Belina(Tender Beauty) Episode 15


I stared at d TV in shock as d newscaster relayed d story of a murder. I sat shivering in my seat,not really hearing what was being said. Prisca’s parents initially did not know who was being referred to & they just reacted to d news d way every normal person would. Prisca who was by my side on d two seater couch hugged me tenderly & when her parents looked at us, they remembered where they had heard that name & Prisca’s dad became angry.

“So this is d b—–d that have been making ur life miserable?” he asked & stared at Tunji’s picture again on d tv “He d–n right deserves what he got so don’t u dare cry if u love urself” he said glaring at me. I didn’t intend on crying & even if I did, tears seemed to desert my eyes. I should be happy that I would finally have a little bit of peace but I just could not smile.

I pitied Tunji & wished he hadn’t ended his life like that. I had a strong convinction that if my dad had not made him believe that he could have me, he would not have pursued me this long.

I remembered that it had been only 2days ago when I saw him & he looked so full of life. The might & ability of God now amazed me tremendously as he could wipe out anything & anyone with a second.

Prisca’s mother scolded her husband for being too harsh on me & even though he wished that Tunji would get a special department in hell, his eyes said he wished he could kill him himself.

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Richard sat in his office not looking very happy. Tony had told him about Deji’s memory loss & how he only remembered d traumatic accident & his heart reached out to him. He knew that that state was far better than death & even though Deji had lost his memory, he still gave thanks to God. He promised himself to do all that he can to see that Deji recovers his memory.

Deji’s parents including Adewale & some friends came to d hospital & Richard had explained the situation to them. He noticed that they were not happy with his loss of memory but were glad all the same thanking him for his help.

Although Deji should be around 24 to 25 years by his scrutiny, his parents fussed over him like a newly born baby while he just looked at them confused.

He went into the bathroom to wash his hands and when he saw his reflection in the toilet mirror, he noticed that he looked drawn and stressed so made a mental note to have a vacation sometime soon.

He left his office and went into Deji’s room to check on him and saw his parents with him. Deji looked at him upon arrival and smiled at him. After greeting the parents, he looked at Deji, smiled back and asked,

“How is the good patient doing today?”

“I am feeling much better Doctor Richard” Deji said still smiling.

“You can call me Richard”, Richard said feeling a little bit awkward having a young guy like him call him so formally. He wouldn’t have felt awkward if he had not taken Deji’s case personal. Deji smiled the more and asked,

“When would I recover my memory doctor? I feel awkward when I see people I don’t remember treat me with so much familiarity”. Richard nodded sympathetically and said,

“Very soon. A psychologist would be here to check on you on Monday and I think in a very short while, you would recall even the day you were born”. Deji laughed at the joke and asked another thing,

“Can I at least stand up and walk about a bit? I feel like I have been lying on this bed since the day I was born”. Richard laughed slightly and was about to talk when Deji’s mother said,

“no, u are not standing up from this bed yet o, ma koba mi iwo omo yi”, she said aggressively.

“He can stand up and have d nurses push him around in a wheel chair for a few minutes”, Richard said softly even though Deji’s mother did not buy d idea. After convincing her that it is a good idea, he left & on d way, told nurse Titi to carry out d assignment


Tony had taken the evening off to rest at home and prepare for service the next day & Richard also felt he should do d same thing. He was glad that Tony had convinced d Human Resource Department to employ Belina even though he knew she could have been easily employed without his interference, she is exceedingly brilliant.

Even though he still haven’t seen her he had seen her credentials and test papers have acknowledged that she must be a genius. He knew that she was going through a tough time by what Tony told him the other day and he was glad that she would be working there.

He sat down in his office anticipating her arrival on Monday & how it would help Deji’s memory.


Sunday passed without any unusual event only that I did not attend my church and I had to attend prisca’s church. The church was a very big church and the service was so enjoyable but I was not used to being a bench warmer. Prisca is a part of the dancers in the church so she did not sit with us. I forgot totally about Tunji and my past intentionally pushing it behind it knowing fully well that when you dwells on his past and problems you remain stagnant

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To be continued


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