Belina(Tender Beauty) Episode 2


The tension in the waiting room of best result hospital can be sliced with a knife. The nurses are on their toes doing one thing or the other. The waiting room is unusually rowdy and the people are busy moving from pillar to post and not even the nurses were able to calm them down.

The reason for the turmoil laid on the bed in the operating room with 3 doctors attending to him. He had been involved in a fatal accident on his way out and was unconscious. We have been told to avoid ‘one way’ in Lagos, but some people would just not listen.

Best Result hospital happened to be close by so he was immediately rushed there. Adewale rushed into the hospital like a possessed man. He saw Deji’s family members and some friends and instantly knew that the news was not a frame up

“No”, he screamed. People gathered to help him and calm him down but he was violent. “No, he must not die”, He was coming to see me, I … i …” The nurses moved him to a chair,

“please calm down young man, everything would be fine”, one of the nurses said.

The 3 doctors came out after about 2hrs. they looked tired and sapped as they made for their offices. Doctor Richard headed towards the waiting room and upon entering, everyone held on to him like a lifeline asking all sort of questions. The doctor tried to make out one question but could not. Finally, he said,

“calm down everyone, he is alive”. Everyone started talking at the same time again but this time, they were talking to God Deji’s father went to meet the doctor & said,

“thank you doctor, God bless you, e ko ni ri laburu

“yes sir. He is alive sir but he needs prayers now cos he is in a coma. The accident affected his head and his survival chances are slim”, doctor Richard said. Deji’s father’s face froze and it seemed like he had seen a ghost. Adewale who had been eavesdropping suddenly went to hold the Doctor’s shirt.

“Please, make sure he survives doctor. He wouldn’t be on that bed if i hadn’t insisted that he come to my place. I would not be able to bear it if he…, if he…”

Doctor Richard placed his head on his table some minutes later deeply distressed. Memories which he had tried hard to blurt out came uninhibited to his mind; those were the memories that gave him consistent nightmares. A tap on his shoulders jerked him from his demons.

“What is wrong Richard?” Doctor Tony who was Richard’s best friend asked.

“I… I am fine “

“No, you are not. If you did not hear me calling your name, you are not fine.” Tony said looking worried.

“It is nothing.. The tension in the waiting room was just more than i bargained for.” Richard said standing up. Tony laughed a bit,

“Rich, you are a doctor and you definitely have faced worse. Richard sighed,

“the accident of the patient occurred when he was on his way to a friend’s place and the poor guy is almost ripping his head off in guilt”. Still not getting his point, Tony asked,

“And?” Richard glared at him,

“Tony,that patient has only 20% chance of survival and i can’t watch him die. Do you remember that i know exactly what that guy in the waiting room is facing? Alarmed, Tony stood up,

“Richard, u are not still blaming yourself for what happened then, are you?” he asked. Richard looked at him, his eyes haunted,

“Tony, i still have nightmares. i can’t forget. i have tried all i know can as a doctor and i don’t wish even my enemy would be in my position”, he said and took a deep breath.

“i would get some air”, he said and left the office.

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The alarm that went off in my head would have definitely woken the dead. I wanted to tell dad to repeat what he just said but I knew that I was not having problem with my ears. I turned cold eyes at Tunji and said quietly but firmly,


“What?” He asked looking like a fool. I moved towards him slowly and before he could count one to three, what he heard was ‘kpa’;even though my hand still ached from the hot slap I gave him, I forgot all about it and dad who was busy saying all sorts of rubbish as I push Tunji out of d house.

After slamming the door forcefully, I turned around to face my mistake of a father but I was greeted with a hot slap. The slap was so hard that I practically started seeing things but I steeled myself against crying. ‘Never let them see your tears, it makes you vulnerable’, I remembered d words of my mum.

“You this little brat, you are so stupid. How dare u slap Tunji? You better go after him now and beg him”. Dad growled.

“God forbid. You have no right whatsoever to think you can control my life. Who do you think you are? I am not going anywhere with you and that son of a nobody but you can go if you want to. I am 22 for God’s sake and I have the right to make my own decisions”, I yelled.

“Not while u are under my roof. You have to do what I tell you”. He shot back. I almost said something but I bit it back. I looked at my dad and as quietly as I could, I said emphatically,

“like I said, you can go with him but as for me, you better think again ‘sir’”. I stormed out of d house.

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To be continued