Belina (After the wedding) Season 2 Episode 30


Oyinade could not quite believe that her world was falling apart right in her very face. She stared at Ronke as she drank from her cup slowly, hoping that she was just pulling her legs but the facial expression she saw told her that it was definitely a farce. She swallowed hard.

“Please Ronke, don’t do this to me; we are best friends, remember?” she pleaded. Ronke laughed sarcastically.

“Best friends my foot. What do you take me for, uhn? Do you think I am someone you toil with? I watched you take up positions in various places; being offered top positions in every company you enter, you come here and rub it in my face instead of helping me secure a job. Do you think I like warming people’s beds for money? Listen to me and listen well: if you don’t get five million Naira in two weeks, be ready for a shocker”. She stood up already furious.

“Five million Naira? Where am I supposed to get that?” Oyinade yelled, already in tears.

“I don’t know and I don’t care. Rob a bank, whatever. You know me girl, don’t take me lightly”. She threatened, refilling her cup. Oyinade was breathing hard.

“You are a betrayer. I hate you” Oyin said quietly. Ronke nodded.

“Not as much as I hate you. Now, get out” Oyinade stood for a while then made for the door quietly. Ronke’s voice stopped her at the door.

“Don’t think I don’t have proof. Two weeks” Ronke said and went into the room. Oyinade closed the door and made for her car. She ought to have arrived office by now.

********** **********

Prisca dropped off Patricia at school, leaving her with a loving peck on the cheeks. She had snacks in her lunch bag which she dropped with her teacher – Miss Terri. She went back home to enjoy her day. Part of the advantage of being a boss is the fact that you can decide to stay at home anytime you like.

She hadn’t been able to tell Richard and Belina what she had found out yesterday. Belina had been asleep and Richard had been too concerned about Belina to even be concerned about whatever she had found out.

She had poured it all out to Tony immediately she arrived home and had played the recording to his hearing. He had been too impressed with her role as the interrogator that he had sent it to his phone to listen to it over and over again. His anger towards Oyinade was not disputed though. He had relayed the story of how Richard had been distraught when he saw the picture sent to him.

Prisca eased into a chair, lemon juice in hand, switching on the plasma to watch some American movies. She would make sure that Oyin girl is put exactly where she belongs. She had said some things which held an element of truth.

When Belina became a member of the family, she had almost become invisible to her parents. Her dad was doing all he could to make up for lost time. He wanted to do everything just to erase the bad things that Belina had to cope with in the hands of Mr. Badmus. He never came back from work without buying something special for her. Prisca had felt neglected but Belina, being wise had always shared everything that was bought for her. She would have resented Belina but the bond between them is far too deep to allow jealousy.

Belina had noticed the extra attention she was receiving and had confronted their parents. Belina is the best sister she could have ever had and if she had to choose again, she would choose Belina a thousand times. She remembered the fact that she would be an aunt in a matter of months and a wide grin was pasted on her face.

As for that Oyin girl, she would deal with her personally; her trip to BRH should put that little gold-digger in her place.

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********** **********

Oyinade sat in her office. She hadn’t done anything serious and most of her time had been spent in her office, thinking of what to do. She felt stupid and foolish. She couldn’t believe she had trusted Ronke enough to get her involved in her every move. She had known that Ronke was jealous of her achievements and of her enormous body but she never knew she was this bitter. Where on earth could she get five million Naira? She has little above one million in her account. Even the two million Naira she had stolen had been squandered. There is this thing about stolen money that seems to fly away the very minute it gets to your hands.

She put her fingers against her temples. She had been expecting Richard to call her as a result of what she had told Miss Prisca Williams but she hadn’t heard anything. Richard came in rather late. He must have been at home taking care of his baby mama. Her jealousy spiraled as she thought about this. An idea popped into her head. No. she shook her head vigorously. She couldn’t try it. Never.

She cleared her mind, removing the evil thought from her mind. She placed her head on the table. She had never been this confused in her life. Her intercom line rang and she jerked up with a start, her heartbeat running wild. She contemplated ignoring it but common sense took over.

“Hello” she said with shaky voice. The voice of her boss came through the speaker, making her already wild heartbeat somersault.

“Miss Oyinade, I want to see you in my office immediately.” She had dropped the phone without a response but even if she had responded, it wouldn’t have been heard because Richard hung up immediately he finished his statement.

She stood up on shaky legs and went to Richard’s office, leaving her brain blank, expecting the worst.

To be continued