Belina(Tender Beauty) Episode 19


Richard drove so fast & he had to quickly get a hold of himself. He mentally started doing his relaxation technique & he was happy when he started calming down a bit. He raced on top speed to d hospital hoping that he would get there on time & do some things that would take his mind away from d past few minutes.

He couldn’t believe that his mother had d effrontery to come back after close to 22 years. To do what? Claim ownership after he had grown without contributing anything to his life? No, he thought, she must have underrated what she did.

He finally got to d hospital safe & sound & he marched to his office in anger. The people in d hospital stared at him surprised; that was d first time they would see him that angry. As he got close to his office, he met Tony & knowing his friend very well, Tony knew something was wrong somewhere.

He followed him into his office without a word & gave him a minute to calm down b4 he questioned him.

“What’s wrong Richard? Is dad ok?” he asked becoming worried

“That’s d problem. He is too ok”, Richard answered.

“What do u mean by that?” Tony asked, confused

“if he hadn’t been too fine, he would not have allowed my mum into d house”

“What? What are u talking about?” Tony asked shocked

“Exactly what I am saying, I got there after calling u worrying my freaking self that something might be wrong with dad but on getting there, I saw my own flesh & blood mum staring me in d face” Tony stared at him open mouthed not able to say anything

“what did u do about it?” Tony finally asked

“Nothing & I am not going to do anything about it”, he said & relaxed on his chair. Switching on to more important things he asked,what of d psychologist?”

“Yeah, she is here already & is attending to Deji right now. You just need to see her, she got me tied to her little finger immediately I set my eyes on her. Believe me, she is a sight to behold”, he said already enjoying the change of topic

Richard looked unconcerned & said sternly,

“that is none of my concern”. Tony shook his head & said

“unless u are not the Richard I know, u would have d same opinion as me when u see her”, he said grinning

Richard kept quiet & made a mental note to avoid d second floor as much as possible till d end of d day

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I looked at my first patient as he sat in his wheel chair in d very large hall-like place which was decorated to d brim. It looked so heavenly, I adored d place myself.

As I pushed him around I kept a light conversation going until he relaxed totally & I was glad. He was extremely taken by d drawings and art works so I decided to use this first time to familiarize myself with him & make him enjoy himself.

I noticed that he should be a little older than I am but I decided to treat him as a friend. We explored d art works together laughing freely at every joke I made. He looked so full of life & no one would have believed that he didn’t know anything about himself.

I noted his extreme enjoyment & d little things he said unconsciously & planned on working on it. I was very happy that just on d first day,we had achieved things that would have taken a week to achieve. I looked at my wrist watch & was alarmed when I saw that d 2hrs session was almost up. He noticed this & made a funny remark & we both laughed.

I pushed his wheel chair as we headed out. He said something about wanting to walk by himself but I told him that he would not do that until d doctor permits.

We got back to his room & he was a little bit relunctant to let me go, I had also enjoyed myself extremely & was feeling a little bit attached to him but smiled & told him that it would just be like d twinkle of an eye & d next thing he would know is that we would be having another session again d next day & that in no time, his memory would come flooding back.

His parents had thanked me profusely & I left d room for my office. I was about to climb d steps leading to d second floor when I stumbled on d most breath-taking sight I had ever placed my eyes on. I was there like forever admiring d most beautiful craft I had ever seen when all of a sudden, it moved.


Tolu sat down comfortably in his house looking very comfortable & no one would have been able to think that he had a hand in d case that was being viewed in d television. He watched as d TV brought to life times without number d issue of Tunji’s murder & he hissed audibly.

‘If it had been a commoner, d case would not be shown more than once o, but now that it has happened to them, they are disturbing our eyes & ears with d story. e o tii ri nkan kan”, he thought to himself.

He was so confident that he could not be a suspect at all cos he made sure that he never visited Tunji in his house so no one could connect him with d case.

He switched off d TV & went out to get a good meal at d nearest eatery. Now I have some cash, let me spend it, he thought as he stepped out of d house.

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To be continued


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