Banking Episode 55


After paying for the phone and getting the receipt, Peter walked her to the car.

As she got to the car, Mrs Williams slid in the driver’s seat, dipped her hand into her bag on the passenger’s seat and brought out a card.

‘’This is an invitation to my Pre-Xmas party. You should come.’’ She wound up and drove off without getting a response from Peter.

He dipped her card into his front pocket and headed to Wale’s office. He was alarmed when he met Pa Tewotegbo lying on the floor.

As Pa Tewotegbo lie on the hospital bed, he knew it was time to meet his ancestors. He couldn’t pacify his son into taking him home instead of wasting money here in the hospital. He told his son it was time he meet his ancestors and these doctors cannot save his life. His son disagreed.
He sighted Peter at the outer window and gestured him to come in. His son excused them.

‘’How are you feeling now, Baba?’’ Peter asked calmly.

‘’Well, my dear, when it’s time, it’s time.’’ He said, half sat-up. ‘’How about the girl?’’

‘’I couldn’t talk to her in person, but the woman she came in with said her name was Nike. She grew up in Ife.’’ Peter declared. ‘’What about this girl, baba?’’

‘’You know Peter, that’s your ticket to becoming the most powerful man in the Yoruba land.’’

‘’What do I need to do?’’ Peter asked with his eyebrows raised.

‘’Firstly, you need to quit online scamming. Secondly, get this girl to marry you. I’m sure you can do that, you’re a sweet talker.’’ He said showing a weak smile. There was silence for a moment.

‘’I’ll work on that, Baba.’’ Peter stated.

‘’You should go. Get me my son, it’s safer I take my last breath with him by my side. You don’t want any trouble.’’

‘’Sure. Thank you, Baba.’’ Peter said as he side hugged Pa Tewotegbo.

Ten minutes after his son and some of his children walked in, Pa Tewotegbo gave up the ghost. Now, at the back of a ride not his, but that of Ikeja Police Department, he pondered on how the sweet
Marry-Nike-Plan went soar.

Perhaps the mysterious four hundred and fifty thousand naira credit into his account played the lead role. He thought of how Nike was falling for him until the news of the money came into the picture. Amanda didn’t keep her end of the bargain after all.

Pa Tewotegbo had really helped, leading him to her, but he had messed it all up on his own.
Perhaps if he gets out this kidnapping allegation, he will change his course. He had held Nike against her will. He had wanted to take her to a safe location where he could think of what to do with her, since winning her over seems unobtainable anymore. His car engine refused to start on time, and when it finally powered up, before he could get to the room where he had tied her and also gagged her mouth, the cops were already keeping them company.

When did the Nigerian Police become this effective? He asked himself.

One thing he was definitely sure of was going back to his old life.

He took a sigh of relief at the thought of going back to his online scamming. ‘’D–n these whites, I’m
coming for you.’’