Befriending A Ghost – Episode 18


Sasha Alfredo
My suspicion about Racheal had been right all along , her penetrable eyes and scrutable countenance gave her away …

Cory! Racheal! What exactly are they hiding? but come to think of it Daphne said Cory pleaded with her to come to the party because She was scared of Racheal……But why would Cory be scared of her classmate! Is there some kind of secret between them! Is that why Cory is always carrying Racheal backpack! Is she some kind of slave!…

Declan is here! Daphne announced distracting me from my thoughts and I looked toward the door just in time to see Declan walk into the class…I walked up to him

Dec! Where have you been? I asked with concern look

No where, and why are you standing here? he asked, I looked around the class and then back at him

Let’s go over to your seat , I need to tell you something. I said in whispers….And without saying anything, he led the way to his seat and I followed behind him…..Sitting on his desk  , he faced me

So what is it you want to tell me? he started

It is about Racheal. I informed in whispers
he slowly shifted his gaze to Racheal and then back at me

What about her ?he asked fixing his gaze on me……

I think she knows something about Daphne. I replieD, he was quiet for a moment and then he exhaled deeply

Why did you say so?

The necklace! I said touching the necklace, on seeing it , her countenance changed. It was like she was scared of something. I explained and he sighed

I am not surprised… I mean since her father is also involved, she might as well be involved. he said and I nodded in agreement

So what do you suggest we do next? I asked

Simple! I will call Sinclair and ask for his help. he retorted

And do you think he will help us? I asked and he shrugged

we just have to try! I was about asking another question when the chemistry teacher walked into the class……..

Ooops! I guess I will ask him after the class, And in a rush, I walked briskly to my seat and sat down…….I brought out my chemistry note from my back pack and opened it ready to prepare for the next lecture…..

Are we ever going to find out what happened to me? Daphne asked with a sign

Of course we will. I mumbled…..

Declan Davies

The hours dragged on till it was closing time

At last! I sighed in relief

All the classes I had today were all boring to me. I kept my books inside my backpack and then turned sideways to  see Sasha  shoving her books carelessly into her bag….I smiled lightly, What a girlfriend!

Slinging my backpack across my shoulders, I stood up and walked up  her

hey babe! do you  want your book to have a tear? I asked teasingly

She raised her head to look at me and then chuckled

Daphne just asked me the same question

Oh! Does she follow you to school always? I asked in  whispers and she nodded

I bit my lips , how I wish I could see my sister even if it just once….She stood up when she was done  and then faced me

Let us go . She said and we both walked out of the class
So when are you going to call Sinclair? She asked we walked to the parking lot

When we are inside the car. I answered and she nodded slowly, And all of a sudden, she nudge me to look at the opposite direction and when I did , I saw Racheal and Cory standing in front of the administration building…As usual, Cory was carrying both hers and Racheal back pack

But why does Cory always carry Racheal back pack? Sasha asked and I shrug

I don’t know!


Opening the car door, I got in and Sasha also did the same from the other end ….

It is time to call Sinclair. She reminded and without waiting time , i brought out my phone from my jean pocket to dial Sinclair number
It rang but he did not pick, I tried it again and he picked up on the second ring ….

Please Place it on speaker. Sasha pleaded and I did

hello Sinclair! I greeted first

hello! Who is this? he asked with a calm voice

Declan Davies! I informed

Oh Declan! Why did it take you so long to call, I have been expecting your call ever since . he queried

I am sorry sir , I was so busy with classes. I apologize

It is alright! So have you gotten any hint on your sister case? he asked

Erm not really , but can I come over to the station so I can explain better? I asked, he was quiet for a moment and then sighed

I don’t think it is good idea

But why? I probed on

It is not something we can talk about on call, Have you closed from school? he asked

Yes. I replied

Good! Then come meet me at Petra hotel . he said and without waiting for my response, he ended the call…

Petra hotel! Where is that? Sasha asked

It is not too far from here , will you go with me? I asked hoping she would say yes and she did …..

Good! I started the car and drove off heading to Petra hotel …….

