I gotta go. Bye, I’ll see you tomorrow” she said and ran out of my room with the painting in her hand

“wait… Mari… You said you were gonna spend the night at my…. Eish” I exclaimed as she was already gone. I crossed my arms and pouted

“why would she run off like that?” I asked.

“anyway I don’t care. At least I’ll sleep early without staying up to discuss stuff” I said with a shrug and walked to the bed

I picked a pillow and frowned when I suddenly felt lonely. I threw the pillow on the floor
“ughhhhh! That stupid painting!”

A week later, Wilbur and Marigold went for their vacation. There, he explained everything to her and they told each other more secrets.

They continued to love each other like nothing happened before. Aunty Denny recovered and quit drugs, she also stopped being the nagging type. Well even if she was still the nagging type, who would she nag? Marigold Cruz? No, she was no longer that naive girl from the slums of Tondo.

She was her normal self. Didn’t even change a bit. She wasn’t in a relationship until her final year (they extended their education and decided to have a degree instead of just a diploma since they could already afford it), when she met a guy who she gave a chance to love her.
Fred returned to Europe but was always in touch with Mari and Eliza.

Mari and Wilbur didn’t date for years without fights. They sometimes paint the city red, especially with Mari’s anger. They once broke up but trust the two mediators, Winifred and Eliza who merged them together again.

Those two still loved each other and occasionally Mari would stand behind him and wrap her hands around him then whisper, my Boy With Luv.
The End

Thanks to #BTS_Boy_With_Luv for the inspiration to write this story ?

Thanks to everyone who continued to follow up this story despite the excessive delay ??

Thanks to all of #TeamHossy who never let her down

And should I tell you what I learnt from this story? Choose friends for the sake of the future. Your friends have the ability to make your life better or worse. Don’t just choose friends for ‘cruise’, choose friends who would benefit your life.

Remember the saying, show me your friend and I’ll tell you who you are.

My ultimate advice like I would always say at the end of my stories DONT TRUST 100%
No matter the love, don’t trust fully or E go shock you.

Bye guys! Till I come back!

By Hossana Isaac O.