Belina(Tender Beauty) Episode 26


“Leave now”,Richard said & without waiting for him to stand up, he pulled him up with hand & pulled him until he was out of d door. He shot d door behind him & I was inside with my secretary. She wanted to say something but I waved her away & I was alone within seconds.

I did not know why I cried but d tears just came flowing down unhindered. I did not love him again but d memory of d humiliation of that day brought more tears to my eyes. I did not know when that guy came in but d next thing I knew was that he was there & I cleaned my eyes with my hand in a hurry.

“You don’t have to hide ur tears from me”, he said very quietly. I don’t know if his words made me cry d more or not but I just could not keep d tears from flowing.

“Please leave me alone sir” I said turning my back against him. I hate having people pity me or try to console me & I also don’t like people seeing my tears & having this guy see me like that was d worst thing I could imagine.

I heard his footsteps but instead of it going farther, it was coming closer. I turned back to re-emphasize my words but was shocked to find him right in front of me. I found his closeness very disturbing & I moved some steps backwards. He seemed to be made with magnet & I felt very tense.

“pls leave sir, I… I need some privacy”, I said quickly but not with as much force as I should. He moved closer & my breath was stolen away but I refused to step back again. I stood there & faced him squarely as I continuously robbed at my dripping eyes.

He took out his hankie & tried my tears before he silently said,

“My name is Richard, Miss Belina, I would check on u in one hours time. Take care”.

Before I could protest, he was gone leaving d hankie on my table which I picked. I forced d tears back forcefully, went to d toilet to wash my face & I went back to my seat to calm down abit.

30mins after d incident, I was already my normal self I played music in order to remain calm. Just for d notice, try out music whenever u are angry or tense, believe me, u would practically see d anger seeping out of u.

I checked out d latest songs from CeCe Winans, J. Moss & Kim Burrell who were my inspiration musically & noted them down to be scored during my spare time. Just when everything became perfect like I hadn’t been crying minutes ago,my intercom rang out.

“Miss Belina, Mr Richard is here to see u”, my secretary said. My heart skipped several beats,

“send him in pls”, I said & unconsciously checked my eyes to be sure I was not showing any sign of weakness. Within a flash, I heard a knock & I said ‘come in. He entered & d atmosphere in the office changed, I could almost swear that even d air I breathed changed instantly.

He had a presence that could make u feel testy. I turned on my professional side & smiled confidently. Whether he was surprised to see me stable & back to normal, I did not know cos, if there is someone that I knew I would find difficulty reading, it would be him.

He stood b4 me standing straight with male arrogance & said,

“You are ok”, he said as a statement but it still sounded as a question so I answered,

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“Yes I am. Thanks for everything sir, I am grateful, especially for taking that guy out of here”. I remembered that he had given me his hankie & I started searching for it but I was so surprised when I found myself holding it so tight with my left hand & I was alarmed when I noticed that I had not dropped it since I picked it up about an hour ago.

I hid my embarrassment but he seemed to notice everything cos those blue piercing eyes could almost see into a man’s soul. I offered him his hankie,

“Thank u for this sir & sorry for the state u saw me then, it was just a moment of weakness”. I said. He smiled but did not take the hankie, infact, he had been smiling all along.

“I told u b4, my name is Richard & I would like u to call me by my name, miss”, he said.

“If u would call me Belina”, I said He smiled,

“Yes, I definitely would. Now, can u tell me what that was all about?” he asked referring to the past hour. I had been hoping he would not refer to it but he did anyway,

“it is nothing, I prefer not to talk about it”, I said feigning a look of nonchalance. He smiled widely this time and my beating heart started running beyond measure,

“when you know me very well, you would know that it is not that easy to make me quit. I know you present a strong woman on the outside with people present but I know that there is a tender and flower like woman on the inside that hurts deeply”. I felt very uncomfortable but I presented a front that said, ‘I don’t know what you are talking about’. I knew from his stance that he would pursue it so I changed the subject by attacking him with my own curiosity,

“You have foreign blood in you right?” I asked without warning.

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To be continued