Blind Desire Episode 6


‘i cant believe that ugly hausa corper is straffing the principal seriously…’ Henna laughed sipping from her drink ‘that “protect ur body for its a temple of God” woman, yuck!’ Henna sighed in disgust.
My friends laughed. The rumors had been circulating that our Geography uncle was straffing our principal…i really didnt believe the rumor but when i saw the picture of both of them kissing from Henna’s phone, i believed it.
Henna and Ralph were the only ones who had a phone in our class due to their father’s status and riches. A phone was something i had always begged father to get me whenever i could but he adamantly refused. If only i had a phone, i would have tried to contact mama or mama would have tried to contact me but mama equally did not have a phone.
I chewed slowly on the meatpie Henna had gotten for all of us..after that day i had eavesdropped on their conversation, i knew i became different…i was no longer cheerful..not like i was a very cheerful person right from time..but i became the dullest person i ever came across.
I needed a distraction…and thats why i hanged out with my so called friends more often to try laughing at their jokes and other stuffs.
‘heyy guys i’ve got good news…’ Henna said getting my attention ‘my brother is visiting the village next week..oh my gosh! I cant wait to see him’
My heart skipped a bit. Ifeanyi! I didnt want to see him…not that he was a monster or anything..but everyone was aware of my huge crush on him before he left the village to study in the city. He was a really nice guy…the richest and the most handsome as at the time he left. That was two years ago.
At the mention of his name, the girls turned to me, of course, they knew about my crush on him.
‘what? Why are you girls staring at me like that?’ i asked rolling my eyes and pouting.
‘it seems my bestie is going to have the best straff of her life now’ Ije said.
That made me angry but i controlled it…i didnt want to cause a scene.
‘heyy!’ Henna said flashing her fingers in front of Ije ‘my brother doesnt do straff and dump…he does the ideal thing…love’
‘and how would you know that?’ Oma interjected.
‘because he’s my brother…he’s really not the flirty type’
‘oh really? What if city changed him?’ Oma asked.
‘then so be it…whats the big deal about being a flirt?’
‘who flirting don epp?’ Ije asked and they laughed.
I tried to laugh too but i couldnt..thoughts of mama flashed through my mind. Truth is, i didnt know when she was going to die, i didnt know what was going to stop her from dying..i didnt know what to do to protect her…i felt so hopeless and useless.
A junior student came to our table that instant and Henna frowned ‘what the heck are u doing in our table Junie?’ Junie was an abb. of junior.
‘sorry senior…but someone asked me to call Ivyy Maduemezie…’ the junior replied.
My heart skipped a beat ‘who…who’s that?’
‘its a woman…she just asked me to call you. She’s at the gate..’ the junior said scampering away.
‘bae, dont tell me the D arent enof for u…u go for V too?’ Henna said and the other girls laughed.
I stood and adjusted my uniform ‘seriously Henna, u need to stop this sick jokes of yours…they arent funny all the time’ i said and hurried away.
What was aunt Chime doing in school? Had she come to inform me of mama’s death? No…she had never do that.
When i got to the gate…i nearly fainted at who i saw…mama!
I nearly jumped around…luckily there was no student is sight as it was break over.
She had tears in her eyes as she embraced me ‘nwam…nwam…’
She was weeping seriously.
Seeing how emanciated mama had become brought tears to my eyes. What had aunt Chime and papa done to my innocent mother? What was her offence? Why wasnt anyone telling me anything?
I held mama ‘mama, tell me please…tell me, what is going on?’
She shook her head ‘its not something i should tell you Ivyy..its something you’d be better of not knowing about..and its equally for your own good that you and Dada were taken away from me…because you…especially you Ivyy, would have been dragged into this mess with me’ she said wiping her eyes with her handkerchief.
‘mama, please tell me, i heard you were going to die’ i sobbed.
I saw the surprise in her eyes..then she smiled ‘very soon…but i want you to know that…no matter what, i still love u my children…you guys brought me hope when i felt i didnt have guys brought life into my soul…you two brought all the joy and happiness i required into my life…no matter what…i will never stop loving you and Danke..i’m sorry i had to leave you both like this…but i had to see you one last time…this is the last time you’re going to see me Ivyy…i’m very sorry….someone is coming…’ she thrusted a thousand naira note into my hand and before i could speak, ran away like a mad woman.
‘break over…runto ur classroom..’ the gateman said.
I ran away in tears.