Beyond My Heart: Episode 16


Even if u are the brother of the man I love that doesn’t determine you from paying for your sins, after all u are part of the reason why I had to end up as a prostitute.I said in silence as I watch him pull his mum to the kitchen. Kendrick was confuse on wat was happening but I knew everything.

It was obvious he was going to hint his mum about his encounter with me at the hotel. I was afraid wat the outcome will be.Kendra pls sit and wait for me. Ken left to the kitchen where his brother had pulled his mum to. I could hear from the sitting room their loud voices. I guess ken was trying to defend me.

Their mum rushed from the kitchen to the sitting room where I was sitting, I could sense trouble on the mountain. Hey u prostitute good for nothing whore, if u know what is best for u leave my premises and never return. Stay away from my son, I don’t care whatever u two have together.She roared.

Mum pls stop this, do u think it was her fault to end up in prostitution, I love her no matter wat and u can’t do anything about it. If my brother had slept with her is in the pass so pls stop all this crap and let her be. Kendrick said pulling me into his arms. I wasn’t shock at all cos I knew something like this will surely happen.

Just then a hot slap landed on ken face. You must be crazy to think I will permit a whore in my house left alone to date my son. You wait for your father, there we will see who got power. Ken pulled me with him as we left the house. I felt soo shameful and hurt, ken on the other hand kept quite throughout the drive.

Kendra I don’t want u to think about wat my mum had said, I love u no matter wat.Let go out for dinner tonight, he managed to speak. I place my hand on his lap as we sat down, ken I’m very sorry, I said almost in tears. Don’t be my princess, that is your past and I m willing to fight for my love for u no matter wat.
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