Belina(Tender Beauty) Episode 28


Mr.Badmus looked like he had been starved for d past one month. He still could not believe that he had been set free to go. He was brought out of prison & was given a good meal of fried rice & chicken which he ate like a mad man. He had been beside himself with fright thinking of the trial which was Wednesday & how he had no hope of escaping undeserved punishments which was certain to be either death by hanging or firing squad.

He looked at d inspector who had so badly disgraced him a week ago & wanted to put a gun to his heart & pull d trigger. He devoured his food & when he was through, he looked at d inspector & said,

“Now, my name is shattered, what are u going to do about it? I could sue u, u know? The inspector laughed at d threat,

“u want to sue me? Do u think I don’t know about how you sent people to kidnap ur daughter for ur selfish interests? You could spend years in prison for doing that, d murderer told us everything in confession”, he said. The blood drained from Mr Badmus’ eyes & he looked older than his actual age.

He started pleading with inspector sule who said that he would behave as if he did not hear anything if he left that place in peace. Mr. Badmus left d police station with just one purpose, to finish Belina. He had been given one thousand Naira by d inspector in order for him to get around, after taking d keys of his apartment he set out.

He got to his street in no time & everyone’s eyes were on him. He quickened his steps but even children were whispering then all of a sudden, he heard a road prophet call him,

“young man”. He quickened his steps but d voice came harder & frightening, “Don’t u dare walk out on a prophet young man, it is dangerous”. He had heard of d power behind prophets & was scared of them actually.

He stopped for his dear life & faced d prophet. He was an old man & was having problem standing upright.

“Yes, baba”, he said

“Hmmm, listen to d voice of God my son so that u would not regret ur actions. u have it in mind to do something evil & God has asked me to warn u against it. Things would still go well for u & ur former glory would be restored, if u obey my words. That child u blame 4 ur misfortunes is not to blame but u are to blame. U maltreated that child when she was young not knowing that little children have guardian angels who are just there to fight on their behalf. It is what u sow that u reap my son. If u try to carry out what is in ur heart,u would not succeed & might not live to tell d tale. Obey God & u would be honored”,d old man said in a shaky voice & was gone immediately leaving Mr Badmus dumbstruck.

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Mr Badmus stood poised and too stunned to move a muscle. He could not fathom how that old man had been able to read his mind. He would have thought that the old man was hired if he had told a single soul about his escapade but no, he hadn’t even said it aloud with his mouth and here was a prophet telling him everything to his face.

He was finally able to leave that spot five minutes after the prophet’s departure and before he knew it, he was face to face with his entrance door. He battled with the door for some seconds and when he finally opened the door, a very big rat ran out of the door. He jumped out of the way, his heart palpitating wildly. He stayed there for some seconds to recover himself and after that, he went in, and just as he was about to sit down tiredly on his couch, he sited a dead cockroach right on the chair and he flew away again.

He left the cockroach on the chair cos he was too tired and went to sit on another couch. Every little thing just seemed to frighten him and he felt that the words of the prophet were taking toll.

He looked back at his life again, how he had been a ladies man, and how he had lost his dad and his ability to reproduce to a car crash. He thought about how he met his late wife Linda and how she had given birth to Belina and became more beautiful afterwards.

He thought about how Belina had been exceedingly beautiful that even the nurses could not take their eyes off her then they had praised him for being the father. He remembered his maltreatments then which grew worse immediately the finances dropped. He had to admit that the downturn in his finances started immediately he started maltreating Belina.

He negotiated his options; if he decides to forgo the words of the prophet by going after Belina’s life, he might be caught by the police and be hanged but if he would not be caught, he would have to go out of Lagos or even out of Nigeria.

Following the prophet’s warnings to him would be the best thing, he thought finally because there was still a guarantee of having cash again and no matter what had happened, he was not tired of life yet.

He sighed repentantly and went to his bedroom mirror and saw a sight that looked so unlike him and he decided to go to the chemist nearby for medical care before he set out to look for Belina.

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To be continued