Beyond My Heart: Episode 4


I couldn’t sleep the whole night as thought and imaginations of my family rang through my mind.At about 7 am we were done and had to set off for the airport.Kendra !my nanny called.Kendrick is looking for u.The sound of ken made my heart bang.I was afraid I couldnt go seeing him here.

I rushed to the porch where ken was standing with a box .Ken what are u doing here?I thought we had talked about this.I said with a little rile . i just came to give u this.Whenever u miss me just keep it by your side,my mum gave this to me and I m also given it to u.

I thanked him and rolled off ,I didn’t want to wait any longer cos I might be tempted to back out..Not long we were at the airport ,my nanny went and process everything while I sat back watching the doll ken had given me.I was already missing him.

From UK to Ghana is about 7 hours journey ,my parents had already called that they will be waiting for us at the airport.Throughout the 7 hours journey I was just fidgeting with ken nanny could see how I was missing him.Kendra we are here,she said looking at my doll.Put the doll in the bag and lets get down.

Ghana has changed over the years.I remember some years back when I was going to UK,the airport wasn’t as nice as this.We went through all the check point and after some minutes of turning and looking round my mum voice was little brother run to me like a kid being chased by a dog.

My parents haven’t change at all but for stelvin he has grown taller and handsome.After countless exchange of hugs and perks we drove off to the house.I couldnt believe I was back home with my family.My mum had prepared a welcom dinner for me.We ate together and exchanged stories on how I lived there and my friends.

After a long family chat I started yawning cos I was tired from the journey.My room was reserved and decorated with my favourite colours.After a cold shower I switched the AC on and then pulled my ken doll in my arms which lead me to sleep.

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