Befriending A Ghost – Episode 13


Declan Davies 

     Hearing the name Gwapo got me all confused, I mean how did Sasha get to know the name! could she be telling the truth! but how is that possible! Daphne is dead and gone…..

 You need to believe me Declan, you really need to .She said with a wavering voice and then took a step towards me , I shifted back ……

  Don’t come near me . I warned 

 But why! Do you hate me now ! Do you think of me as crazy! She asked rushingly but I just stared on at her….

  Don’t just stare at me , say something. she half yelled and then turned sideways to her”so-called “Daphne

  I told you he won’t believe me, I told you he will see me as crazy , can you see I was right Daphne! he even called me a sorceress . She said and broke down in tears…….

I watched her silently for a moment and then sighed…..

 It is alright Sasha. I said trying to stop her from crying and she stared at me in curiously 

Do you believe me now? She asked wiping the tears from her eyes with her hands …..

 I bit my lips not knowing what to say, do I believe her! hell no! the whole thing sounded so crazy but I just wanted her to stop crying ..

Seeing her cry was making my heart hurt….

Do you!she repeated 

Can we just go back to the class and pretend that like we never had this conversation!I said  but she shook her head 

 No Declan, that won’t be possible! Daphne is hurting and she needs your help.she insisted and I laughed mockingly

help! I never knew ghost needs help , can’t you see you are making no point! I fired at her and she swallowed hard….

 Then what about the necklace! She asked and I froze…….

Didn’t you find it strange that I found it in my room! Didn’t you find it strange that the necklace is stuck around my neck!she yelled and i inhaled deeply …….

 it is real, Daphne is real, your twin sister is here and she is in tears right now . She added

 Fine! If she is really here, can you please tell her to say something about our childhood? I asked staring intently at her …..

 She turned sideways for a moment and they shook her negatively….

 She can’t remember anything. She said sadly and I ran my hands through my hair in confusion…..

So how do you expect me to believe now, no tell me how do you expect me to! I retorted 

 Guapo! The necklace! She answered and i scoffed

 Do you think that is enough proof , but why is she even here in the first place or is she tired of the ghost world? I asked mockingly 

 Stop it Declan, she is your twin sister…..she tried to say but I cut her off ….

Spare me that bull sh*t! I didn’t ask her to jump off the bridge . I retorted angrily 

    And what made you think she jumped off the bridge. She fired at me

  That was because! That was because! I paused not knowing what else to say ….

Go on , why did you stop! That was because of what of what!She yelled, you are Daphne twin brother so you should know her better , does she look like someone who will kill her self because of a lover?she  asked  and I went stiff 

   She was right , Daphne might be crazy but she would never ….. damn! Why didn’t I ever think of this!

  I think there is a foul play somewhere and we really need to find out what happened to your sister. She added

  My heart beat so violently that I grew pale and had to lean against the wall to keep myself from falling..

Are you alright? She asked with a concerned look and I nodded slowly……

Is Daphne really here? I asked looking around the room 

Yes. She answered 

Then why can’t she just say what happened to her? I asked calmly and she sighed 

She doesn’t remember what happened to her. She said and I exclaimed softly…..

    Then if she didn’t jump off the bridge, then what happened to her? how did her necklace even get to your room, She always put it on. I asked confusedly and she shrugged 

  I don’t know! I am confused about it as well, but I think Cory knows something about it …..

 Cory!i repeated to be sure I heard right and she nodded 

 Firstly , she was the first person I showed the necklace to but  she warned me never to show it to anyone . Secondly, she seems to be scared of my house and most especially my room………

 And what would she be scared of your room? I asked still not understanding what she is trying to say …..

  Isn’t it obvious, that was where I found Daphne necklace. She said and I scoffed 

Now I see where this is leading to.i retorted In a huff  and she arched her eyebrow 

 What do you mean? She asked calmly and I smacked my lips in anger 

 She was also the one who told the police the reason for Daphne death. I said and she widened her eyes in surprise 

  And they believed her just like that!

 Yes,she was Daphne’s best friend so we all believed her ……..