Cory Abel

Standing in front of the administrative block , I listened to Racheal as she explained her fears ……
I  smiled inwardly seeing her in a worried state but as you know , I had to act like I was also worried…..

It is so real Cory! I saw the necklace around her neck !how is that possible! Daphne was wearing the necklace on that night so how did the necklace get to Sasha? she asked, shaking like a leaf

I stared at her without knowing what to say , I was confused about that as well …i also asked myself the same question on the very day Sasha showed me the necklace….

Or is there something you know that I don’t? Racheal asked fixing her gaze on me ….

Yes erm I mean No. I stuttered and she scoffed

What exactly are you saying? Are you trying to play smart! She paused and thought for some moment before she continued….or do you think you will go Scot free if the truth comes out! She retorted angrily and I shivered in fear …..

Please I don’t what to go to prison! I pleaded with a trembling voice and she smirked

Prison! It might be worst than that. She threatened and I swallowed hard

So is there something you know that I don’t ? She repeated and I nodded sheepishly…Then spit it out. She said in huff

Erm Actually Sasha and her family lives in the old abandoned building where we do hold our class party. I informed and she went stiff…And not only that , Sasha room happens to be the same room where you erm I mean Daphne was killed. I quickly added , I was expecting her to flare up but instead she remained calm …

And how did you know about this? She asked picking her words

That is because Sasha is my friend , remember? I asked nervously but she didn’t say a word but kept her gaze behind me , as if staring at someone ..,I quickly turned to look and saw Sasha and Declan walking towards the parking lot …..

Oh right! Only Declan can make the “shameless witch ” in front of me act crazy ! Are they dating? She asked clenching her fist , I could tell she was angry

I don’t know . I answered with a shrug and she scoffed

I can see that Sasha of a girl is so stubborn . She mumbled and then walked past me to the principal , no her father office … I exhaled deeply knowing fully well that I was trapped …..

Declan Davies

We soon got to the hotel and I parked out in front…..

Wow’!it is so huge . Sasha exclaimed and I nodded absentmindedly, Opening the car door, I alighted and she did the same at her own end ….

It feels like we are on a date! She remarked and I smiled lightly

Do you want us to have one? I asked calmly and she nodded sheepishly

Can we really do that? She asked to be sure.

Of course we can !…….

Entering the hotel , I sighted Sinclair sitting at the corner end of the hotel, he was wearing an all black outfit with dark glasses…We both walked towards him and on seeing us, he took off the glasses and placed it on the table …..

I can see you came with your girlfriend again . he said teasingly

Good evening Sir erm I mean Sinclair! Sasha greeted and he flashed her a smile

I took a seat opposite him and gestured Sasha to do the same …

But why did you ask to meet here? I asked looking around the classic hotel

That is because It would be safer here? he retorted and I chuckled softly

Are you kidding me! Why would a hotel be more safer than a police station!, he stared at me for a while and then sighed

The chief of police threatened to dismiss anyone who talks about your sister , Daphne….

And why would he do that? I asked confusedly and he shrugged

I can’t say anything about that, so let us talk about you , what hint do you have? he asked , changing the conversation

it is not really a hint , it is a suspicion. I corrected

Oh! Let me hear you out …I glanced at Sasha before talking

Actually, I think my school principal is kind of involved

Your principal! he repeated in shock and I nodded

Why did you say so? Do you have any proof? he asked in a rush

Not really! but according to my mom,  he visited her two days after the incident and sounded so eager to close to case …he was quiet for some moment and then he exhaled deeply

Is there some kind of connection between Cory and your principal? he asked but I shook my head negatively

Or does your principal have a daughter within your age range? he continued and I nodded

her name is Racheal and she is my classmate. I answered and he smiled lightly

Interesting! Does she and Daphne have a close relationship? he probed on and I shrugged

Well! I can’t really say , Daphne was the friendly type so she talks to everyone…

Then what about you, What was your relationship with this Racheal of a girl? he asked fixing his gaze on me

Erm she is my ex girlfriend. I answered and Sasha scoffed

Ex girlfriend! Ex girlfriend!the detective repeated, tapping his fingers on the table and I wondered why he was laying emphasis on it ……I think you really need to be wary of this Racheal. he said after giving it some thoughts , my intuition tells me she is the reason why her dad got involved in the case .. I exchanged look with Sasha

Are you trying to say Racheal killed my sister? I asked picking my words but he shook his head

I didn’t say so , I only said you both need to be very Careful around her . he corrected and I sighed in frustration…..

