Best Friends Episode 11


She sat under the orange tree and stared into space. It had been two days since she came to Ikorodu to stay with her parents for a while until she could raise money and rent her own apartment. She had gotten an email from her place of work that she had been suspended indefinitely. She was back to the labour market. She needed a new job, something that could get her mind off things and ease the excruciating pain in her heart.
“Lunch is ready!” her mother called out from the kitchen. She turned and saw her standing by the window. She was holding a wooden spoon and licking her fingers. Lunch would have to wait. Her appetite had been on a low. It would probably pick up soon. Her mother was a good cook.
Enobong switched off the gas cooker and headed out. She picked up a stool beside the back door and joined her eldest child under the orange tree.
“What do you think about the house?”
“Nice,” her parents had finished building the five bedroom bungalow a month after she moved in with Mara in Shomolu. The thought of her friend made her to frown.
“It is a relief that we don’t pay rent anymore.”
“How long are you staying?”
She shrugged. She had no idea.
“I believe you will get another job sooner than you think. There are a number of good companies here in Ikorodu too.”
She met her mother’s encouraging gaze.
“Mara will be lonely by now.”
She looked away.
“When is Uwa coming to visit? His mother has been calling me. We need to re-plan your wedding now that you are better.”
She lifted her head and watched the flock of birds flying.
“Edidiong, is there something you need to tell us?”
She blinked back the tears that had gathered in her deep brown eyes.
“I… I am not sure… not sure that … that there is going to be a wedding,” she bent her head. Thick tear drops slid down her face.
She had sensed her daughter’s sadness when she arrived that Sunday evening. She felt all was not well. She didn’t know it was worse than
she thought.
“You can talk to me.”
She met her mother’s concerned stare.
“I saw… I saw them.”
She heard her breath. Her heart beat accelerated.
“Uwa and Mara… Mummy I saw them…” she sobbed and collapsed in her mother’s waiting arms.
“Sssssssssh…. It is okay.”
“It hurts… it hurts so much. I feel like I am dying inside…”
“Sssh…” her eyes smarted with tears. She patted her on the back, “Oh Lord God Almighty, heal my daughter’s heart. Balm of Gilead, soothe her wounds. Sweet Holy Spirit, our Comforter, I hand Edidiong over to you,” she prayed out loud. Didi felt overshadowed with peace. She stopped crying and basked in the calm aura.
The continual ringing of the door bell chased her out of bed. Whoever was at her doorstep better had a good reason for disturbing her at that late hour. She switched on the fluorescent light in the sitting room and peeped through the door hole. She gasped when she saw who it was. She fidgeted for the keys and unlocked the door. She flung it open.
“Is Didi in?”
She blinked, “Didi?”
Uwa marched into the flat and went straight to his fiancée’s bedroom. It was empty. Where was she? She had refused to pick his calls or reply his BBM chats, text messages and emails. Why was she shutting him out? He stepped out of the room and almost bumped into Mara, who was at the doorway.
“Watch it!”
She eyed him.
“Where is she?”
She shrugged.
“Come on.”
She sensed the plea in his tone, “I don’t know. I haven’t seen her since Sunday.”
He scratched a spot on his head. He was going out of his mind.
“I am sure that she is at her parents’ place.”
“Yes. Her brothers came to pack her things some days ago.”
“Wow. Can you give me the address?”
She hissed and walked away.
“Mara… Mara!”
She walked into her room and closed the door with a bang. He followed her. Everything in the room was pink. What was with some women and the colour ‘pink’?
“Why don’t you call her?”
“She won’t pick my calls.”
“Call her parents or brothers.”
“I don’t want to involve them.”
She laughed at him, “They are already involved.”
He turned away. He was wasting his time. He might as well call Didi’s mother or search for her brothers on face book.
“Hey… wait…” she walked up to him and closed the gap between them.
He pushed her away, “Keep your distance!”
“I have missed you,” she licked her lips and winked at him.
He noticed her transparent mini night gown. She was naked beneath the light clothing. He headed for the door. She ran after him.
“Let go!” he snatched his hand from her grip.
“I love you.”
He glared at her, “Do I look like I care?”
She threw herself at him. He tried to push her away, but she clung to him. He shuddered. He felt his resolve weakening. He struggled for
freedom. Her grip on his blue checkered long sleeve shirt loosened a few buttons. She slid her hands underneath his singlet and moaned at the warmth of his firm smooth dark skin. She kissed the nape of his neck and forced a hand into his jeans trouser.
“Mara… no!”
Oh God help me!
Emotions he had been trying hard to fight took over him. He claimed her lips and she responded. She guided him towards the bed. They landed
on the foam, crushed under his weight, she felt his hardness. She loosened his belt, unzipped his trouser, and pushed it down, along with his boxers. She spread her legs and kissed him. He lifted her night gown and charged into her. Her screams of pleasure filled the room. Suddenly, Didi’s image flashed through his mind’s eye. He froze. What had gotten into him? He pulled away from her and jumped off the bed. She blinked and sat up, breathing fast and hard.
“I cannot do this…” he pulled up his boxers and trouser. He felt so ashamed of himself. He picked up his shirt and put it on, trembling.
“What are you doing? Where are you going?”
“I love Didi. Nothing is going to change that.”
She began to laugh, “Who are you fooling? You can’t even resist me.”
He ignored her and walked out.
“Come back here! Come and finish what we started… You can’t leave me like this…”
Uwa found his way out of the flat. What was wrong with him? He would be careful next time. He had been tempted and seduced by several women in the past and no one had conquered him. What was so different about Mara? He needed to subdue his flesh. If he couldn’t control his emotions, he wouldn’t last a day in marriage.
God help me.
Bankole pressed the gate bell again. Were they home? He should have called before coming. He heard footsteps. He sighed with relief. Someone opened the gate.
“Good afternoon.”
“Good afternoon.”
“Is Didi home?”
The young man sized him up.
“I am a friend. Tell her Doctor Bankole is here.”
“Okay,” he shut the gate.
The young man resembled Didi. Was that her younger brother?
The gate opened again. Didi walked out.
“Hi…” his face brightened.
“Good you are here, I was thinking of taking a stroll.”
“Oh really?”
She nodded, “I am over bored.”
“Let’s hang out somewhere.”
“Great!” he couldn’t hide his excitement.
“There is a suya spot in this area.”
“Hope they are good.”
“One taste and you are hooked.”
“Nice. I am game.”
They got into the Lexus jeep. He hoped it was a new beginning to better things between them. He couldn’t wait to have her back as his lover.
He would be faithful and hopefully, they would end up at the altar.