Best Friends Episode 8


She heard a knock on her door and opened her drowsy eyes. Who could it be? It was probably Mara. She must have returned from work. She sat up and yawned. She had been in bed all day. She had not taken her bath, but, she had eaten thrice that day. The knocks persisted. She yawned again and stretched out.
“Come in.”
The door slid open. Mara walked in and tip-toed towards the bedside and bent her head.
“Hi,” she whispered.
There was something different about her friend. Why did she tip-toed? Why was she speaking quietly to her? The glint in her hazel eyes spoke volumes.
“Someone is here to see you.”
She raised an eyebrow. Whoever it was, her friend was excited. She wondered who it could be.
“Bankole Williams is here to see you.”
She opened her mouth but no words came out. What was he doing in her home? Did Mara invite him?
“You smell!” she cried out in alarm, “You haven’t taken your bath,” she eyed her, “No wonder you are still in your night wear.”
Didi hissed and settled back on the bed.
“Ah-han… what is wrong with you? Get up now,” she shook her by the hand.
“Leave me jo. Did I ask him to come?”
“He is just here to check up on you,” she pulled her up to a sitting position.
“Oh-oooh,” she freed her hands from her firm grip.
“At least come and thank him for treating you last week.”
“Tell him that I am sleeping.”
“Put on a jacket or something.”
“I don’t want to see him. Is it by force?”
“Yes,” she pulled her from the bed.
“Mara!” she almost fell on the floor.
“You are a case,” she pushed her out of the room and dragged her into the sitting room.
“Mara leave me alone,” she struggled for her freedom, but her friend was determined to have her way.
Bankole got up from the cushion immediately he sighted them. Didi looked better than the last time he saw her. In another week, she would be strong enough to return to work and get back at whatever she did for a living. His breath caught in his throat when he noticed that she was in her night-wear. The pink silky knee length gown graced her slim frame in a seductive way.
“She refused to leave the comfort of her bed, I had to drag her out here,” Mara winked at him.
“Thank you,” he nodded at her and faced Didi, “I apologize for disturbing your beauty sleep.”
“It’s okay,” she folded her arms across her chest. She felt uncomfortable.
“Mara told me she lives with you. I begged her and she brought me along.”
“It’s okay,” she hoped he would leave soon.
“Won’t you offer him a drink or something?” she hit her on the shoulder. She glared at her friend. She felt like giving her a slap at that very moment.
“Don’t worry. I … I am… I will like to take my leave now,” he was finding it hard to calm his raging emotions. Seeing her that way, he felt like consuming her lips with kisses.
She felt relieved. She didn’t want his visit to linger. She could see Mara eyeing her from the corner of her eyes. The doorbell rang.
“Come in,” she said aloud.
The front door opened. Uwa walked in and met three pairs of eyes.
“Good evening doctor,” he recognized Bankole the instant he laid eyes on him.
“Good evening Mr. Onuwagbe,” they both shook hands.
He nodded at Mara and noticed his fiancée standing at a corner, clad in her night wear.
“Hi…” Didi smiled at him but the displeasure in his eyes erased it.
“I have to leave. Take care of yourself Didi,” Bankole glanced at her.
“I will see you off to your car,” Mara escorted him out of the flat.
She scratched a spot on her scalp and met his dark gaze.
“How was your day?”
“Fine,” he seized her up.
“Can I get you something to eat?”
Was he upset with her? What did she do wrong now?
“Who is Doctor Bankole Williams to you?”
His question alerted her. She turned her head away and rubbed a hand on her shoulder.
“Well… he was the last guy I dated before I met you.”
He remained silent for a while. She settled into the chair closest to her.
“When were you planning to tell me that he was your ex?”
She heard the anger in his voice. She cleared her throat and bit at her lower lip. She had no intention of telling him anything. She never thought she would see Banky again. It was Mara’s fault. Why did she bring him to the house? She could have given him her number if he wanted to check up on her. What was that crazy girl up to?
“I don’t know what your plans are, but if it includes the doctor, then count me out.”
She opened her mouth and closed it. What was wrong with him now?
“What are you talking about?” she looked up at him.
“Who knows, your presence in Lekki last weekend might be more than a coincidence.”
Her brows came together in a frown.
“It is so obvious that he is still interested in you. May be you also want him back.”
She began to shake her head. Why was he thinking that way? Was he deliberately picking a fight with her?
“I want you to think over your life and decide on what you really want. When you are done, you know where to find me.”
Her dark brown eyes smarted with tears.
“Have a good night,” he turned and walked out.
She blinked and tears rolled down her creamy brown face. She was going to kill Mara. She was sure she engineered her reunion with Bankole.
Nevertheless, it didn’t give Uwa the right to speak to her that way and accuse her. She had just had a miscarriage, she was recuperating, she needed rest and a sound mind, not squabbles with her fiancé. If he felt threatened by her ex, he should man up and stand his ground. It was no fault of hers that her ex showed up out of the blues. If it was true that he wanted her back, he was two years too late.
He drove into Sweet Sensation car park and looked for a good spot to park his car. He killed the engine and got out of the vehicle. He would buy some snacks or a plate of fried rice and grilled pepper chicken. He was hungry and in no shape to cook when he returned home. He locked the car and headed for the entrance of the eatery. His thoughts were wrapped around his fiancée. He had been too hard on her. He had no choice. He wasn’t prepared to waste his time on someone that doesn’t genuinely want him. He had a feeling that Bankole would fight to win her back. She needed to decide on what she wanted, her past relationship or the new blossoming one. He met a crowd in the eatery. It was as if the whole Lagos had gathered in the restaurant.
“Hello Uwa.”
He heard his name from right behind him. He turned around and saw Bankole a few feet away from him.
Talk of the devil himself.
His dark brows came together in a frown.
“We better join the queue or else, we might be here till midnight.”
“I don’t think I can wait,” he turned towards the exit.
Bankole laughed to himself. Uwa walked back to his car. His frown deepened when he realized that the doctor had followed him.
“Can I help you?” he unlocked the white Skoda.
“Not really,” he grinned.
What was amusing him? He had no intention of having a non-profitable conversation with his competition.
“I love Didi. I will always love her.”
His eyes widened at the doctor’s bluntness. He was right after all. The guy wanted his fiancée back.
“I want you to know upfront that I am going to win back her love.”
“Good luck with that,” he got into the car and started the engine. Bankole backed away and watched him nose into the busy road. Uwa might have a good physique and an Adonis face, but it was all plain flesh. All that mattered was Didi’s heart.
A woman’s heart was like the deep blue ocean. It was difficult to know all that goes on in there. He was sure that somewhere in her heart, she still felt something for him. Once he could fan those old flames and rekindle her love for him, not even Uwa would be able to stop her from returning to him.
God bless you Mara.
He owed her for reuniting him with his lost love. He walked back to the eatery. He hoped the crowd would disperse soonest. He pulled out his blackberry phone from his pocket and began to compose a poem. He would send her dozens of short love poems. He wanted her to think of him. If she does, she would dream of him. Once he was in her dreams, piece by piece, he would take over her heart before she realized what was happening to her.
“Eureka!” he punched his fist into the thin air. Everything was working according to his excellent plan.