Befriending A Ghost – Episode 16


Sasha Alfredo
My face flushed with excitement and my hands trembled…Daphne Amelia Davies! Did Daphne just say her full name! Wow! If she could remember her name , then does it mean she can also remember what happened to her? And as if reading my mind, Declan  who seem to have being lost in his own thought asked the same question….

Does she remember what happened to her? I shifted my gaze to Daphne who still had a puzzled look on her face …..

Do you? I asked hoping she would say yes but she just shook her head and sighed

What did she say? Declan asked , staring in my face

Nothing. I answered and he scoffed

Nothing! What do you mean by that! I thought she regained her memory! he retorted in a huff

No , she only  said her memory is coming back. I corrected and he huffed

What is the difference?Are you both trying to make me go crazy? he asked, I could tell he was getting pissed

Calm down Declan! getting angry won’t solve anything, we need to think of a good way to help her.i said trying to calm him down, he stared at me for a while and then ran his hands through his hair

This is so damn crazy! he retorted and I smiled lightly…he looks so cute even when angry, how I wish he can kiss me all over again……Jeez! Did I just think of that!

Oh Sasha! Snap out of your crazy thoughts, you are meant to be helping Daphne out and not drool over her cute brother…..I heaved a sigh and then faced Daphne

Can you tell me what you saw in your memory? I asked softly and she nodded.

I saw myself with my family! I saw myself riding in a car with my dad! I saw myself in diamond high school! I saw myself talking to Cory!

Cory! I repeated and she nodded. Can you remember what you both were talking about? I asked staring at her intently …

She lifted up her head and then shifted her eyes as if to remember

hmmmmmmmh we were talking about …hmmmmmmh…erm ……

Talking about what! I retorted, I was beginning to get impatient .

What did she say? Declan asked but I ignored him as my whole mind was with Daphne….

I was hoping and at the same time praying she remembers somethings, and I guessed my prayer got answered before she looked at me and saiD.

We were talking about visiting a photo studio

Photo studio! Why! For what reason? I asked in a rush and she shrugged

To celebrate finishing our examinations. She answered and I huffed

Who in this world still take pictures after completing an examination? I retorted loudly

Daphne! Declan answered and I shot him a stare

Daphne! I muttered

Yes!she does that every time we are done with exams , it was already a part of her . he explained, but why did you say that . he quickly added while arching his eyebrow

That is because Daphne said so. I said picking my words and he signalled me to continue …..she said she saw herself and Cory talking about visiting to a studio. I explained and he nodded sagely.

Yes that is it , can she remember what happened after then? he asked , sounding very eager
I looked at Daphne and then at him

What does taking pictures have to do with the case on ground? I asked confusedly and he smacked his lips

It is not about the picture, it is about the day she took the picture. he corrected

And when was that? I asked

The 12 -03. he answered

12-03. I muttered, I tilted my head trying to remember where I have seen the date before …..

Erm … It was from  erm a picture, yes the picture of Daphne i saw the first time I came here… dang it!

I shifted my attention to Daphne and eyed her up, The white gown she was wearing was the same with the one in the picture …

Declan ! I called shifting my gaze slowly back to him …

Yes. he answered dryly

Was Daphne putting on a white flare gown on that day ? I asked and he nodded slowly

how did you know? he asked with a straight face….

that is what she is wearing right now. I answered in whispers

He was quiet for a moment and then he exhaled deeply.

I think I understand where all this is leading too. he said aloud and I nodded absentmindedly

Daphne was putting on this same gown when she was killed but what else?

I turned sideways to look at Daphne and met her gaze , it was kind of blank

Did You remember anything else? I asked softly and she took a deep breathe before answering

I remember going to the studio with Cory, we took some pictures… she stopped and hit her head a little … erm what did we do after then?erm yes I can remember, when  I was about leaving, she stopped me and pleaded with me to come to the class all night party .

night party! I muttered

I refused at first but later agreed when she said something about being scared of being alone with Racheal. She quickly explained

And why would she be scared of Racheal? I retorted

Racheal! And who is scared of Racheal? Declan asked joining in the conversation

It is Cory . I answered and he bit his lips

And why would she be!he asked with a furrowed eyebrow

I don’t know. I answered with a shrug and then faced Daphne

Or do you have an idea why she is ? I asked her but she shook her head negatively

I am sorry Sasha , but that is all  I can remember…I sighed, this is getting really complicated!

