Beyond My Heart: Episode 9



I kept starring at him as he drove,he hadn’t even utter a single word which made me furious.Sir what am I going to do at your house?I asked in pretence.Are u telling me u don’t know what I’m paying u for?Well u and I are going to spend the whole night together.

The sound of the “whole night ” made me start to shiver. Chai, look at this old fool ,u want to sleep with a girl who is old enough to be ur great granddaughter.I murmured in my head.Hmmm mama Gina ,this is what u brought me to ur house for,that means all those girls are into this trade.I don’t die finish.

I was suddenly interrupted with a wink from him notifying me to get down.This man must indeed be rich,I guess he is richer than even my late father,looking at the house or no, house isn’t the right word ,I think mansion will do .Kendra come in.I followed him in like a dog being pulled with a chain.

I could see the look on the watchman’s face as he pity me.He led me straight to his masters bedroom which was indescribable and asked me to sit while he freshen up.As I sat waiting for him ,the memory of those ruthless bastards that raped me kept flashing through my mind.

The pages were just flipping within.No I can’t do this,I said to myself.Just then he entered with a white towel around his waist.The sight of his well muscled body gave me an instant fever.He could see how I was panicking.lady why are u still dress.undress and let begin the journey.

Journey he said ,this man will have a terrible journey I guess.He drew closer as I also pull back. Suddenly I felt a hit on my lap like a stick,I turned down only to see how his manhood has arose ,there and then I thought this man was going to kill me if I allow.I started swerving with him,running around the room till he empowered me with his strength.

As he held me down the bed I hit him on his manhood with my kneel and run out of the mansion.The security sensing danger hurriedly open the gate for me.It was late and I couldnt obviously go back to mama Gina’s house after running away from her client.I was soo scared another bunch of guys will bounce on me again.

If I had a chance to control time I would have wish to turn the time to 7 in the morning.The question I asked myself was “so where dey God that I dey suffer like this”.

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