Belina (After the wedding) Season 2 Episode 27


That Wednesday seemed to be the longest day of my life. Everything had happened all at once. I hadn’t spent one minute with Richard when he left. I knew he wouldn’t let a man die, no matter what the person had done. I hadn’t said anything when he picked up his stethoscope and headed out. I had said the only thing that came to my mouth: ‘I love you Richard, no one else but you’. He had nodded and left without turning back.

I placed my hand on my belly, feeling the life growing in me. I smiled and maybe the baby wanted to confirm his presence because I had an instant urge to throw up. I ran to Richard’s office toilet and emptied my tummy. I started feeling dizzy and nausea. I lay on the couch, feeling slightly light-headed. It didn’t take long before I slipped into the wonderful comfort of sleep, forgetting all the troubles around me.

********** **********

Prisca watched closely as Oyinade shifted uncomfortably from one foot to the other. She knew that the lady before her hadn’t seen her in the hotel when she was dressed like a w—e. She also hadn’t looked at her face when they bumped into each other. She had been too furious to even spare her a glance.

Prisca wondered what her function was in the hospital as she sat down comfortably, intimidating the young lady with her presence.

“How can I help you ma’am?” Oyinade asked, gathering her shattered confidence. She had heard many things about the woman who sat on the chair, facing her. Her beauty has been a subject of public debate, just like Belina; and having her sit in her office should be a pleasure.

One other thing had been publicly acknowledged though: the fact that Prisca ought to be a detective. She could draw out the truth from you with only a glance. She shared almost the same personality with Belina. One thing is different though: Belina could pretend that she possessed no emotions at all but you can play on her emotions easily. You only need to touch a vulnerable part of her; Richard to be precise, and you have her in your grasp.

Prisca, on the other hand, knows how to keep emotions at bay and see beyond the facial façade of her opponent. She can be very dangerous if she sets out to be.

“Why don’t you sit down, you look like you might fall over anytime now” Prisca said with a pleasant smile playing on her face.

Oyinade wanted to pursue that statement but decided against it. She sat down on her chair with charisma which made Prisca laugh out, leaving Oyinade confused. Prisca saw the tag on her suit.

“Oyinade right?” she asked and Oyin nodded. “Great. I am sure you know who I am but if not, I am Prisca Williams. I would go straight to the point and I hope you would not waste my time. What is your mission in the hospital?” Oyinade was taken aback.

“I don’t know what you are talking about” she said feigning innocence. Prisca smiled, stood up and paced slowly.

“Nice try dear. You know? it is not often that I get to see harlots occupying the post of a doctor in a hospital as big and highly organized as BRH; care to tell me what you are really doing here?” Oyinade shot up.

“Are you insulting me ma’am?” she asked angrily, her veins coming to view. Prisca grinned.

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“For once, I thought you were totally incapable of anger. To answer your question, no. I was merely asking a question, but it seems I struck a nerve, so tell me: are you a harlot?” Prisca sat down back. Oyinade was practically foaming.

“I am afraid I would have to ask you to leave ma’am. I would not have you insult me in my office” she growled. Prisca got up again and made for the door.

“Thanks for cooperating with me dear. The conversation you had on the phone is so inspiring. I am sure you would like to explain to your boss, why you hate his wife so much” she said, holding the doorknob. Oyinade gasped.

“I… I d… don’t understand”

“Oh… don’t stammer my dear; it is not good for your vocal cords. And don’t worry, I am sure you would understand when I play the recording I have with me to the hearing of your boss. I have your voice recorded dear, so it is not your word against mine” Prisca said in one breath, not for once, taking away the pleasant infuriating smile she had on.

Oyinade was lost. She couldn’t believe everything was falling apart in one day. She hadn’t even got one day of complete victory.

“Please ma, I mean her no harm. Please believe me”. She said in a hurry, stopping Prisca from leaving.

“You want me to believe you? Ok” she said, going back to sit. She checked her wristwatch.

“I have just ten minutes. Spill it now and think twice about lying to me. Trust me; I have got a mind’s eye”

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To be continued