Why the hell would Cory be afraid of Racheal? Declan repeated and I sighed

I guess I will have to find out from Cory . I said and he scoffed

And how will you do that , you told me yourself that she refused to talk to you. he queried and  I shrugged off the thoughts

I guess I will just have to try …….
I glanced at my wristwatch, it was 16:00
Phew! how time flies! Adjusting my  already rumpled clothes, I faced Declan

I need to be on my way! he looked at the wall clock and then back at me ….

But it is just 16: 00. he queried and I smirked, Can’t you wait till 17:00? he asked but I shook my head

I really wish to ,but my mum will be worried if i am not home on time . I explained

Oh! If that is the case , I will drop you off at home if it is okay by you …

Of course it is , Thanks so much. I said grinning like a fool…..I sat on the bed and watched him change . he pulled off the black shirt he was putting on and searched the wardrobe for another one…I tried so hard not to stare at his bare upper body but I couldn’t, it was just too tempting….

What is with the stare, do you want t to eat him up? Daphne asked and I quickly composed myself, I completely forgot she was beside me…..If you want him just tell him and stop behaving like a sissy. She added and I turned to face her

What do you mean by that? I asked in whispers and she rolled her eyes

I am talking about sex!!!!!

Sex! I blurted out  and then closed my eyes in embarrassment when I felt Declan gaze on me….

Ah! Daphne I will kill you . I said gritting my teeth and she chuckled softly

Too bad I’m already dead, Open you eyes  Sasha . She said still laughing and when I did , I gulped down hard

Declan was standing right in front of me….

Are you done with your drama? he asked teasingly

I tried to say something but no sound came out ..he smirked,

when you are done talking about sex with … Daphne, meet me downstairs. he said and walked out of the room with his hands in his pocket, I stood up in a huff and then faced Daphne

Why did you do that? I asked with a frown.

What did I do!she asked innocently and I scoffed.

Forget it! I muttered as I walked out of the room,

I will meet you at home. I heard her say and rolled my eyes

I got to the sitting room just in time to see Declan hug his mother..he whispered something  to her before pulling away from the hug ….I admired them silently, the love between them was so strong . If only Daphne and her father were to be alive then it would have ……..

Are you ready to go now? he asked  distracting me from my thoughts

Yes erm I mean No . I stuttered and he gave me a smug look

What exactly are you saying?

My back pack is in the kitchen , I need to get it first . I explained and without waiting for his response, I pattered all the way to the kitchen…
picking up my backpack from the cupboard , a paper fell on the tiled floor

I bent to pick the paper up and then turned it over , it was a picture paper of Daphne…..I smiled, it was the same picture I saw the last time I came, the one with the date 12-03 written on it ……
But how did it get here! it was not here earlier
I quickly waved it off..And without thinking, I hid the picture inside my bag and ran out of the kitchen to the sitting room…..

Can we go now? Declan asked , tapping his feet on the tiled floor

Yes . I answered and then faced his mom….I will be on my way now , thanks so much for the hospitality…..

She smiled and gave me a quick hug

I should be the one thanking you , thanks so much for accepting this rude boy the way he is . She said in whispers and I smiled shyly…So when next should I be expecting you? She continued, I glanced at Declan before answering

Anytime Declan invites me over. I answered and she nodded…Good bye ma. I bade and walked out of the house with Declan …..

Opening the door, I got in the car and Declan also did the same at his own end …..And without wasting time , he started the car and drove home heading to my home …….

Declan Davies

A lot of things was running through my mind as I drove Sasha home ….I was unhappy and confused at the same time but was trying so hard to hide my pain so Sasha won’t be worried………The happenings of that fateful night still felt like a mystery no one can explain .