    This is really crazy! So you mean you all were acting upon Cory’s word? She asked with a frown and then turned sideways 

 Can you hear that Daphne, the reason for your death was not even certain! She retorted angrily 

 I smiled lightly as I watched her eat her self up , she must really like Daphne a lot! 

  And you what did you do about it? Did you also believe the stupid lie! She asked facing me and I sighed

  I had no time to think, My dad died on the same day and my mom went crazy , it was just too tough for me.i said trying to blink back my tears…….

   Oh Declan! 

 She moved closer to me and held my hands…..

 It is alright love. She assured and I smiled lightly , did she just call me love!

   So where should we start from? should we confront Cory? She asked 

  Not now. I answered…..

 But why? She asked in surprise…

   I need to know where you stay first , I might be able to get some hint. I explained and she exclaimed softly 

   I will follow you home after school if it is okay by you! I suggested and she sighed softly 

It is okay! I just don’t know how my mum would react, you know she is a disciplinarian. She explained ….

 Oh if that is the case , I think we wil…. I tried to say but she cut me off ……

 Don’t worry, I will handle my mom. She quickly added 

 I smiled, so what are you waiting for , let us go to the class. I said but she shook her head 

  Go ahead, I will follow behind you …’

 Alright! I agreed and leaned over to give her a brief kiss, I really could not get enough of her soft lips…..

  Go! She said playfully and I chuckled softly 

 Taking a few steps forward, I stopped to face her 

  And lest I forget ! Tell daphne I love her too. I said before walking out of the class room…….

      I know it sounds crazy , but I had a feeling that Daphne heard me…….,,,,,,,,,


    Did you hear that  , Declan just told me he loves me ! he believes I am here, he believed you Sasha . Daphne said excitedly and I smiled 

   And did you also see the kiss! he kissed me , your brother kissed me twice. I said excitedly and she smirked 

 Is this the reason you stayed back! Come on Sasha, there is a class going on and you are here talking about a kiss! She said with an eye roll 

You wouldn’t understand! I am just so excited, Declan said he loved me…

 Oh yeah! She drawled, can we go to class now, I really don’t want to miss the biology lessons. She said and before I could respond, she ran out of the class…..

I widened my eyes in surprise 

 Is she for real! so she left without waiting for me!

 I walked out of the empty classroom and headed downstairs to the class…..



On getting to the class, I met the biology teacher writing on the marker board ….

Oh right! I am late

I stood at the entrance and took a deep breathe before greeting the teacher 

Good morning ma!

 She paused what she was writing to look at me and then glanced at her wristwatch 

Morning! this is afternoon already . She corrected and I exclaimed softly 

 And can you please tell me where you are coming from?

I erm er coming from the principal office, yes the principal office. I lied 

She stared at me for a while and then sighed 

 You can go have your seat …..

Thanks ma. I said with a bow and walked towards my seat …..

Sitting down, I looked around for Daphne and smiled when I saw her standing in front of Declan…

She turned sideways to meet my gaze and flashed me a smile 

Crazy! I muttered 

I bend over to bring out my biology note and my phone from my back pack…..

I unlocked the phone to send a text to Declan 

 “Daphne is right in front of you”

I watched him bring his phone out from his pocked , he went through it and looked around him before turning sideways to meet my gaze ….

 Where exactly is she? he mouthed at me

 Right in front of you. I mouthed back at him and he smirked…..

 Mr Davies! Miss Alfredo! Can you please wait till after the class before you continue with your lovey dovey? The teacher scolded and the whole class laughed…..

I am sorry ma . We both chorused together and the class laughed again…..

The teacher shook her head and then continued with her teaching …….

That was so close! I muttered…..

Looking around the class i shivered when i met Racheal’s gaze, it was kind of deadly………


     The hours dragged on till it was time for closing …

Yippee! It is time to go home ..

 And as usual, I shove my books into my back pack..

Standing up from my seat , I was about walking up to Declan when I sighted Cory at a corner seat with her head placed on the table…

Is she crying? I wondered 

 I walked up to her and hit my fist on the table but she didn’t budge….

Cory! I called tapping her gently and when she looked up , I shifted back a little seeing her bloodshot eyes and the swelling around her eyes…

Cory! what is wrong! Are you alright! I asked in a rush but she just stared on at me…..

