Belina (After the wedding) Season 2 Episode 36


Ronke spent nothing more than ten minutes in her house. She had spent five minutes taking out anything that had her name on it, her pictures, her files, international passports, ID cards and so on. All her clothes were left where they were. She removed the briefcase and stuffed all her findings in her bag. The other five was spent confirming that she had indeed picked everything.

Carrying everything, she left the house in a hurry. She flagged down a bike and mentioned an address. Without negotiating, she climbed the bike, looking as calm as possible in order not to rouse any suspicion. When she got there, she paid the bike man, asking him to keep the change. The hail of the bike man followed her as she walked away.

She took out her phone as she walked and dialed a number. ‘Hey Jim, whats up nw… I need a favour ooo… I want to put my house in another person’s name, can you do that for me as soon as possible?… ahn ahn… no ooo I need it in an hour nooowww… don’t worry, I would settle you, you trust me now… Ok… I am coming over” she smiled victoriously. After thinking for about a minute, she dialed another number.

“Ajokybaby” she said immediately the phone was picked. She laughed heartily at the response. “Bawo ni?… don’t mind that one jare… Everyone dey do hin own runs now… na so… as to the real matter, how would you like to live in my house?…” she laughed at the response. She had expected it. She went ahead to explain everything she had planned on saying, enjoying the excited squeals she was receiving.

********** **********

I knelt down beside my bed, talking to my Father. The discussions I always have with my father in prayer are always as if I am talking to a physical being. It helps me to see God, not just as my God and creator, but also as my father. I noticed the difference it makes: when you pray the normal routine-like prayer, you tend to forget that God is actually your father and you pray amiss. The true meaning and relevance of ‘The Lord’s prayer’ which starts with ‘Our Father who art in Heaven’ had become more real to me when I decided to turn every prayer into a conversation with God. It gives you the feel that God is listening to what you are saying as a father listens to his child and it makes prayer more exciting and appealing.

After about thirty minutes, I stood up. Richard had already gone to the hospital. We already had our family prayer before he left but since I have been signed to stay put at home, I decided a lengthy prayer would be wonderful.

I have not stopped thanking God for the miracle happening in my tommy and I would continue to thank Him for as long as I have the strength to.

I showered and combed my hair tenderly after massaging enough oil and cream into it. I was fully dressed and was standing right in front of the mirror, checking myself out and combing my hair to perfection. I still could not figure out why I had to stay at home. I miss my office terribly. I am not yet heavy for crying out loud.

Yesternight had been so wonderful, simply mind- blowing. I had even forgotten to ask about the hospital, about Kelvin, his assistant – the little w—e and many others. I was just contented having my love with me. The hospital has not been discussed at all since last week, it was as if he was avoiding the subject, like something would upsetting him if he as much as talked about it. I wanted to bridge the topic yesterday but something stopped me – it was the desire to have my husband to myself without any work related talk.

My phone beeped and I smiled when I stared at the screen.

“Hey Pric…” I laughed at the long sermon Prisca was ranting due to my not calling her for three days.

“I am sorry ma… No, don’t. I am coming over… Cmon now, what is wrong with everyone these days? I am pregnant not crippled… my being pregnant does not stop me from moving now… stay right there, I am coming over and that is that.” I dropped the phone.

Now, everyone wants to take Richard’s stance? I would not allow that. I laughed as I remembered the words Prisca had said, trying to convince me to stay at home. The baby is in my tummy for God’s sake, not on my legs. I shook my head with a smile and picked up my purse, phone and car keys.

To be continued