Belina(Tender Beauty) Episode 3


As I walked on our ever quiet street, my blood flow started normalizing & the incident that I had been trying to keep at bay started pushing itself back to my memory. The slap that dad gave me seemed to also slap back that memory.

Throughout my secondary school, I succeeded in keeping men at arm’s length & didn’t have a boyfriend throughout, despite my numerous admirers.

I finished with a remarkable grade & gained admission immediately into UNILAG & also focused on my studies not glancing twice at any guy but my charade was cut short in my 3rd year when I discovered that there are some guys that your eyes can’t finish assessing with one glance I sat on the open field one afternoon reading, when one of my annoying toasters came.

“Oh baby”, he drolled, “u too dey read sef” I ignored him “Abeli”, he called in his usual way but I ignored him again. He yanked the book out of my hands & my head jerked up as my eyes drilled holes into him

“Give me back my book”, I demanded.

“Why didn’t u answer me? I stretched forth my hand,

“Hand it over now” He smiled,

“A kiss & I would give u” I wanted to slap him hard but . . .

“Give the lady her book”, a voice said. That voice chilled me to d bones & I could almost feel d ground shake at d sound but surely, I was hallucinating That was the voice that shook my world both positively & negatively.

“Enough of all this rubbish”I thought. I need to solve this problem. After thinking for some minutes, I fished out my phone from my pocket & dialed d only person I could. She picked on the 3rd ring.

“Sweetheart mi”, Prisca said over the receiver.

“Pric, I need ur help”


Tunji sat furiously at the owner’s side of the car on his way home. He was busy clenching his fist like someone who was ready to box d life out of Bashali.

“No woman has ever slapped me”he thought. He still couldn’t believe that he had actually been slapped. And by a woman?

“No matter how beautiful she is, she won’t get away with this” he thought as he picked up his phone to dial a number

“Omo deputy governor mi, ur excellency sir”, a voice said

“Pls shut up Tolu, I need u to do something for me. Someone had the nerve to raise her hands against me”. Tunji said.

“Ehn… A she? She must be dealt with”

“Alright, here is what I want u to do …”

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You know at times, u get to a T junction where u know that either way u go is going to change your life one way or the other. I thought about my discussion with Prisca & knew that going with that plan was d best thing I could do, I got back home & met d house empty. My phone started ringing immediately I sat down & I discovered it was an unknown number. I picked it & waited until I heard a baritone voice at d other end saying


“Good morning, pls who is this?” I answered.

“Is this Miss Belina Badmus?” the speaker asked

“Yes pls”

“My name is John, calling from Heaven’s gate Chapel. We just want to remind u of d musical concert which would be holding tomorrow” he said.

I opened my mouth as I realized that I had actually forgotten everything about that concert Though I hadn’t produced any album, I was invited by some churches to minister in songs.

“I would be there, thanks a lot”. I dropped d phone some seconds later & mentally began to search for a nice song for d programme.


Mr Badmus entered the large compound of his friend, chief Olowodolu, & looked round jealously. Every time he entered this place, he always remembers his good old days. He had nothing less than three buildings in island, & one small building in the mainland, Ikeja to be precise.

He had lived a life of affluence but his business crumbled after 5years of marriage. He sold off his properties in the island to pay debts & moved with his family to Ikeja.

“I must be rich again”, he thought as he entered his friend’s sitting room.


“Let us go now Richard, I don’t want to be late o…” Tony & Richard are inseparable friends & have been for 5years. Apart from them being medical doctors, they were also in d music line. Being exceedingly handsome, they were d envy of other guys & the desire of ladies.

Tony took advantage of this & had so many girl friends by flirting with them but Richard was the quiet type, jovial at times which made him more desirable but he could turn the heart of any girl perhaps unknowingly.

Tony seemed to have arrived at his bus-stop where women were concerned & Richard had become indifferent towards them. Tony attended a musical concert in a church some weeks ago & hadn’t stopped talking about it,for some unexplainable reasons, Richard felt he needed to attend the next edition with Tony.

“For God’s sake Tony, u told me the concert would commence 5 o’clock, this is 4:20, what is the fuss about?” Richard asked looking exasperated.

“If we don’t get there in time, all the good seats would have been taken & we would have to sit at d back”.

“Alright then”, he said leaving the movie he was watching for the bedroom.

To be continued

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