Blind Desire Episode 1


I watched as my friends went on rattling about their boyfriends…their boyfriends got them that…got them this…too much stories both the ones that happened and the ones that never did…then the s-x part…how their boyfriends played with the Vjay…pinched and s—-d their n—–s…some i found intruiging, some i found disgusting.
‘Ivyy…why arent u saying anything?’ Oma asked.
‘see why i’ve always told you to get a boyfriend? See, now u dont have anything to contribute’ Henna, the eldest amongst us said. Henna was not really my friend and i usually tried my best to keep her as far as possible…i believed she was a bad influence and it was since she joined our school that my friends started acting negatively…well, they could fall for her bad advice but i will not.
I just smiled saying nothing.
‘or have u gotten urself a boyfriend already…one we dont know?’ Ije asked smiling devilishly..
I stopped walking ‘i’m sorry guys but i have to rush home now…i have to help my mum in her store and i also have some chores to do at home, i will see u guys in school tomorrow’
‘but we are going home together arent we?’ Oma asked.
‘or u want to do corner corner…dont worry, we understand, a girl needs to change oil once in a while…go on…we are right behind u…’ Henna said.
I fought the urge not to eye her…instead i walked away.
They all thought of me as introverted and naive…yes, maybe i’m introverted but i’m not naive…or so i thought.
I had always wanted to marry a virgin and i promised myself that the first man i fell in love with is going to be the one who puts a ring on my finger.
My friends were far from being virgins….all thanks to that witch called Henna.
Henna’s father was the richest man in Umueke….she had a driver who always took her to school or wherever she went but most times she preferred to walk with us one our way home from school…she wasnt all that beautiful but she had a figure one would die for and she was the most popular girl in school.
In our so called friendship circle, i was the most quiet and hardworking and this made people wonder how i managed to roll with their clique…truth be told, i didnt know…but i just knew that i felt complete with them…and being with them made me forget about my family problems.
‘Ivyy’ i heard a familiar voice call from behind.
I quickly turned…my friends were far behind…i stopped and watched as my father strolled to where i was…he regarded me with a look that could be called disgust mixed with love…i just dont know how to put it.
‘daddy…good afternoon sir..’ i stammered.
He didnt acknowledge my greeting ‘where are u headed?’
Where else…if not home…i wanted to say…but i knew better ‘i’m…i’m going home..’
He placed his hand on his waist and looked at me accessingly ‘follow me…’ he said and started walking in the opposite direction.
I wanted to argue but i changed my mind and followed him…i sighted my friends waving at me and i waved at them too.
‘where are we going to?’ i asked with gathered courage after few minutes of walking through bushpaths.
He continued walking ‘aunty Chimezie’s house’ he replied curtly.
‘what are we going to do there? Is she sick?’ i wondered why we were suddenly going to see her.
‘then why are we going there?’
‘because thats where you are going to be living…your things are already there…’
‘what?!’ i stopped walking ‘why… Did something happen at home?!’
He ignored my question and pulled me along ‘you will go to school and church from there and you are not allowed to come close to the house or ur mother’s shop…have i made myself clear?!’
‘what daddy? Have i done something wrong?’ i asked getting close to tears…i couldnt stand being separated from Dada and my mum.
‘just be a good girl and Chimezie will treat you well…i will provide everything you need and i will come visit periodically…’
‘but dad…’
‘no more word from you Ivyy’
I sobbed…

By FuckFakeFriends