Beyond My Heart: Episode 15


I couldn’t know wat to say afterwards. Ken made me realised nothing good comes out of prostitution and I knew from his love I could find the comfort and courage to change. His words hit me down there. Ken,I will give up everything for u, I promise to stop all the ruthless act and stick to your love but promise me no matter what happen u will never let me go.

He held my soft cheeks and place a gentle moist kiss on my lips. I promise my kendra.Early that morning Kendrick and I went to Mama Gee to thank her for all her support and broke the news of my exit from the business to her. She felt soo disappointed and worried.

Kendra if u want to quit is alright with me but trust me this guy won’t take u anywhere, if his parent find out who u are they will surelly kick u out like a dog, all the same u are wlcm whenever u want to come back. she ended placing an envelop in front of me. Mama Gee don’t worry I m ready and willing to fight for my love for her even if it cost my life cos I love her dearly.

Kendrick and I left to his appartment where I will stay. My love feel free this is our house and u are the woman of the house too. I never believed someone could rescue me from prostitution but here I was. Indeed love conquers all. I was back to my princess kind of life, ken was extremely caring, loving and always pampering me.

As weeks passed by he pressured me to go meet his family. From our previous conversations he told me he had a brother and a sister with his parents. I went with him to his family house where we met his mum and little sister,. Mummy where is dad and Godwin? ken asked as he placed his arms around me.

Your dad is on a business trip and your brother is in his room. Alryt mum this is kendra my fiancee? With a polite gesture I greeted her. U are wlcm my child. Aaaah there comes your brother. she concluded.As we all turn to look at ken’s brother my eyes popped out.

Jesus this can’t be. This is the exact guy who offered me the drink and rapped me with his friends and he was the same guy who I slept with after one Friday night clubbing. After that night i waited for him but never saw him again till now. I had wish to cross path with him again but obviously not like this, I said to myself.

Hey little brother come meet my fiancee ,kendra this is Godwin my always clubbing brother.he said teasingly. I could see from his face he had remember going to bed with me at the hotel but couldn’t remember I was that same girl he and his friends had raped some years ago.

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