Fine! I agreed

And lest I forget! he brought out a pen from his back pocket and handed it to me ….I think you will be needing this! I stared at the black pen confusedly

And why will I be in need of a ball pen?i asked with the same confused look and he chuckled softly

It is not a pen , it is a voice recorder. he corrected and I widened my eyes in surprise

It is just shaped like a pen , all you have to do is to press the thrust device and boom , it will start recording. he explained

Wow! Can I try it? Sasha butted in and the detective nodded

She stretched forth her hands to me and I gently placed the “pen ” on her palm…..She followed the detective instructions and to my surprise, the record notes she did were louder and clearer that I had expected….

This is really great! She remarked

Sure . The detective responded and then stood up, I need to get going now .he informed and then picked up his glasses from the table …..Don’t forget all what I told you . he reminded as he walked out of the hotel ……..


There was an awkward silent between us after the detective left as we were both lost in our own thoughts, Just then , Sasha cleared her throat

I think we should also get going .She said glancing at her wrist watch …She tried to stand up from the chair but I pulled her back

Not so fast young lady!

But why? She asked with an arched eyebrow

Let us have dinner before leaving . I said with a light smile

Omoo! Is this some kind of date? she asked and I shrugged

You can call it whatever you like . I answered and she grinned

A date it is then! She muttered……

Racheal Hampton

Fuming in anger  , I paced up in my dad’s office …
he was not on seat and I was already getting impatient waiting for him

Where could he be? he probably went to one of those dumb meetings!


Seeing the golden necklace got me all scared and confused and at first, I thought nemesis was already catching up with me not until I heard Cory’s  explanation on the house , the house where Daphne died, Oh poor Daphne! I closed my eyes as I tried to recollect the face of the black haired girl who was always smiling and I did ….She was so innocent and completely different from her brother who I was and still madly in love with …..Daphne was so friendly while Declan was a complete snub…I sighed softly

I am sorry Daphne but it wasn’t my fault , blame it on love …, I mean I couldn’t fold my hands and watch you destroy my relationship with your twin brother…..

The door suddenly flung opened and my dad walked in

Dad! I called and rushed to hug him,

How are you baby? he asked with a sigh and I pulled out of the hug to stare at his face, I studied him ….

Are you alright dad? I asked and he nodded slowly

Then what is with the gloomy face? I continued and he sighed again

Don’t worry Princess , it is something I can handle……I stared at him for a moment and then faked my tears knowing my dad could not bear to see me cry but to my surprise, he walked past me to his seat …..I widened my eyes in surprise ,

Did he just walk out on me?

Dad! I called softly and he scoffed

Are you done shedding fake tears? he asked in a huff , why are you even here , or do you want me to cover up for you just like I always do? he asked in sarcasm

I tried to talk but no sound came out , I was damn speechless …..

So you should know , Declan is already suspicious of Daphne death .he added

Declan! I repeated with in disbelief

Yes !Declan, the same guy you are going all crazy for . he answered dryly

Oh my gawd! This cannot happen! What do you suggest I should do! Please talk to me dad. I said in a rush and he took a deep breathe

I have been pondering over it and I think it is best for you to travel out of the country till everything is all cleared out . he suggested

Travel out! No way!  I blurted out and he scoffed

Is this about Declan again? he asked and I nodded

Damn! You are not only crazy but you are also foolish . he paused and sighed before he continued, i think It is best I register you for a rehabilitation therapy. he completed and I smirked

Rehabilitation therapy! I muttered

Yes Princess, This is what I should have done a long time ago…

And without saying anything, I stormed out of his office in a huff …

Racheal! Racheal! I heard him call but I ignored him

How dare he scold at me!