Blind Desire Episode 3


‘God please save my mother…dont let anything bad happen to her please…’ i wept as i prayed ‘whatever she’s passing through, father give her the strength to overcome it…dont let the plans of then wicked ones…’ the tears prevented me from continuing.
If anything bad happened to mama, i didnt know if i would be able to survive it…i really loved mama…she was the best mother the world could ever provide.
People say mama and i looked alike and it was true, i was a replica of mama. Brown skinned just like her, love-shaped face and almondshaped light green eyes.
Dada was lightskinned just like papa with his dreadlocks…his name was Danke but he was called Dada due to his dreadlocks and the Da in his name Danke.
I also prayed for Dada too.
I felt nothing but hatred towards papa…hatred for separating us from our mother for no just reason…oh how mama must be feeling…
Mama had always loved her children and she being separated from us must have hurt real bad.
A plan crept into my head and i smiled.
‘Ivyy, take dis money and make sure you are back from school early alright?’ Aunty Chime said thrusting a hundred naira note into my palms.
I smiled in gratitude and left the house.
They were both the same…my father and herself…wicked people..though aunty Chime had been very nice and caring towards me dis past few weeks, i couldnt help but feel nothing but pure undiluted hatred for her.
I hated father and aunt Chime and God was surely going to punish them for their evil deeds especially aunt Chime who hated mama for no just reason.
I clutched my books tightly as i crossed the major road leading to the market. My heart suddenly leaped in excitement at the thought of seeing my mother once again.
We could plan…we could sneak out of the village and go to Ezei, get Dada and then we leave to a faraway village to start life afresh without papa and his brutality.
As i strolled into the line where mama’s shop was located, i started running.
I sighted mama from afar shading her goods with a faded green top and a worn out wrapper with patches below.
I ran to her ‘mama!’
Before she could turn to me, i had already engaged her in a bear hug.
She looked shocked, but then she quickly wrapped her arms around me briefly, then pulled back.
She looked around like she was scared, then looked at me.
‘Ivyy…what…what are you doing here?’ she asked looking around like a thief.
I wonder why she did that..was she scared of papa?
‘mama…they…they took me away from you’ i said hugging her tightly.
She held my shoulders and gently pulled me away from her. I could see the tears stinging her eyes but she quickly wiped them with the sleeve of her dress.
Then she reached her waist bag and brought out a five hundred naira note and t—-t it in my hand, she looked around once more, this time tears were strolling down her cheeks.
‘Ivyy…’ her voice was shaky with tears ‘you have to go now…and please…please i beg you in the name of God, dont come here again…its for your own good, you have to leave immediately..i dont want this to get to your father’s ears…and…and the council’s…’
I was momentarily numb as she fell on her knees clutching her school uniform ‘Ivyy, you have to stay away from me, you really have to stay away from me if you want a better life…please protect your future and stay away from me…i’m nothing but badluck and i would only spoil your future if you have anything to do with me..i want us to severe whatever connection we have btw us henceforth…’ she was really crying and i felt myself moved with tears as i fell on my knees too.
‘please Ivyy, i beg you…’ she placed her palms together, then she sniffed and cleaned her nostrils with her wrapper ‘take care of Dada for me…you know i love you both, the two of u are my life and i would sacrifice anything to ensure the future of both of you…but for now, just stay away from me..Ivyy biko, go away’
‘go away! Ivyy, just go away!’
I was crying ‘mama, why are you chasing me away?’
‘because i love you’ she suddenly got up on her feet…she dragged me out of the shop ‘run…just go, now!’
‘but mama…’
‘go! Just go! Stay away from me!’
I ran away like a scared kid crying like never before.