Beyond My Heart: Episode 5


I woke up than usual,we had lot of activities for the day,stevlin birthday was just the next day,we needed to go shopping and also have fun as a family .we went to Golden resort after the shopping where we spend hours together. I really enjoyed it cos it been long since I went out with my family.

We bought all the things needed for the party,the caterer responsible for the decoration and food had everything in place.Stelvin 9th birthday was a big one ,my dad invited all his friends including prominent people in the country ,as the executive manager of the attorney general he had a lot of links and enemies as well.u know how politics is.

My dad had ordered a family dress from Germany which we all wore.It was the best ever and eventually made some jealous eyes around.Our huge compound was filled with crowd of all class and status but unfortunately most of them couldnt recognise me as my dad daughter cos they hardly see me.

Stelvin was really pleased with his 9th birthday cos is what every one will wish for.After hours of party ,it was finally time to end it,the caterers tidy up the compound and headed to their various house.For us the party was still not over,my parents and stelvin sat at the hall popping champagnes and making merry.

I quickly rush to my bathhouse to take a shower after someone accidentally poured stew on me.Just half way my bath I heard an usual voices at the hall,with curiosity I peep through the small lens at the middle of the door. Jesus Armed robbers!I said to myself with trembling. I stayed quietly at the bathhouse as I listen to the conversation.

Where is your daughter?The man without mask asked.My daughter had travelled back to UK cos she had exams to write.My dad lied with fear.Whatever I didn’t come for your daughter, rather I came for u ,I have warned u several times to stop competing with me over the executive manager position but u played deaf to it ,this is your punishment.He said placing a gun on my dad.

My heart started beating when he tried pulling the gun.Just then he shoot my nanny,I wanted to scream but feared I would be caught.I watch and pictured the man face as I witness him trigger the gun on my mum ,dad and stelvin.I tried hard to hold myself from being caught when I remembered how my father had lied that I was already abroad.

He left with his men leaving my family in a pool of blood.They bang the door and after hearing the souñd of their cars leaving I came out from the bathhouse with goose bump all over me.I was dramatised and shock with what I witnessed.Seeing my family on the ground dead.I started panicking when my dad tried touching me,he tried saying something before he dead.

Kendra leave this place now,go to the wardrobe and pick all the money ,keep it and take very care of yourself,make sure that man never see u or else he will kill u too. He manage to speak in a tiny tone.Daddy wat is his name,I asked with tears.

He is Honourable Benard Williams. kendra always remember ur mum ,stelvin ,nanny Ella and I love u soo much and we will be watching over u.He gave out a deep hiss.My dad too was gone.

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