Belina (After the wedding) Season 2 Episode 17


Oyinade got to work earlier than her usual time. She had to visit BRP Hospital. She was sure their efforts the previous day were yielding enormous results. She had seen Richard’s grim face when he left the hospital. She arrived at the building looking for Tunde. He had been making advances towards her but she never obliged or noticed him. She had had enough, having to sleep with Kelvin, alongside Ronke once a week – a threesome. She needed a break since that was finally over.

“Hey Tunde” she said flirting with her eyes. He looked surprised and pleased.

“Hey beautiful, to what do I owe the pleasure of your attention today?” he asked coyly.

“Aaahn, it is not like that now” she said.

“I guess you need something then” he breathed, moving closer to her. She nodded.

“A little favour. I want to surprise my boss’ wife today but I don’t want to be caught unawares. You know the things you do to secure your position? Would you mind alerting me when she is coming over?” she asked, playing with his tie.

“One date for one favour” he cooed and she hastily nodded, knowing she had to get to her office before Richard arrived. They exchanged numbers and she was off.

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********** **********

Richard sat in his office expecting his assistant. He hadn’t sighted her throughout the day and he became worried. He had sent his secretary to call her since she was not responding to her intercom but he had seen none of them. Her bad dressing had instantly left his mind the moment he received that message about his wife.

Thanks to Tony’s visit, he had been able to stop himself from doing a stupid thing by confronting Belina. Despite that, he had been cold towards Belina when he got home, always suspecting her movements and stupidly forgetting her state of health.

His doubt had been taken over by worry when he felt her temperature. The sms was out of his mind as he took care of her. His assistant’s indecency never crossed his mind till he read her text message this morning. The veiled jealousy he saw in Belina’s eyes and actions pleased him because it showed her love for him. He however knew that he could not tell her anything about Oyin’s innocent actions because it would reinforce her doubt in the poor girl.

Oyin had felt so bad that she had sent a message, though too early; apologizing for her actions and claiming she might not be able to face him because of what she did. She was apparently trying to gain attention since her fiancé was not giving her enough. Richard felt bad for condemning her the way he did.

“Sir” his secretary called from the entrance

“Where is she?” Entering, she replied,

“Sir, she might not be able to come. She seems to have an emotional breakdown. She was crying when I saw her sir” she said looking concerned. Richard’s guilt increased as he stood up.

“Thanks. You can go now”

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********** **********

I got out of my chair with obvious frustration. My temper and emotions had been all over the place since morning. I just couldn’t get two people out of my mind. I concluded on confronting Richard and having a long chat with that Oyin of a girl. I had the conviction that Richard would not have extra-marital affairs even though that was the routine with men these days. He can’t betray our love like that, I thought as I left my office.

I stopped by to give my secretary instructions before leaving.

********** **********

Oyinade heard a knock on her door and smiled. She had anticipated this. She knew Richard didn’t like feeling guilty for anything. She had learnt that within days of working with him. She deliberately went to the door without asking who it was, framing up crocodile tears.

She gave Richard enough time to see her tears before hurriedly mopping her face. Richard became angrier at himself for being so violent the previous day as he entered Oyin’s office for the first time since she became his assistant.

Oyin deliberately opened the door slightly enough for anyone to see what was going on inside. She just hoped that someone who gossips would see them.

Her phone beeped on the table but she was unaware of it. She was so preoccupied with the joy of finally having Richard’s attention, though; she covered it with a dull emotion-stricken face. She faced Richard.

“I am sorry sir; I am a bit indisposed right now. You were right to reprove my action yesterday sir. My fiancé is seeing someone behind my back and is treating me like trash. I felt I wasn’t woman enough and I wanted attention from whoever could give me. I…” she broke down in tears.

Richard tried to console her with words but her tears just increased in tenacity. If there was something he was always confused about, it would be how to manage a crying woman. He was so glad that his wife was not the crying type and once she was moved to the point of tears, he was always shaken to his soul. He held Oyin’s shoulder but instead, she collapsed in his arms, crying all over his chest. He held her awkwardly, not knowing what to do with each passing second but he didn’t have to do that for long as the door creaked open. Standing before him was a familiar face, looking alarmed.

Guess who?

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To be continued