Please talk to me , why are you crying? I asked 

 Go away! She retorted and then placed her head back on the table……

What is wrong with her? I wondered …..

I looked around the class for Declan and Daphne but they were not in class….

Where could they be?


Standing outside the class , I saw them at the entrance of the hall way 

 Declan was talking and laughing with his friends while Daphne was just grinning to whatever they were saying…….

I felt so jealous! So she left my side to be with her brother who can’t even see her!

I walked up to them and Daphne smiled on seeing me ……

 I scoffed and looked away 

 Declan! I called tugging at his clothes and he turned back to face me

 hey! Where have you been? he asked, i have been looking around for you……

Looking around! Oh I can see! I drawled and he smirked 

 Let’s go. he said and took my hand into his as we walked out of the building with Daphne following right behind us……..


We got to the school car lot and I widened my eyes in surprise when he stopped in front of a red car….. 

Is the car yours! I asked and he nodded 

Wow! wow! this is so beautiful! Daphne remarked 

 Of course it is Daphne. I agreed with her and Declan gave me a curious look

Is Daphne here with us? he asked picking his words and I nodded 

 Oh! he exclaimed softly and then got into the driver seat without saying anything……

What is wrong with him! I wondered 

 I will meet you at home.Daphne said in a whispers and I nodded without looking at her …..

 Opening the car door, I got into the passenger seat and Declan drove off heading to my home…….


The drive to my home was a quiet one as Declan seems to be lost in thought …

I sighed softly as my mind drifted off to Cory , I was really worried about her…

What could be wrong with her! I just hope she is alright…

 The left or right turning? Declan asked distracting me from my thoughts 

 The right. I answered and he controlled the steering wheel and made a right turn….

I never knew you were this perfect in driving. I said trying to make a conversation, who taught you how to drive? I asked.  

My dad. he answered softly and I smiled lightly 

 You must really miss him, how was he like? I probed on and he glanced at me before answering…..

 he is caring , nice and sometimes annoying……

 Annoying! I repeated 

 Yes, he always take side with Daphne. he paused and then sighed, Is Daphne here with us? he asked softly 

No. I answered and he nodded without saying anything 


On getting to my house, Declan Parked in front….

is this your house? he asked with shock written all over his face and I nodded 

And if I am not mistaken , you said Daphne necklace was found inside this building right?he asked again and I nodded 

 Damn! he hit his fist on the steering wheel 

 Are you alright!what is wrong! I asked in a rush and he sighed 

This building used to be an abandoned old building and since there was no one living in it , we made it a venue for our class weekend parties…..

 Weekend parties! I repeated and he nodded…..

Are you trying to say you have been here before? I asked 

Not only me, the whole of the class. he corrected….


We alighted from the car and walked towards the front door….

Talking a deep breathe, I pushed the door opened  we both walked in..

And as expected, my mom seated on the sofa watching television 

 Good evening mom! I greeted and she looked up at me with a smile ……

 Welcome back baby . She greeted and then shifted her gaze to Declan 

 And who is the cutie beside you? She asked still smiling and I swallowed hard 

erm he is my class mate and we have a project to work on together. I lied 

Good evening ma! Declan greeted with a slight bow 

You are welcome dear . She responded…..

Actually erm we will be going upstairs to my room. I said nervously expecting her to object to it but instead, she nodded slowly………..

Thanks ma! I said and then faced Declan, let us go..

Taking few steps to the stairs, I turned back to meet my mum curious gaze

 She gave me a ” we will talk about this later” look and then looked away ….

 Oh yeah! I drawled and climbed up the stairs to my room with Declan following behind me…..


Entering my room, I tossed my bag on the floor and sat down on the bed 

So what next ? I asked Declan who was busy looking around the room…..

Where did you find the necklace?he asked 

Over there . I said pointing to the exact place I saw the necklace, there was a crack in the wall but it has been fixed . I explained 

 This is so f****ng crazy! I mean how did her necklace get to be behind a crack wall , was she struggling with something or…….

Someone.i completed and he bit his lips in anger

 If she was struggling with someone who could it be! I guess we need to start all over from the beginning…..