Blind Desire Episode 4


I sat under the large mango tree at the back of the compound..the food and nutrition teacher was in the class and i ddnt offer her subject so i had to leave.
I thought of my encounter with my mother the previous morning…she had mentioned something about the council…was she having issues with the village government(council)? If so, what was her offence? Why wasnt anyone letting me in on what was happening?
Mama had looked really lean and pale with dark circles under her eyes…she had looked miserable and lonely…and i couldnt help but notice the guilt that crept into her face the moment she saw me.
Had papa and aunty Chime set her up? Because it was something they were equally capable of. Maybe papa had finally decided to carry out his threat of marrying a new wife and the best way to discard mama was to frame her up and report her to the council…maybe it was all aunty Chime’s idea.
I thought of asking Henna…her father was a chief in our town so he would be aware of the case…but how do i discuss that with loudmouthed Henna and expect her to keep it secret…what if it was a deadly crime? What if mama was really guilty of it?
No…i shook my head. Mama would never do anything wrong.
‘heyy pretty’ a voice called.
I looked up to see the person i really didnt want to see as at that moment…i immediately frowned ‘hi Ralph’
‘you dont look happy to see me…whats wrong with my princess?’ he was with his geeky friend, Sam or whatever his name was.
One funny looking boy who was obviously his errand boy…with his baggy trouser, rumpled shirts..seen better says scandal with his glasses and bowlegs. He was well made jest of in our class..every girl made fun of him in our class for no just reason..even Henna who claimed she had shagged him once back of the principal’s office.
‘yes maybe i’m not happy to see you…because you are the last person i really dont wanna see right now’ i retorted opening my Economics textbook and glancing through.
He snatched the book from my hand and sat opposite him…his errand boy standing behing him as usual.
‘maybe you should give yourself a break Vee, all work and no play makes Ivyy a dull girl…give yourself a little break and catch some fun…everywhere you go, you are always holding a book…dont u know that no matter how hard u read, u’re still going to end up in the kitchen…isnt that so Sam?’ he asked facing his errandboy who stammered in affirmation.
I smiled wryly ‘really? Ever heard of all play and no work at all makes Ralph a dull boy? And do you really think that all girls are destined to end up in the kitchen just like your mother and your entire generational background…and i know you dont read books so you might not know about this woman…late Dora Akunyili…and Ngozi Iweala…wait a minute, you think God destined only men to become successful and popular?’ She eyed him and snatched her book from his hands ‘you are so full of yourself’
I stood up and started walking away when he ran up to me and grabbed my hand.
‘let go of me!’ i screamed.
‘i feel insulted right now Vee…’ he smiled though i could still see the anger in his eyes and the i-will-deal-with-you look in his eyes but i didnt care ‘but i will forgive you on once condition….’
‘really now? Then what does your majesty wants?’ i asked sarcastically…whoever told the idiot i needed his forgiveness in the first place?
‘just a one night stand…i’ve heard rumors stating you’re a virgin…actually i love them fresh..and i will be very gentle’ his hands trailed from my soft cheeks to the first button on my shirt then raised it up again intentionally hitting my right breas.t.
I instantly slapped his hand away breathing fast…i really couldnt help the electricity that surged through me the moment his hand touched my br.east…i had felt moist in between my thighs.
‘stay away from me Ralph or i will be forced to report you to the school authorities’ i said and walked away.
‘babes…’ Oma said running towards me…i sighed…my plans of avoiding them this afternoon had failed…i had planned to go home alone…without their company so i could think properly but it didnt work…Oma caught me but fortunately, she seemed to be alone.
‘where have you been? I’ve been searching all over for you..’ she said panting heavily as she caught up with me.
‘sorry…where are the others?’
‘Henna went with her driver to her boyfriend’s place while Ije waited for the sanitary prefect, seems there is something going on btw dem..they might even lash sef’ She chuckled.
I rolled my eyes in disgust.
‘aha babes! Henna said something about your mother having an issue with the Council, said she overheard her father telling her mother but didnt know her crime…’
My heart suddenly flew into my mouth.
God…where are u?