Betrayed By My Body Episode 2


Ah… Kevwe..Baby.. please I am ready to tell the truth…” I dropped on my knees, this couldn’t be happening, my foolishness was going to ruin me. “My love please…I swear I will tell the truth now.” He kept quiet, looking down at me, as if considering whether to hear me out or not, I didn’t wait for him to decide because he looked ready to go into the streets screaming bloody murder.
“Baby, it’s not poison I swear…it’s not.” I began my voice shaking.
“Then what is it?” “It’s…” How would I say this?
“What.” He barked and I jumped.
“It’s Viagra.” I said averting my gaze. I couldn’t bring myself to look at him after that.
“What… why?…For what? What are you not telling me Onome?” I looked up at him then and seeing the confusion on his face, I knew I had to come totally clean.
“Baby…” I tried to start still on my knees but he cut me off.
“Don’t Baby me, just come out with it. What are you not telling me?” He asked brusquely. I saw the detachment on him and knew I was fast losing the love of my life. This stupid plan was going to be the end of my marriage, I should have just told him about everything but I had been scared and now here I was about to lose him all the same.
“Are you going to come out with it? Or do I call your your parents and tell them you want to kill me.”
“No, no, I will talk…” I said hurriedly.
“Okay then, get on with it” He ordered.
to be continue