Belina (After the wedding) Season 2 Episode 45


Ronke and Pastor Adetutu arrived at the massive building which obviously belongs to Chief Rammon. All through the extensive drive from Abuja to Lagos, Ronke hadn’t been able to stop her racing heart. She was exceedingly grateful to have the pastor with her. She had explained everything to her pastor who had encouraged her to meet the man to confess and give him the remaining money. It had been so simple earlier: arrive at the house, kneel down and cry till she is forgiven and walk out with a light heart and a peaceful smile.

Now, staring at the gate, she doubted it would be that simple. They were let in by the house help and seated at the reception while the girl went in to call the chief, they were lucky to meet him at home. Chief Rammon took one look at Ronke and yelled. He was in front of her in a flash, lifting her with his arms and shaking her like a ragged doll.

“You this thief. You have the guts to show your filthy face here. We are going to the police station now” he yelled. Pastor Adetutu tried to break his hold and finally succeeded after almost two minutes. His wife appeared before they knew what was happening.

“What is going on here?” she asked. Obviously, the chief hadn’t told his wife the truth about what happened. The money Ronke stole had caused serious financial crisis and they had to sell three of their properties and withdraw almost everything in the family account to pay off the debt. He ranted the lie he had told his wife months ago; that Ronke was the one he had given a lift in his car who stole his briefcase.

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Ronke yelled, stating the fact that everything he said was a lie. She narrated everything that had happened even though the chief tried to cut her shut every now and then. The wrath of his wife turned to him immediately, and for a while, she and the pastor could as well be invisible because they just sat there looking.

The pastor settled the raging war between them in order to face the reason why they came. Ronke knelt down and pleaded. She presented the remaining money. After explaining all the events in her life right from the time she was born; how that she never knew her parents and that she was picked up from the dustbin by a good woman who later died when she was ten, everyone became soft- hearted.

She explained that she had since then learnt to survive on her own, depending on men for her food, hereby becoming a harlot since she had no certificate to tender anywhere apart from her school cert.

The pastor intervened and explained how she had become born again and had since then stopped spending the stolen money. God used the wife who stated that if her husband gets the girl arrested, she would also file for a divorce.

Ronke left the house, not only forgiven and light-hearted but also with some money to start a small business.

To be continued



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