There were lot of questions I needed answers to ; How did Daphne body get under the bridge if she was killed in Sasha room? Who the hell could have killed her? Did Cory really know about the killer , if yes why did she not say anything? Why did the chief of police try to cover up the case?….I tried to think but couldn’t as my brain felt so foggy

Damn! This is worst than I had imagine!

Can I keep this? Sasha suddenly asked and I glanced at her

Keep what? I asked

This picture. She answered , holding up a picture in front of me

One glance at the picture, my neck turned red

What are you doing with it ?I asked with a frown

Nothing, I just wanted to have a picture of Daphne. She answered Innocently

Where did you get it from? I continued

Actually It fell off from the cupboard and I picked it . I confessed and he scoffed

Are you trying to say you took the picture without anyone permitting you! I retorted and she nodded slowly

You are just impossible!

Can I keep it? She repeated and I sneered

Would you return it if I ask you to! I retorted

No. She answered

Then you can keep it ! I agreed and she beamed happily

Thanks so much! She said with a large grin and I smiled inwardly…….She was Daphne friend after all so she can keep it……..
Getting to the house , I parked out in front, She opened the door and then faced me.

Will you come pick me up tomorrow? She asked

Do you want me to? I asked back and she nodded

Fine! I will , just wait up for me at the bus station. I instructed and she smiled lightly

I leaned over to give her a brief kiss and her cheeks instantly became red…I chuckled softly

Do you blush after every kiss ? I asked teasingly and she gave me a playful glare

Good bye Declan! She bade and before I could say anything, she alighted from the car and ran all the way to the front door of her house

Funny! I muttered. Starting the car , I drove heading back to my house……

Cory Abel

After school hours, I headed straight to the taxi station. I was so sad and lonely ….My life felt so empty , I was like a moving corpse, yes a moving corpse…….The nightmares didn’t stop instead, it became worst as I kept on seeing Daphne in my dreams……She always pleaded with me to help her and it got me really scared …….But what can I do, I am a girl who also need help …..

Getting to the taxi station, I flagged down a taxi and and got in. Silver estate. I called and the driver nodded before driving off, I rested my head on the back seat and then allowed my mind drift off to what happened on that faithful day , The 12-03.
We were just done with exams and Daphne who was my best friend pleaded with me to go with her to the photo studio…We got to the studio that day and I watched Daphne take her pictures…She was so Crazy about pictures which make me sometimes wonder how she manage to maintain her an excellent grade , yes an excellent grade …. She was so brilliant and so you know , she always help me study………

After we left the studio, I received a message from Racheal telling me to come home ASAP so we can’t both get ready for the night party…… I never wanted to attend the party but I had to since I had no choice so I pleaded with Daphne to go with me …She bluntly refused saying she had lot of reading to do and then reluctantly agreed when I kept on pleading……..

The party was so much fun from the beginning, I was chit chatting and laughing loudly with Daphne while Racheal was with her Declan and his friends…….But all of a sudden, Racheal stood up from their midst and ran up the old looking stairs with tears rolling down her eyes …. I sat down and watch her without making any move to go after her not until Daphne gestured me to………..And that was the beginning of everything…….how I wished I never pleaded with Daphne to go with me to that stupid party!how I wish I left her to do her reading! how I wish I never went after Racheal! then Daphne would have still be alive …

We are here. The driver announced distracting me from my thoughts, I looked out of the window and took a deep breathe, I really needed help ! I really do !

alighting from the car , I paid the driver and then walk slowly like a zombie to my home …..

