Banking Episode 33


Nike was quick to notice a change in Doyin’s demeanour when it comes to her. She didn’t let that bother her, as she took her time to get accustom to the bank’s products. This she was doing till late in the evening one Thursday night.
Suddenly she heard footsteps coming from the stairs, and as it came close she glanced towards the direction. Her eyes met with Deji’s.

Uju had called in sick earlier in the morning. This naturally meant Deji would cover for her. They couldn’t finish on time until some minutes past seven. Deji had permitted Aishat, his second assistant and a mother of two, to go while he finish up. By default, cashiers and the customer care staff do leave the office before their supervisor, so they were all gone when Deji was ensuring all system were properly shut down. The bank had a policy on ensuring all electrical appliances were switched off after the day’s work, with exception to the ATM.

He was done and was heading for the exit door when he noticed a light was still on through the staircase. So he decided to check it out.

Going up the stairs to turn off the lights, he met Nike. They both stared at each other for a moment before Deji finally spoke,

‘’urm…. I just came to check why the lights were still on.’’ he said and immediately turned back.