Banking Episode 49


He took a deep breath as a thought came to him and he headed to the dining table where he left his guest. He noticed she was avoiding eye contact with him. Obviously she wasn’t cool with his earlier excuse, he thought he had to worry about that later.

“Can i use your phone? i can’t find my other phone and am out of credit on this one?”

She picked up the phone to hand it over to him, but a call came in. The screen showed “Sweet Aunt’’ a moniker she saved her aunt Mrs. Williams’ number with.

“Can i just dial my other number and you can call this person later?” Peter said with a tone of urgency. He stretched his hand to grab the phone. He had a feeling whatever the ‘sweet aunt’ was calling for that moment might not be good.

‘’It’s my aunt. Please hold on” she said courteously, giving him a quick glance before tapping the green
button on the phone. Peter stepped few feet backwards. He thought dragging the phone would make no sense. He didn’t move too far, he wanted to eavesdrop. Nike had been told she needed to get home right away and how important it was.

Peter heard her part of the conversation, so he wasn’t surprised when his guest told him she needed to leave right away.

“Okay can i use your phone now?” he said as calmly as he could.

Handing over the phone to him, she caught the obvious bulge of a phone in his pocket.