Declan Davies

On getting home, I drove into the compound and parked out in front, I alighted from the car and walked to the front door, I was about knocking on it when I noticed it was slightly ajar , then I pushed it opened and walked in ….I met my mom seated on the sofa with her hands cupping her cheeks, I sighed softly knowing she was worried about something

hey mum! I greeted, She look startled for some moment and then quickly composed herself…..

hey baby! When did you get back? She asked with a dim smile and I smirked

What are we having for dinner? I asked changing the conversation and she smiled lightly

And why did you ask! She retorted faking a frown

I just want to know if I will come down for dinner or not . I drawled and she scoffed

And do you think I will allow you sleep on an empty stomach! She retorted in a huff,

Jeez mom! I just asked a simple question, what are we having for dinner? I repeated and she sighed

Macaroni and cheese . She answered dryly and I nodded

Alright mum! I need to go freshen up …Taking few steps to the staircase , she asked

Do you know Daphne college lover? I  turned back slowly to face her

What did you say mom ? I asked to be sure I heard right

Do you know who Daphne college lover was ?She repeated…I stared at her for some moment and then shook my head slowly

I don’t think there was any so- called lover. I said picking my words…..

0h my gawd! Then if there wasn’t any lover , does it mean my baby did not commit sucide? She asked with a tiny voice and nodding slowly…….Then what happened to her? Was her death staged? She asked in a rush and then broke down in tears

I stared at her not knowing what to say

What if something terrible happened to my baby? She continued and without saying anything, I moved closer to her and pulled her into a hug ……….

Oh Daphne! My poor Daphne! She kept on saying as she cried, I held her tightly as she vibrated in my arms ……

Please don’t cry mom , it is going to be alright. I assured and was at the same time trying hard not to cry …….

But what if ………. She paused for some moment and then pulled out of the hug in a huff …

Are you alright mum?

If there was no such thing as a college lover, then why did her friend make mention of it? She asked , wiping her tears with her palm….And why did your principal also made mention of the so- called boyfriend . She added

My principal! I repeated and she nodded

he came over to the hospital two days after the incident and told me to leave the case to him , that he will make sure Daphne lover pay heavily for damages. She explained  and I smirked.

I guess he was just trying to make you relaxed and …. I tried to say but she cut in.

No, he sounded so eager , it was like he wanted the case to be settled and forgotten

Forgotten! And why would the principal want the case to be forgotten? Is he trying to……. wait a minute!  The principal and chief of police are friends! Was he the one who asked the chief of police to close the case as Suicide , if yes , why did he do it ?is it because of his school reputation or was he scared of the truth coming out ?…dang it! Why did I not think earlier on?…..

Sasha Alfredo

Laying on my bed, i was watching daphne dance to one of my favourites music when my phone suddenly rang….:

What the f**k! She cursed loudly and I chuckled

Sorry I will soon be done with the call! Checking the caller , it was Cory, I widened my eyes in surprise, why is she calling , I thought she was angry with me …I received it on the third ring

Hello Sasha. She greeted first

Hi! I responded

There was awkward silence for a while and then she asked

Why weren’t you in school today?

Oh! That! I was a little bit indisposed. I lied

Awwww! Sorry dear , I hope you are getting better now


Alright, Will you be in school tomorrow? She asked

Sure !

Alright dear! Make sure you take care of yourself.she said and ended the call…..

Who was that? Daphne asked

Cory. I answered and she scoffed

Why is she calling? I thought she was angry with you

No! She was not angry, she was just avoiding me. I corrected  and she rolled her eyes

Whatever! Can you please continue the music , I want to dance ……I smiled

I was about playing the music when another call came in

Not again! Daphne queried tapping her invisible foot on the tiled floor
It was my Declan and I received it immediately….

Hi Declan! I greeted first

Sasha! he called back , his voice sounded so hoarse as if he was ……

Are you smoking? I asked to be sure and the line went quiet

Declan! I called and he sighed

Yes. he answered and I scoffed

But why? You promised to change because of …. I tried to say but he cut me off …..

I am in pain Sasha , I am not happy, i have been trying to bottle up my feelings but I don’t think I can anymore….

Calm down Dec and tell me exactly how you feel. I said trying to calm him down and he sighed

I feel like my heart is about to explode, I feel so pained knowing Daphne case was a well planned murder …..

Well planned murder! What do you mean by that?

You see my mom told me somethings when I got home and putting two and two together, I have a feeling that Racheal father was also involved in it …..
Racheal father! I repeated

Yes ,the principal ………