Belina(Tender Beauty) Episode 25


Richard sat down on his seat fighting an inner battle. He had avoided d second floor throughout last week like a plague when all he wanted to do was go there even if it would be just for a minute. He hadn’t thought about Tonia at all throughout last week. His attention had been seriously divided last week & Tony had noticed & commented on it but he had made up excuses.

He had promised Tonia not to have anything to do with d opposite sex but here he was having his thoughts bugged by one woman as if she had bewitched him. His eyes went to the roof imagining what was in d next floor & what might be going on there & the next thing he knew was that he was already at d door heading towards the place he had been avoiding.


The court appearance of Mr Badmus was two days away & yet he had not admitted to being guilty. He had been tortured terribly but he kept on repeating “I am innocent”.

The police station still remained d same with five police men at d counter waiting desperately for someone to come with one complaint or the other. They looked hungry & even though the “police is ur friend” slogan was typed boldly on an A4 paper & was pasted on d wall behind d counter, no one seemed to be visiting their ‘friend’ today, but all of a sudden,a tattered looking man who looked like a candidate for d prison cell walked into d police station & asked d police men,

“can I see d police?” One of d police men answered annoyingly,

“you dey craze? The people wey u dey see so no resemble police?

“Oh, sorry, I wan drop one evidence o,d evidence show d person wey kill Deputy Governor pikin” The police men laughed him to scorn,

“what do u know about that? You don’t even know that the murderer has been found. Abeg leave this place & let better human beings come in jare”, another officer said. Just then, inspector Sule came out of one of the offices &asked what was happening.

“oga, no mind this idiot o, hin talk sey he get evidence for Tunji murder case”.

“Just shut up there” he said & faced d guy, “sorry for that, where is the evidence?” he asked

The guy brought out his phone & gave it to him. He led the guy to a quiet room & he played d video recording on d phone. The conversation was between he & Tolu who had been drunk enough to spill d beans. It so happened that Tolu had gone to d bar to celebrate & after he had ordered drinks for everyone in the bar at his expense, he had drank & drank enough alcohol that his mouth was all over d place.

His friend, d guy with inspector Sule, knowing d way his friend normally was whenever he was drunk, positioned his phone somewhere which could capture both his face & his words. He wanted to use it to make jest of him after he was sober as was their normal custom but when he started saying things about Nigerian police being stupid & how they had escaped him & taken someone else for a crime he committed, he knew the recording would be an asset.

“Wooow”,d inspector said when d recording ended. “Can u lead us to d place he stays? The guy grinned,

“Yes, if I would get something in return, free lunch no dey anywhere o” The inspector got the message,

“No problem, I assure u that u would be rewarded by Mr James himself”, he said.

“Ok, but make una no use that una siren o & u go follow me enter d house but no wear uniform o” he said standing up Everything was made ready & within 5mins, they were on d road.

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“I said, what are u doing in my office?” I yelled d 2nd time at Kelvin who stood speechless before me. He stammered,

“I… I came to see y… u”. I laughed sarcastically,

“Yeah right & how did u know that I work here in the first place?” I asked trying all I can to calm my nerves.

“I made some findings”, he said. I clapped,

“that is good of u,now, leave my office” I said icily

“No please, I came to beg u for all I have done, I… I am so sorry. I was so stupid. My friends pushed me into doing what I did that-”

“Hey, would u just save it?” I cut in. “I am not interested in ur fairy tale so pls spare me d trouble of gazing at ur irritating sight. Leave” I said pointing at d door. He went on his knees,

“Pls Belina, I have not been able to live a meaningful life since that day. You are d only one who could make my life meaningful again pls…” he was saying but I was beyond hearing as my anger was beginning to rise to a dangerous level. I left my place behind d table,stood b4 him & pointed at the door,

“leave now” but he would not stand up from d floor. “I said leave now, leave me alone”, I yelled & just then, d door opened & there stood d guy from last week & my secretary, looking from me to d man on his knees.

“What is going on here”, he asked

“Pls… tell this man to leave” I hadn’t noticed that I was crying until then & I wiped my face dry & glared at the b—–d in front of me

“Hello man, please leave now”,the guy said looking as if he would plough him to death if he refused to obey.

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